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Lilly Pulitzer Does Mardi Gras. Yes. That’s What I Said.

Today I am at Lilly Lovers. Telling another story in the Lilly series. I’d call it silly Lilly, but Muffy came up with a much better title. “Lilly…with a twist.” Imagine pink shifts and feather masks. Mardi Gras! I love New Orleans and its haunted self. I wish the city nothing but the best. Some day I’ll get there for Fat Tuesday. For now, let’s make do with stories.

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  1. Ha! Two things that I would not generally put together but some now I can see it working!

  2. i just found you through Island Roar. I am delighted that I have another blog to follow. And especially love that, at 52 and living in No. Calif., I am not the only one doing this. Life of privilege is something I can comment about. looking forward to reading more.

  3. Daily Connoisseur – thank you! And Terry, yes, I saw in the Technorati state of the blogosphere that we are in the minority. The lucky few, I suppose.

  4. I would love to go to NOLA! One of these days I will get there too – and hopefully I will still be young enough to enjoy it!

  5. My last post seems to have vanished into thin air. ai first went to NOLA for a meeting in 1996. I expected to hate the place and instead fell in love. I have been there several times but not since Katrina. I need toplan a trip soon.

  6. Like your take on morphing that belt into a hipster accessory.

    I grew up surrounded by Lilly Pulitzer which makes me think I would probably much prefer it today with a mask. What about a Lilly with jeweled Papagallo flats — and a mask? I like the idea of a kinky LP.

  7. I so miss my papagallo flats… there was a Papagallo store in the Chestnut Hill (MA) mall and I took the Am/Ex that mother gave me and had fun. The flats lasted a lot longer than the Am/Ex did!!! Off to see what I know will be a fabulous post!

    I have a pearl story on my blog… thought of you when I wrote it… involves La Jolie Grandmere.

  8. Wow, yes, 2 things I wouldn't necessarily put together. I've never been to New Orleans. It's always been on the list. My son went with the school band years ago and had quite an experience. I'm hoping they take the Super Bowl. But Lily will not be involved with that.

  9. love love love every bit of this piece that you wrote and you are so right about dropping half a decade a certain parties :)

    PS, also flattered that you'd think I was a drop like Ann Margaret in that movie :)


  10. When Lilly opened a boutique in my home town, we were all mad for it- but there was too much preppy whimsy for me to claim it. Was was adorable on the right girls.

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