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10% Discount And Ciao Bella!

Paula asked about my blog schedule, given that I am off to New York. She also asked if I’d be visiting Tiffany & Co., or Iradj Moini. Oh Iradj, those are some outrageous, luscious big gems. But I digress. I plan to check in here Saturday morning to write the usual whatever-comes-into-my-head-that’s-not-embarrassing-or-maybe-only-a-little-embarrassing claptrap. I should be back to posting by Monday, or Tuesday if the Xanax-induced hangover from Sunday’s flight is too hideous.

Have I explained that I’m afraid of flying? Yes. Well. That.

In any case, on a final note of thanks to all, Margaret from NaraCamicieSF has this to say. In pink. Because that’s her style and she knows it.

I am so happy you all know about this exciting brand now, and I would love to help you choose something that makes you as happy as Lisa’s blue shirt makes her. First step is checking our site Then call us at (415) 683-3204 in San Francisco or write us and identify yourself as a Privilege reader {use code PRIV) and get 10% off on any purchases. We ship anywhere..

Best regards from Margaret, owner, Naracamicie San Francisco, the most beautiful blouse in the world from Italy.”

Margaret Lawrence
(415) 683-3204
As long as we’re all things Italian today, I’m just going to say, and mean it, “Ciao bella!”

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  1. I hope you have a wonderful time! (and oh my, those are such lucious, lucious gems!)

  2. Hi LPC! I am blushing, reading that my comment/question made it up into the privilege :)
    Vienna is still too chilly for the short-sleeve Nara Camicie I bought 3 weeks ago. But I am patient. Looking forward to reading your NY Stories.

  3. Safe trip, am emerald with envy – those lunches, that shopping, the energy, the books… Amusez-vous! xx

  4. Have a fab time. I'm a terrifed flyer too, but my rationale is, nothing will happen when you are flying for pleasure. OK I know it is not logical but neither is the fear. Bon voyage! A magical time of year to be in New York!

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