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Homecomings, Or, Saturday Morning at 6:34am

On Saturday mornings I take the liberty to write about whatever comes into my noggin. My mother always said noggin to mean head. I don’t know why.

This morning, I am thinking that both my children are coming home today. One is in the air now, the other will be soon. I hate airplanes.

My fingers are crossed, the house is clean enough, there is food in the refrigerator. To have both kids together will be such a joy. All that juicy baby flesh, grown up. I still have to clench my teeth, when I think of my children, to guard against biting them. My sisters have the same habit, so I’m guessing it runs in the family.

Have fun with yours today. Family, that is, however defined.

*For a cute baby fix, Cara, or Cate.

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  1. I, too, like to nibble my children! They are still very young so I luckily can still get away with it =;)

  2. I find myself clutching my nephew too tight and squeezing his little thighs and biting his little hands and cheeks. Aunt Hannah is quickly become less loved.

  3. Just popping over from CC to say hi. Your post was perfectly timed: my oldest just came home for spring break last night. And my youngest will be off to college in the fall, so I'm relishing every minute I have to spend with both of them. I don't bite, but I do nuzzle!

  4. Hi Booklady:) Have fun with those kiddos. Hannah, aunts are wonderful. e.n., enjoy their youth. Bonjour, thank you so much.

  5. I stumbled on your blog looking for an a-hem midlife mama with something to say. I hate planes, too. I'm writing through my emptying nest (and expanding nest since my 20-year-old came back home after three semesters at Sacramento State). Baby flesh…all grown up…I get that. So I say nibble, coo, talk baby talk for the moment. You're still the mama.

  6. I have to make a concerted effort not to be a nervous wreck every time one of my kids flies, because they fly fairly often.

    Have a lovely time with your kids – in between cleaning out the fridge, our closet and The Young One's old room (to become a "grandkid's guest room") we'll be planning a vacation with all of them later this summer.

  7. I love reading your blog! Hope you have the best visit with your kids, there is nothing like being home. The very best is when my three grown up siblings and I are all home together…only happens a few times per year, but it is heavenly. Happy weekend!

  8. Ooh, enjoy your time with them. I was/am not a biter of my children, what I did/do is worse(if you ask them). I gently pinch their rears. So cute and squishy when they were babies, now there is actually a bit of perverse fun in irritating them!

  9. Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your big 'little' ones!
    (Sorry about the deleted above, a little too eager with the 'enter' button)

  10. Oh, I remember those days, before the young ones had fully embarked on having their own families. Enjoy

  11. I can never resist nibbling on my little guy – he has the cutest baby fat!

    Have a wonderful time with your children!!! I sometimes think ahead 20odd years to when my son will 'come home' to visit and how happy I will be to have him here to fuss over :O)

  12. Favorite times for me are just what you're getting a nice dose of this weekend! It's love in the purest form. xoxo

  13. My father used the term noggin. I'm not sure I've heard anyone else use it. Maybe my grandfather. Perhaps a post about WASP terms and language? I went over your older posts and found occasional references to WASP specific language, but not a post.

    Have a wonderful time with your "all grown up" children.

  14. I love reading your posts about your relationship with your adult children (an oxymoron??). It's bittersweet. I'm sure they wouldn't mind extra hugs."All that juicy baby flesh all grown up…" wonderful.

  15. My 25 year old completes his graduate school training in May. I'm sure he'll want to finally move out and get a place of his own. It's appropriate and natural but I sure will miss him. What I really miss is his being about 2 years old and sitting on my lap.

  16. Safe flights to them and am sure you will have the most wonderful weekend… you are so lucky. Am now counting down the weeks until I see my all grown up 'baby' again – cannot wait.

  17. This is a sweet post. I love going home to see my parents too – they live about three hours from me. We have fun times.
    Enjoy the time spent with your children.

  18. My mother also used the word "noggin". I suspect it must have been generational. Probably came into popular usage though a song in a musical such as "Brigadoon" or comics, such as "Lil' Abner", or maybe there was a character named Noggin in a popular children's book that has long since fallen out of standard rotation. According to Wiktionery its roots are gaelic, but it sound hill-billy to me, too, but that's not surprising since the two are not mutually exclusive by a long shot. Interesting!

  19. hold them close and cherish every second- both at home at the same time is a treat!


    PS- you and MoMo have the same "uniform" as she calls it- khakis, a button-down and then go from there. the possibilities really are endless! I think the two of you would be great walk-n-talk buddies. who then split a bottle of good chardonnay :)


  20. Yes, this motherhood thing is visceral. Sometimes it seems hugging is not enough to express it.
    Enjoy the w/e; what a treat to have them both!

  21. Have a lovely time with your grown-ups! It's such a miracle how that works, isn't it? The "one minute they're . .. and the next . . . " thing. I got to see three of mine this weekend, and also got to handle some of the more squeezable wee variety . . . life is good.

  22. How much better it is to have them home for spring break than having them doing god knows what in Fort Lauderdale or Cancun!

  23. We used noggin to mean head in our family as well, when I was growing up. British-English slang? There was also a children's TV programme called Noggin the Nog, though that was about vikings, not heads.

  24. Hopefully you have all enjoyed a grand weekend together, and are ready to tackle the week ahead!

    Sending a hug and hopes it is fun for everyone,

  25. Oh LPC, I hope y'all have had a fabulous weekend together! I love how you said you just want to bite them. So beautifully sweet. Sigh…

    I have kissed JBB's head since I saw him. I always tell him that when he is 50 and I am 80 I will still kiss his head. This week he said, "you mean when my hair is grey and yours is white?"

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