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At "Already Pretty," Subversive Style

Today I am at Already Pretty, explaining my tricks on how to dress with originality even in conservative workplaces. With photos of red shoes and Issey Miyake blouses.

Already Pretty is the brainchild, and heartchild, I’d say if I were Northern Californian (oh wait, I am), of Sally McGraw. It’s an oasis of positive body image and very original, exuberant style. She’s also one of the more genuine people I have found in the blogosphere and I’m honored that she accepted my idea for this guest post.

I hope to see you there.

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  1. Thanks for your post. I was the original questioner of Sally's blog, so your additional post was helpful. ;)

  2. Thanks so much for contributing, LPC, and for your INCREDIBLY kind words about Already Pretty! The comments are already pouring in, and folks are so grateful for your guidance.

  3. I'll head over there right now although my workplace is far from conservative. Can't resist your writing and the promise of RED Shoes!

  4. I am on my way…like materfamilias I am drawn to red shoes. My workplace is very casual…middle school so other than cleavage and spaghetti straps we are free to create our own image.

  5. Was working with a major bank recently and met the female SVP of a big operation, originally from Hong Kong. Fuschia Chanel suit, short skirt, sky high pearlized baby blue heels and (wait for it) ankle bracelet. Ultra femme meets Suzy Wong. Our jaws hit the ground.

    Am seeing more and more of these full-out rulebreakers- fascinated! And I, in the encore stage of corporate life (oxymoron?) will stay a one-thing rebel.

  6. Just came back from Already Pretty, and you did a marvelous job. The red shoes won me over – and not an ankel bracelet in sight!

  7. Ab fab. Love secret subversion and so perfectly executed. Terrific. Making a Statement and not scaring the horses. Brilliant.

  8. Fabulous post at Sal's! Having started in "Corporate America" in the early 80's, wearing the big shouldered suits and silly little bow tie blouses, sometimes I think we have come a long way (baby!) but then again, we still have to play by "the rules". Thanks for sharing your hard earned wisdom and experience with the gals who are following in the trail we had to blaze!

  9. Great post – love that 'measured rebellion' line – great way of putting it. And thanks so much for generously linking to my blog in the post too!

  10. Kristen, thanks for asking the question in the first place:). Jamie, yes, there is no formal process for us to transfer knowledge like this. So I am very happy to have a place to pass it on. Thank you everyone for visiting Sal's blog and chiming in. Much appreciated. Imogen, you are more than welcome. And Anon, I only wish I could remember where I found it:).

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