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On The Ground Retail With Liberty Of London At Target

If you are young, like fashion and its trends, enjoy color and a bargain, do not read this post. Go to Target right now.

If you prefer to window shop before buying, here’s what my daughter and I saw Sunday morning at a Target here in the San Francisco Bay Area. The collection of women’s clothing by Liberty of London, version Target. Our first reaction was, “Ooh, cute!”

The collaboration is about the prints, as you can imagine, in their 1960’s England Swings Like A Pendulum Do version. A little bit Peter Max-ish. Made in China, of polyester, but they did a pretty nice job of serving up the essential Liberty experience at this kind of price point. The quickest way to slap some on would be with these scarves. Or a pink handled umbrella.

If you want to dip yourself in deeper, they’ve got dresses.

A bunch of dresses.

The issue, of course, is with cut and fit. Some things definitely look better on the hanger than on the person. You have to hunt around like a truffle pig for something that works on you, and those of us over 35 might not find what we’re looking for.

They’ve got tops.

One of which we bought, for $25. You can see it here, behind the chocolate macaron, on my daughter. There were no macarons at Target. But at the rate the world is moving, they might show up there on a not too far distant Sunday morning. Go Sundays.

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  1. Damn! You are going to get me in trouble. Not that I forgot that it was being launched March 14th but…life is too short to take responsibility for my own actions.I'm telling my husband you made me buy it. I'll say "Lisa".If he thinks I mean his mom(same name)even better.

  2. The macaron looks delicious. I'm headed over to my local Tarjay this afternoon to check it out. I've been anticipating this day since last August when I spent $100 on a little cotton isis print makeup bag at the Regent Street store. I hope its relatives are on sale for a lot less!

  3. I am thinking "oh, cute" as well. But when it would come to an actual purchase, hmmm. I don't think it is going to happen, with the exception of perhaps a new set of summer tumblers, if they are even still available!

  4. I do think I need one of those umbrellas. I like my navy blue umbrella in theory, but it's so dreary on an already dreary day.

  5. My Target had the LoL collection out a day early and while everything looked pretty from afar, the polyester material was a huge turn off. If the pieces had been made of cotton I may have considered. Too bad because some of of the prints were gorgeous!

  6. The polyester is a bit meh – I would jump on it if the clothes were cotton.
    I do still want the pink bowls tho!
    The top looks very nice on your daughter – shame about the fabric *sigh*

  7. I went early Sun. morning. I was with my sister and the dresses did not suit either of us–we're 49. Most cuts were not flattering on us, but she bought a top and I got a one piece bathing suit that wasn't online. I bought a dress and some accessories for my 23 yo. Loved the homegoods and gardening goods. Great patterns. I am in the non-poly camp, but the fabric did flow similar to the fine cotton LofL uses. Men's shirts were nice cotton. Bought a tie for son. Fits in all were true or generous. Funny, in some stores, the merch flew out the door, in some merch was barely touched!

  8. I am getting excited about our move to AZ thanks to Liberty at Target. They have never been grand on apparel but their accessories (book bags, shopping bags et all) are divine. The home goods collections look fab, I am going to stop off when we arrive and by a new set of every day dishes from them. Thanks for the inside scoop.

  9. OMG all of those pictures are so cute! I think I must go and check it out :) I thank you, my debit card does not :)

  10. Hmmm, may be worth a look when my daughter and I go to visit my mom in FL next month. If anything's left…
    Thanks for the scoop.

  11. Cute from afar, but I didn't drink the Liberty of Londonade. I probably wouldn't mind having one of the umbrellas or that darling bicycle. {And I hate polyester.} I need those fabrics that breathe ;-) xoxo

  12. "…and those of us over 35 might not find what we're looking for." Yes, I'm afraid I find the macaron more appealing.

    It probably wouldn't look any better on my butt, though.

  13. Hi,

    I'm new to the Liberty of London club. I recently purchased a beautiful silk scarf from the Salvation Army for $2. Got it home and noticed it had a Made in England, Liberty of London little tag. I'm quite happy now. I will go to Target and see what they have, but I'm not a fan of the polyester. Maybe an umbrella though.

