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Hair Time, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:43am

On my way to San Francisco for haircut and highlights. I always had an idea that when I was an old lady I would wear my hair gray and short. Must not be time yet. Still going for blond and shoulder length. Not ready to give up swinging it over my shoulder, the general girlishness. Not quite yet.

I love my hair guy. I will sit in his chair and we will gossip and he will tell me outrageous stories. Which will prompt me to say outrageous things and laugh too loudly. At the point where we sense others are looking at us out of the sides of their eyes, we’ll maybe even speak sotto voce. He’s Swiss Italian. Sotto voce is such a special way to say under our voices.

Then I will walk down Maiden Lane, pop into Gump’s to look at Murano glass and pearls, maybe go shopping for new khakis. Carefree. Light at heart. It might rain. I have an umbrella. Carpe Diem may be lost on the young.

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  1. Haircut and highlights, a little shopping on Maiden Lane, sounds like a perfect way to spend a Saturday, rain or not. Enjoy.

  2. I had such a visit with my hairdresser yesterday, also still holding off on the short and grey . . . She's fabulous fun, smart, lively, honest, outrageous, and she knows exactly how much to push my look. Worth her weight in gold (and over the years, I may have paid her that much!)
    Also did some fun shopping in the rain — two new pairs of cheery rainboots which we wear so much up here that variety is necessary. I wish you just as much fun. Enjoy!

  3. I've been following here for a little while, and it is definitely not time. You may be older than you were, but you are definitely not old. Have fun, and come home gorgeous.

  4. Sounds fabulous. I'm also off for a haircut, am doing my thrice-yearly stylist switch for a fresh pair of eyes to assess what's currently leaning toward the Full Wintour.

  5. Oh what a delightful agenda for a Saturday morning! Enjoy it all…maybe you'll walk by the Frank Lloyd Wright building on Maiden Lane…and Gumps, such a fun place to shop (swoon)…and all with newly highlighted swingy hair, a bounce in your step…and maybe a stop at Cafe de la Presse…I see that LV bag….and maybe there's a polyvore coming soon!

  6. I have the same plan – although I am escaping the husband and two little ones to do it. Carpe diem!

  7. Maybe you're not an old lady yet.

    When I'm an old lady, I'm going to start smoking. And drinking. And gambling.

    I will also eat dessert every single day.

    It's going to be a fun time.

  8. To quote my great-grandmother (you know, the black sheep of the family) "I'm not going gray as long as they keep making this henna color." She probably made that statement in the early 1930's. I'm 52 today. No gray as far as I can tell, but as long as they make a decent red hair dye, there never will be gray.

  9. Sounds like a perfect Saturday. I haven't bought khakis in a decade. They just aren't flattering on me, although it could also be the general frumpiness of midwestern khaki pants.

  10. Bonjour,
    Sounds like a great day, especially the part about the Murano glass and pearls. Continue to do what makes you feel good – your only as old as you feel, and I have a feeling you'll never be old my dear!
    Bonne week-end

  11. *sigh* I have not been able to find a good hair dresser or manicurist or mechanic to replace those I had in Texas.

    I despair. Yes, I do.

  12. Oh don't despair. There's always the Full Wintour. That made me bust a gut, reading on my iPhone, leaning against a wall in SF, I think it was. Lord my short term memory is bad…

  13. I am the exact opposite at the hairdresser. I relish the hours of silence and time to myself.

    In my self imposed cone of silence, I catch up on a bit of reading, social networking and thinking.

    Hope the rest of your day was lovely.

  14. Someone said "in sotto voce" to me the other day, and i just felt so special to be included.

    Happy hair.

  15. One can't lose the weight or lose the wrinkles in an hour (without botox), but one can lose the grey and feel young and fab in an hour.I have decided to grow my hair and let the curls go mad, and am staying blonde forever. Never surrender! Glad you had a rejuvenating day!

  16. Jan, years ago, I moved from Houston to Austin. I was dating a guy in Houston and he was quite upset about my departure.

