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Helping To Set 2010 Direction For Privilege With A Short Survey

I have a favor to ask. Not that you don’t do enough for me already, what with reading my posts, commenting, even sending emails.

I’m thinking about how to evolve Privilege going forward. Looks like I don’t want to give it up. The experiment took. But since it isn’t Privilege without you all, I thought I’d ask your opinion. About things like topics. And, well, um, capitalism.

I made a survey. I will keep it active through Friday of this week. I was unable to keep my tongue out of my cheek, but the questions are all valid and of real concern. If you’ve got 5-10 minutes, I would deeply appreciate your participation. It’s 6 questions. 5 of them are “Choose one answer,” questions, 1 of them the preference evaluation type. I tell you because I myself hate to click on links when I don’t know what’s coming. More than light brown shoes with navy I hate it. So there you go. My sincere thanks in advance. The link will take you to SurveyMonkey. Where I believe nothing untoward will occur.

Take the survey.

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  1. Good morning,

    I hope you don't mind – I'm a lurker, but a daily reader, so I took the survey despite never having commented. Hopefully not a breach of decorum. :)

    ~ An aspiring 30-something grande dame

  2. Thank you all so much for your answers. I will sum it up and let everyone know at the end of the week what was said.

  3. Took the survey too. Hope it helps you.


    p.s. why, oh why do you hate light brown shoes with navy? I love it!

  4. OK LPC, I gave it my best shot…survey says…
    Is this the new start up?
    I'd say rev your engines…varoom!

  5. I'm glad you are going to keep blogging – yay!!!

    Finished your survey, too. I'd be interested in the results – are you going to publish them?

  6. Absolutely excellent survey Miss Privilege, good on you. You know how we feel. You stop blogging, we hunt you down and kill you.

  7. I'm new to your blog but will take the survey because I don't want to miss anything else from now on. I'm not a high-WASP kind of gal — you can see that from my blog at, but I love your writing and there are things to be learned here …

  8. Filled in the survey but wanted to say, more personally, that I encourage you to write what moves you, and I will appreciate it deeply. Some readers know, while others do not, the hours of volunteer labour that go into a well-written and researched blog. Thank you so much, L.!

  9. More than happy to complete the survey, good luck on any direction you take and I will be first in line to buy the book!
    Have a great week!

  10. I have no taste-related reluctance to your making a living from blogging. I just know that it is very hard for most personal blogs. But since you seem to understand that it has to have a focus – more like a personal magazine that is “sellable” – yours might work.

    I actually like the ads on The Sartorialist. Your instinct to hand-pick ads sounds good. But make sure they really, really belong. None of this random Google ad stuff.

    Sponsored posts would work if you use the same criteria as the ads. Pick only what you might write about anyway, and clearly state it. But even major publications run, say, a travel piece with a line at the bottom saying, “Trip courtesy of ABC Airline and XYZ hotel.”

    Spin offs – ebooks, podcasts, book contract, speech engagements – would be the most honest and profitable way to make money from this.

    Book! You’ve practically already written a book. Fill it with pix, tidy up the language, write some chapter names and you’ve got one. How many bad style / etiquette books are already out there – that you could shove aside?

    Get thee to a literary agent.

  11. I do not object to ads Google places on my blog. They are giving me space to publish what I want (within guidelines) for free. For those of us who remember life before the Internet, this is quite a gift.

  12. Glad you will continue, I discovered you very recently. I have sent several family members to a specific post to say, "See, I'm not crazy, weird, socially mis-fit, I'm just the artsy cousin!"


  13. Hi LPC, if you do put ads on your site, please make sure that they do not interfere with how the posts are viewed in RSS sites such as google reader. I view your posts through my g-reader, and when other blogs have added advertisements, some of the formatting of the posts is thrown off and the whole post wont display in the reader anymore. Then, I become frustrated with having to go to the actual website each time and eventually unsubscribe. Thanks!!

  14. Yes, I can see from everything in the survey so far that any ads would need to be very carefully located. Google and other network ads won't work for the way I have set Privilege up. Thanks.

  15. Lain – Artsy Cousins are to be cherished. You can tell your family I said so. Tad Friend writes about the Artsy Cousins in his family, although he doesn't use that term, in Cheerful Money. You can give that book out as a present this Christmas:).

  16. Coming late to the party, I've just filled in your survey. Well, it let me through the door, so I just kept on going. Hope you can do something with an extra data point or two….

  17. Hello,
    I found your blog via Faux Fuschia's.
    I am also from Australia.
    You write so well and I am really engaged by the content and style of your blog.
    I have become a follower and look forward to learning more about you through your words.

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