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Secret Rebellions Come In Many Guises, Even From Christian Siriano

I want these.

For a secret holiday party rebellion. I mean, a zipper?

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  1. So cute! I have yet to check out his collection- heading over to the site now from your link! XOXO

  2. I haven't been to Payless since I was a child with feet that outgrew my shoes every few months. These shoes just convinced me to give it another shot. For $30 I can certainly take a one-time risk on the quality vs cuteness factor.

  3. I don't wear flats either, as I'm 5'1".
    That said, the zipper is intriguingly sexy. Would you ever wear it down?
    Gives a whole new meaning to "toe cleavage."

  4. Jan, my snobbery is about the design of the item, not the name on the sole:) I in fact DID try to buy these but the site seemed to have crashed, or the shoes to have run out. And the zipper, to me, is so design subversive that if the rest of the shoe was a little bit iffy in quality, as Los Angeles Love says, I'm OK with that. High heels mostly hurt my feet. Which makes me sad. Hence flats. But I don't mind getting kind of outrageous with the flats. Which is good for that little smile…probably zipped. Shoes that fall off are a little too subversive:)

  5. $30! And look at the heel, you have to get them! If they made them in leather, would they be zipless bucks?

  6. what luck! there is a Payless about a 10 minute walk from my office ;-)

    I got a pair of Payless sandals this summer that everyone swore was from a famous designer that shall not be named, but rhymes with Bory Turch…..

  7. OK. Done. Will show pictures to everyone if all goes according to plan. BTW, bought two pairs, one in 7 one in 7.5. If they run big, the 7.5 is for my daughter. If they run small, the 7 is for my sister. And, THE SECOND PAIR ONLY COST $15.00!!!! This is not common in my world.

  8. Thank you for dropping by, I enjoyed it.

    I had been a follower but this is the first time I came back and I think I would love to stay on and be a part of the Sex and the City :)

  9. And of course there are no more online. And they do not have it at the Payless 3 miles from my house. They do not have it at zappos. What is this world coming to?

  10. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, Love Your Place and the wonderful comment. Great new word… "Absolutely tranportative" is precisely what I'm trying to achieve! :) Your blog and posts are fabulous! I can SO relate,especially about those big stores… just add IKEA to the list. Although, I like their bookcases but I hide them in the closet for added shelving. ps. Fun shoes!

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog, glad you liked the photos, where abouts did you used to live in London? I've always been a North Londoner but now lots of friends have moved here I'm starting to discover bits of it I've never known – even as a life-long Londoner!

  12. As a kid we lived in SW17. As a young woman just graduated from college, I lived over by the Albert and Victoria in a basement flat. I am dying to get back – well not to the basement flat, but London. Duchesse, BTW, I imagine Ms. Jong would chuckle at your quip…

  13. I love from above. From the side, I'm not so sure about the faux-heel. I think that I believe if there's a heel at all it should be high. I think.

  14. Have you noticed the designer (unknown to me) who is placing zippers on the outside of dresses rather than concealed, on the inside? Where as the technique is unique, certainly, it appears odd to me.

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