    I was more worried about finding someone new to cut my hair. Boyfriends are easy to replace. Stylists, not so much.

  17. I always think that when I get old I will wear my hair silver gray and either cut short or geometrical, to the cheekbone. Perhaps I will change my mind when I get older, or just do like you.

  18. My mom, long ago, went for the short, geometric (even slightly spiky) cut. She let it go grey naturally. She doesn't want that too-black / blue-black hair dye that some Asians use.

    And she looks great. She rocks the look. (Since when did I start sounding like Tyra Banks?)

    Maybe it works because she is a very small Asian, with big sunglasses. I have a pic of her in which she looks like Yoko Ono, in a good way.

    Amazingly, my mom cuts her own hair. And it doesn't look like some I-did-it-in-the-bathroom experiment. It looks like it came from a salon. I'm still astonished.

  19. I don't see why anyone must ever go short if they don't want to. And I think silver-haired women with shoulder-length hair look great. When I was a child in the 1960's, I remember sitting in a beauty shop while my grandma got her hair done. In walked a beautiful woman with long silver hair in a french twist. I thought she was gorgeous. When she left, she had short silver hair and looked like everyone else. I was so disappointed.

  20. A day at the hairdresser's is always a treat for me, too- and Gump's pearls are dependably fine! Grey hair worn long can look incredible but you need good thickness.

    No one with a *good* colourist need have unflattering colour, regardless of whether you choose the subtle or more dramatic colours. And I can't believe how many men were in the colour room when I was at my salon last week.

  21. I turn 53 this summer, and it seems that I older I get the more I don't want to turn that next corner. When we were younger, my girlfriends and I dreamed of the day we could wear swim dresses from Talbots. Well, I do find swim dresses incredibly flattering, but that's about where I draw the line. I'm not tired, and greying makes me looks that way, so color away! Tell me more about the khakis…

  22. My hair is short and gray. Actually only my colorist knows about the gray. Every one else thinks I'm a brunette.

    Sounds like a perfect day.

  23. Rain or not, that sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day.

    Time for a visit to the hairdresser pour moi. A trim, no highlights. The mandatory wait is over. I can now have a hair cut without "cutting away my good luck" now that CNY celebrations are officially over.

  24. I always thought the same thing, while at the same time hoping I'd be like my great-grandma, and mother, who at 76 still is almost completely red. But now I know I'd color it in a minute when the time comes. Just not ready to embrace gray.
    Sounds like a good morning.

  25. I am Clairol #24 Clove. I am not even gray, except at the edges, but just a dingy, drab blonde. Who knew being brunette would be so much better?

  26. Time for me to speak to you and tell you how much I enjoy your blog! I live in Los Angeles and visited San Francisco last weekend. I was shopping Union Square on Saturday too! Had my first (can you believe it?!) visit to Gumps. What fun! I loved watching all the ladies of a certain age-they all seem so much more chic than the L.A. ladies who seem to be overly injected and still trying too hard to be young. Had dinner with SF natives at a wonderful spot called Universal Cafe. You forgot to name your restaurant! While I would never spring for a $5000. Chanel jacket (though maybe I should try one on) I would spring for a $!200. Comme des Garcons jacket (if it was on sale). Does that make me an artsy cousin? As far as Khakis-they are going to have a very big year me thinks. I've seen versions by Current Elliott, J Brand, and AG. I don't think my legs are long enough for LL Beans. I need a little funkiness to the cut to make them interesting. Or maybe it's the label inside doing something to my brain, making me think I'm a hipster. In a good way. Please don't forget to name your restaurants! Oh and btw I bought a wonderful little James Perse jacket with a hood (in black and on sale) after reading about yours. I'll be pretending to be a chic wasp when I wear it…

  27. Jools, hello! I am hoping that the sheer classicness of the LLBeans will be hip in its antihipness. If that makes sense. If not, I will keep looking. The restaurant is called Mocca. I would have linked but couldn't remember when I was writing:). Here it is:

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