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Saturday Morning at 8:31am

So much has happened lately. I feel accelerated. Which is odd, since I’m not working. But life has its own adrenaline.

Not the least of which is this blog. I’m kind of embarrassed to talk about blogging. Very High WASP of me, I suppose. We want to do these things, and pretend we aren’t. But here I am. More importantly, here you are. Welcome.

I was tagged, recently, by the adorable, determined, and effervescent Queen Bee Swain. That’s Swain as in coxswain, not as in country suitor. To tell you ten things about myself. Before I start, I tag Mon Avis, Mes Amis. Found her via Maxminimus. She is British wit and verve, he’s men’s style in the traditional vernacular. Both quite fun. Also Pink Martinis. She introduced me to Sugar Daddy Ken. Need I say more? Now I’m going to conflate the tag (don’t you just love the word conflate? So useful.) with my sense that it’s time to take a minute and think, just what am I doing here, and to then tell you. So you know. Because things change, evolve, and maps, guides, directions can be good.


10 Things You Might Not Have Known About LPC’s Blogging. Because I Didn’t Know Them Either. Or, I Knew But Hadn’t Acknowledged. Because Being Human Is Complex.

Why am I doing this?

1. I have always wanted to write stuff that did not involve trying to sell anyone anything. And have people read it.
2. I lost my job and I have time to fill.
3. You all are funny, intelligent, quirky, enthusiastic, well-traveled, creative commenters who keep providing me with new thoughts and insights.
4. Taking pictures and making photo collages is fun. Like the part of kindergarten that I liked where they put scissors and construction paper and glue on the tables and let you have at it.
5. Life is short, and noticing acutely as you live is the only way I have found to make it go more slowly.

What am I going to be doing here? In order of focus.

1. Writing about style from the High WASP perspective, in clothing, in accessories, in travel, in houses, in careers.
2. Telling stories as honestly as I can, with disclosure of any personal complexities. Constructing and deconstructing.
3. Telling the particular story of my trip to India. Most likely every week. But I can’t set a day, some Mondays are different than other Mondays, often Tuesdays vary quite a lot.
4. Blurting out how much I love my children.
5. Sustaining occasional moments of rapture about this, that, and the other thing. Whatever that other thing happens to be.

But, wait, there’s more. (No Ginsu knives.) But, inviting you all to guest post, hosting giveaways (yes, really, just wait). Also showing pictures. And thanking you. Really, most importantly, thanking you. Where are my manners?

Thank you. Thank you very much.

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  1. Funny that you mention that you are embarrassed to talk about blogging. I'm embarrassed to admit that I read several blogs. It's like a dirty, little secret that I cannot tell my husband or mother…most importantly my mother.

    Perhaps it is the way I was raised, but the blogging world always makes me feel a tiny bit uncomfortable. I am happy to know that someone else feels the same.

  2. Blogging started for me as a little something fun to do. The concept intrigued me. Now, it's evolved into what is, truly, one of my main social outlets. That may sound sad, but when I left Texas nearly five years ago, I left behind my family, my friends, my culture and moved to a small, exceedingly insular, midwestern community. It has been, well, hard. It was difficult to adjust to and blogging has helped save my sanity. I love (almost) everyone I've met through blogging – you're all so wonderful.

    And it's so much fun to blurt out how much we love our kids from time to time. :)

    I can't wait for your giveaway!

  3. Such a great feeling to have loads of creative energy, isn't it? Glad some of yours has been directed to musing and storytelling here.

  4. Hehe. I'm not embarrassed so much to read other people's as I am to read my own:). I won't tell if you won't tell.

  5. LPC–

    How could I not read this blog?? You have an entire post dedicated to concern over a Louis Vuitton bag and another about Mulholland Brothers bags! And, you wanted to be called Skye. I wanted to be named Candee.

    I love this blog, and I'm happy to have found it. But, shhh, don't tell anyone! :)


  6. Thanks for another thoughtful and funny post! I do enjoy them each time I pop in (which is all the time).
    Blogging is like a dirty and fun adventure I think. I know I enjoy writting mine and getting ideas for my paintings from everyone who follows along. :) Keep it up!!

  7. love you all the more for this post and talking about blogging kind of makes me embarrassed too!



  8. Thank you very much for this honor! What a fun surprise to come across it tonight. We just had a little shaker down this way. I guess you could say receiving this made the earth move under my feet ~ :) xoxo

  9. Aw, you got an award and you went and made us feel all appreciated and loved.
    Back at you!
    Yours is one of my favorite blogs!

  10. Sorry about your job. You always have perfect manners. Can't wait to see what all you are going to be doing here. xoxo


  11. I read your blog first and check for a new post daily. I feel a wee bit like a voyeur peeking through the windowpane. Love your blogs and blurts!

  12. Love your blog, but hate to admit I read any of them! I, too LOVE MY CHILDREN!! (how's that for blurting?) Keep up the fascinating work for us! (please and thank you)

  13. Oh – I am new here, but I can so relate. 99% of my nearest and dearest do not know about my blog. I too, was raised in privilege, and am caught between that way of life, and the one I live now. I am still oh so fortunate. But I miss "that life". So far, I love what I see here. Wonderful.

  14. 5, 5, oh 5!!! So perfectly put. Thanks for helping us attend to the daily. There's nothing better than noticing the grace all around us.

    Are you secretly a Buddhist, too? Maybe the India trip contains a conversion story???

  15. I love this blog. At first…I thought "Why would I want to know about WASP life?" But I don't see a WASP.I don't see a label, I see a wonderful, intellectual and fashionable young lady whose blog I might not be able to live without. And yeah..I guess I love these kids in my home but I'm not sure if they're mine.

  16. I'm glad you are here blogging and sharing. I liked your list of 10 things. I like how random you can be! XXOO

  17. Hahahahaha. Mrs. Lunch you really crack me up. Barefoot, I'm not a Buddhist, at least, not that I know of. But my brother is, sitting retreats at Tassajara and all. And smiles, being random is easier than being ordered, sometimes. Mary Anne, blurt away. Again, all, thank you.

  18. When I started 24, I just wanted an outlet to distract me from my accident recovery. I've fallen in love with the blogging community now and can't imagine not having met all these wonderful people. I wanted to be anonymous … but that went out the window quite awhile ago. The only people who don't know about 24 are my in laws. They are VERY high WASP and would be quite embarrassed by me. Of course, they are embarrassed by me anyway ….

  19. What goobers to be embarrassed by you. And I meant Mrs. Lynch. Although I imagine, with litle kids in the house, you FEEL like Mrs. Lunch sometimes.

  20. Am I the only one left without a blog? My 80 year old Dad has a blog, for crying out loud.

    I hope I don't accidentally blurt out how much I love this blog!

  21. I am catching up on several weeks of blog reading, and I just wanted to say: I love this particular post, and I love the things you've been writing recently (not that I didn't before, so perhaps let me say that I *especially* love the things you've been writing recently). I'm glad that life has been reinvigorated/suddenly injected with a new burst of joie de vivre. It's always so wonderful when that happens, and I'm glad that blogging is one of the things that guarantees happiness for you on a daily basis. Keep it coming.

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