  14. Ah, les macarons…did you get those at Trader Joe's? I saw them there last visit and thought it was funny, since they have seemed to be taking over the world during the last couple of years. Not that they aren't fameux (delish)!

    What's up with that…food fashion is sometimes more mysterious than clothing fashion.

  15. Thanks for the photos, LPC. I don't rate the chances of the collection hitting Target Autralia soon, which is a shame. Would be lovely to look at in real life.

    Macarons and coffee are the perfect accompaniment to shopping.

    SSG xx

  16. I'm excited to see what my local Target has to offer! I like the prints…very Spring!

  17. I did buy a nice ceramic canister and a few small picture frames in the small black print. The women's clothes weren't quite right – I was expecting nice cottons and a bit more structure in the construction. Oh well.

  18. No cottons. But the young these days are used to polyester. It is like Forever 21, only LoL prints.

  19. Floral print clothing generally isn't my thing. But some of those scarves look fun!

  20. I'm waiting for the gardening gloves to come in (apparently they run small) but I do love Liberty of London!


  21. love the mother daughter date you two had :) MoMo and I went to a spring garden show; more her cup of tea than fashion, but how can you go wrong with shared interests and enjoying to spend time together!!



  22. That peacock-print blouse was the first thing I touched today and I literally jumped back. I had been expecting cotton and the poly startled me. Amusingly enough, I have a cotton lawn top made from the print upon which this peacock one is based.

  23. I love macarones and I remember Liberty of London — and now at Target . . . looking at them was like reliving my childhood.

  24. I have a British friend who is now living in The OC. She is SO excited about Liberty of London being at Target!

  25. We don't have Target up here, and the polyester doesn't appeal so much anyway, but the prints . . . I'm hoping to get to Liberty's in London this spring — not sure if I'd wear the prints other than in a scarf, but I do think my little granddaughter might look sweet in them!

  26. Believe it or not, I have never worn patterns! Too busy, perhaps. I'm not sure, just don't seem to feel comfortable. I do love the idea though!

  27. I got a top and a dress yesterday—but I really want to go back and get some things for my neices. too cute!

  28. you know, I always fall in love with the Tarjay goodies from afar and I race there and then…

    they are not made for someone petite. Sigh…no bargain for Lipstick.

    I think the macaroon would fit just fine though.

  29. The macaron was at the Stanford Shopping Center. Where we went, after Target to do a Gap trade-in. BTW, my D is about 5'9" and wears a size 2 at places like BR, so not short but not large. And the top fit her well, surprising well.

  30. My mum used to sew me liberty dresses when I was little. I wish Target in Australia would get these.

  31. OH this is too funny…after reading these Liberty comments!
    Yesterday while on holiday, I went to the Seattle Target and bought some…I'll be blogging about them soon…one of my best shirts ($$) was given to me by Mr.HB when we had little money…it was Liberty of London, and I confess I wore it so much that the elbows wore through…so I am reliving happy memories of times gone by…

  32. The tops look cute and so do the scarves. I don't do prints often, but once in a while… :)

  33. So pleased that you posted these photos in your blog – I really wanted to see how they the Liberty of London was going to translate to Target in USA… interesting…! Don't think we are going to get them in Australia unfortunately though… x

  34. Still wear a Liberty scarf I bought in London in '75. Doubt the polys will have that staying power but that's not the point of Target's offering, is it?

  35. I bought my daughter that same print, in a sundress! Very cute. My little one got a dress, too. Both were 100% cotton. I'm surprised about the polyester–is the children's clothing made differently?

    How was the weekend with your children? Any nibbling? :)

  36. Excellent write-up of the collection Miss LPC, how fun the two of you went shopping just as this was launched. We also perused the collection, and found most of it to be rather fun and looking well-made. But the poly did us in, that was very disappointing.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  37. I love looking at Liberty prints. Can't say I would wear one. I'd settle for a tea towel or something, I think.

  38. I like to buy Liberty at Liberty! That shop in London is heaven, just to look over the button offerings makes me swoon. I have a couple of liberty prints from J.Crew. though they don't satisfy like the ones I bought in the Elizabethan London dept. store!

  39. I find that the Target launch has made me wish I had a cotton lawn flower print Liberty blouse. Button front. Short sleeves. Blue background. Please? Anyone?:)

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