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Valentine’s Day In Midlife, Or, Saturday Morning at 6:15am

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. I hope each and everyone of you enjoys yourself, in whatever way makes you happiest.

In a moment of madness I signed up for a swap, organized by Amanda of first milk. Her blog is poetic, childlike rather than childish, and full of wonderful photos. She even went to Paris. I blame the madness on Paris.

We were supposed to send 1) A present 2) A small thingie, maybe something sweet 3) An actual Valentine.

The photo above, (which I have already shown to Twitter, so apologies for the reiteration), is the carnage which resulted in my house. Let me say only that fine motor coordination is not my strong point. Crafting, for me, felt like those dreams in which one is trying to fly but cannot quite remember how. With any luck, the poor soul on whom my efforts were inflicted will receive her package today. If not I shall shriek at Fedex and make their sorry lives miserable.

The photos below are of the much more refined package I received this week. From Melissa at The Avid Reader’s Musings.

A Valentine (dark chocolate so no qualms in the eating), a book of cartoons (I love cartoons, always have, always will, even when they go by their graphic novel fancy name), and a notebook. I use notebooks. To remind myself of which errands I am on, so that I do not return home, open the back of the car, and realize the dry cleaning is STILL WITH ME.

Look more closely at the Valentine. Isn’t that chic? Almost looks like it was cut out of the New Yorker?

To say nothing of the fact that Avid Reader was new to me as a blog and she reviews books. I love books. They are the artistic equivalent of friends. I always have trouble knowing what to read next, and have been soliciting suggestions. Nice timing.

Apparently the best ways to keep your mind healthy as you age are: 1) Learn new things 2) Have friends 3) Eat fish oil and dark chocolate. This week was a good one for old brains. The discovery that one cannot attach tissue paper to anything when one has glue on one’s fingers counts as learning. I thank you all so much for the chance to make friends here. The chocolate’s on the counter and the fish oil’s in the icebox.*

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.**

*My mother’s way of saying refrigerator. A nod to Maureen at IslandRoar. You know, the friends thing.

**If you feel like looking at gorgeous pinkness, take a look at Summer is a Verb. This week she’s posting on Valentine’s shopping and how she met her husband. Good for daydreaming.

***Update: here is the link from lauren at, showing the fruits of my labors.

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  1. Gosh, I'm jealous. How can I get in on the swap next time?
    This year, I'm celebrating Chinese New Year instead of Valentine's Day. Tomorrow, Rom and I will be going to visit the boy/man at boarding school (his weekend leave was revoked for not turning his homework in on time – *sigh*)with a box of homemade goodies as a nod to the event anyway.
    Sometimes, VD seems just too soppy after 30 years of togetherness. Showing love is not about flowers and chocolates (although a bijoux would be nice). Really, with my husband's loving support, every day is Valentine's in my home. I'm a lucky gal.
    Hearts and Hugs,

  2. QOC, when my husband and I were dating, I told him I wanted a break. Didn't want to see him. Needed to know if it was love or just something to pass the time.

    Then I blogged about my washer and dryer had broken on the same day. He got on a plane (we lived 500 miles apart) and showed up at my door so he could fix them. Even though I had told him to stay away. One of the most romantic things anyone has ever done for me.

  3. Lovely Privilege,
    I know that a Sturdy gal will wince inwardly, but I think the picture of your Valentine efforts are utterly adorable, the more so because it is probably the last thing you felt sticking and cutting.
    I hope some magic comes into your life tomorrow – God knows you spread plenty around.

  4. I am sure your gift to your partner was more beautiful than we can imagine! Hope you have a fabulous Valentine's Day Weekend. xoxo

  5. Just wrote a comment wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day and with other witty relevant comments on our shared all-thumbness (yes, despite my knitting skills, I'm not so good with the cutting and pasting, when it's real cut and paste rather than words)
    My comment is somewhere in cyberspace, looking for a home, and who knows where it will land.
    But it ended by saying that hearts and dark chocolate and books and friends are good things (fish oil not so much), and thanking you for the direction to new blogs. Now I'm going to hold my breath and push a button or two and see if this comment gets properly launched. over and out . . .

  6. I can't remember when I last made a Valentine, unless one counts mix tapes, and that was in 1992. But yeah, the tissue paper is a bear.

    What a beautiful Valentine and gifts you received! I have a stack of books lined up like jetliners on a approach to LAX, but I'm always up to be tempted by new reads.

  7. And thanks for the reminder about the dark chocolate. I'm off to the kitchen for a small square of Valrhona.

  8. I love your Valentine efforts (or the aftermath!) and I laughed at your description of the wretched tissue paper stuck to your fingers and marvelled yet again at your writing – 'Crafting, for me, felt like those dreams in which one is trying to fly and cannot quite remember how'. Fantastic. You are quite simply one of the very best Skye Peale. Happy Valentine's Day to you.

  9. I like this exchange idea, the 'putting a face' on a cyber-friendship. My parents said 'icebox'too, and fridgidaire.

  10. that was the most enjoyable post i have ever read.

    thank you for exposing us to some adorable blogs.

    such fun!

  11. Fish oil, yes. Dark chocolate? Not so much. But then I'm not much into chocolates anyway.

    Happy Valentine's Day –or Happy Chinese New Year, or both!

  12. Happy, happy Valentine's Day. I love the mental image of you with glue and tissue paper.


  13. Oh, I love that you all exchanged Valentines! What a great idea.
    Thanks for the shout-out, my friend!

  14. The concept of you with glue, scissors and tissue paper is strangely comforting, and I am pretty much certain the Valentine you created is more fab than you are telling.

    And we adore the one made for you, the hearts atop the lines are just excellent.

    Sending you Valentine's wishes,

  15. I'm so glad you loved the valentine package! I had so much fun putting it together. The swap was such a great idea. Sometimes we get to know other bloggers so well through cyber space, but it's kind of wonderful to have something tangible from those friendships.

  16. 1) Learn new things 2) Have friends 3) Eat fish oil and dark chocolate.

    love this.

    and, your thoughtful gift to Lauren? So sweet.

  17. lisa's marvelous swap-package was pitch-perfect, dear readers: it charmed me, my cats, and my (ostensibly anti-valentine's day) husband when i opened it yesterday morning. i'm a lucky valentine.

  18. Thank you dear Lauren. The entire experience was remarkably educational. They ought to have crafting as part of all psychoanalysis.

  19. Oh, this was all so sweet…! I've been reading about it on Cara's and Celia's blogs, too, and even took a peek at Amanda's blog – which looks beautiful and reads beautifully. I'm so shy about these things – but I may have to sign up next year. It just sounds like a really sweet, thoughtful thing all around.


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