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Guest Post: Simple + Pretty’s Top Ten from NY Fashion Week

We are lucky to have a guest post today from Jane at simple + pretty. She writes the blog for fun, and because she loves fashion and pretty paper. Every time Fashion Weeks come along, I find I like what she highlights. This season it occurred to me to ask her to give us her take on High WASP style for NYFW 2010. She graciously agreed.

But first, can we briefly talk fashion shows? Fashion weeks, even? Let’s be clear. For us regular folks, who aren’t models, and don’t have trunks of clothes to follow us on our private planes, or a different visible social engagement every night, Fashion Weeks are not commercial events. They are fuel for our imaginations. Review the looks below. We understand that we would not plan to wear black knee socks with shiny skirts. But we can derive a look, a feel, from what is shown. Then, next time we shop for the usual clothes in the usual places, we can find one piece, maybe two, that place us au courant. Metallic brocade, or perhaps, this year, clothing that feels in some way like origami.

With that, let me introduce Jane, and her High WASP selections from New York Fashion Week, along with some italic asides she was good enough to allow me to add.

Hi! My name is Jane, and I write the blog simple + pretty, devoted to pretty paper and pretty things. I’ve been a fashion nut forever, and my style is minimalist chic, also know as luxe basics. I’m so excited to be putting my top ten list from New York Fashion Week together for Privilege, as we share a love for what she has coined “high WASP” style. In alphabetical order:

1. Barbara Tfank Barbara’s collections are full of gorgeous fabrics. I loved the simple cut of this dress contrasted with the fabric. Gorgeous. (Her designs are hard to find, but worth tracking down even if it’s just to get a feel of the fabric. Thankfully, Barney’s/Chicago now stocks her line.) *And Barney’s/SF, hehe.

2. Brian Reyes
Brian also had an eye for fabric in his fall collection. His metallics were original yet subtle and daytime wearable. *Love the brocade.

3. Calvin Klein
Francisco Costa is one of my favorite designers. So modern in cut and construction and yet true to the Calvin Klein spirit. Minimalist perfection.*Never met a Calvin Klein I didn’t like. Wore Calvin on a date with William Hurt 30 years ago.

4. Lyn Devon What’s great about this knit dress is its cutout back. A nice way to stay covered up yet still be dramatic. (and yes, a bit sexy). *Not to mention, navy.

5. Narcisco Rodriguez
I love how Narciso works a bit of color into each collection (and better yet, it tends to be either orange or pink: my two favorites).

6. Preen
See how luxe you can look while working a very muted palette? This is timeless dressing + worth the splurge. *See, the origami look? It’s going around.

7. The Row
What can I say? Never watched one episode of Full House, don’t need to read about Mary-Kate and Ashley in the tabloids, and yet, when it comes to fashion, these two rule. All other celebrity “designers” should take notes from The Row on how it’s done. Perfect modern luxe.

8. TSE
This collection was designed by Jason Wu, and I was struck by how warm the designs looked (ie Chicago winter appropriate) without turning into Michelin Man. The scarves were uber chic, too. *Reminds me of a Geoffrey Beene my mother wore in the 1960’s.

9. Vera Wang
Put simply, Vera Wang takes delicate, ephemeral looks and somehow translates them to urban wearability. I don’t know how she does it, but I can imagine wearing this dress in NYC without having to find a gala to attend. *Love the top. Might wear it with narrow trousers instead.

10. Victoria Beckham
Another instance of having to put aside preconceived notions: her dresses are killer. Tailored to the nth, sexy as hell and really look like “her.” *Ever since I saw Mrs. Beckham on her brief reality show I have liked her enormously. She got tipsy at a party for LA society. How endearing. Like her dresses too. Note, a little more origami.

Thanks again for the honor! I had fun curating my list to ten looks.

Jane, again, thank you. I love to see others interpret High WASP style. And it’s a pleasure to get 10 of your picks all in once place, just for us. Go see simple + pretty, Jane has London Fashion Week up starting yesterday.

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  1. This was indeed fun. Too bad none of those scream "Hey – short and chubby! Try me on!"

    Ah, well – story of my life.

  2. All very classic styles. I'm wondering how to define high WASP into a British equivalent…

  3. LOVE! Great picks! All look almost…. wearable, which rarely seems the case for runway clothes. I'm looking forward to finding an origami skirt for next fall. Barney's SF here I come…

  4. Jane, thank you! What great choices, I can find something to like (a lot) in each photo.

    Why do Mary-Kate and Ashley dress like unmade beds in public? Gah.

    ohhhh, 30 years ago, W. Hurt was smoking hot!

  5. I am usually drawn to very simple lines in neutral colours—but that Barbara Tfank dress is amazing.

  6. I so want to copy the Row. Loose and gorgeous fabrics, is the way I want to go.

    Now I am having a hard time finding Tfank. Love that first dress, but don't know where to search for it in my area.

  7. Jan – plus size was requested more than once in the survey. I'm on it. Maureen, OK, more stories. I love the Tfank dress too, and others of hers I have seen. I think the Row is the prototypical Artsy Cousin:).

  8. I love this; it makes what's happening on the runways actually relevant. These are all lovely and inspiring (including inspiring me to spend some time on my stationary bike…).

  9. Great guest post!

    One thing I watch for is where the area of reveal in fashion jumps to. It's usually somewhere that only (some of) the young can
    get away with effortlessly, an example being the recent years of muffin top-less focus.
    That skirt and the knee socks? The knee! egad


  10. Adore Barbara Tfank, recommend her to friends who are wedding-bound (including parent of bride/groom). Calvin passed by too often now as name not "hot" still eminently wearable! Victoria Beckhan: more affordable than L'Wren Scott, and very similarly smokin'!

    Caroline: one British WASP equivalent: Caroline Charles, and for business, Britt Lintner.

    LPC: Plus size, Annna Scholz and of course the Max Mara company's Marina Rinaldi.

  11. Oh that Tfank dress is just my style. Other than the Calvin Klein, I find the other outfits unflattering..unless you are a 20 year old runway model.

  12. Also adored the Brian Reyes collection, such an consistently modern and feminine designer. Also glad you included The Row and Preen!

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