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Some Bunny Special, Or, Saturday Morning at 5:49am

My daughter called me. Giggling.

“Mama, I got the cookie. And the card says, ‘Your mom thinks you’re some bunny special.'”

I explained to her that I had won the cookie from a giveaway on Pink Martini’s site. That Pink Martini makes these cookies and decorates them herself. How cute they are. That no, I had not suddenly gained skills to do this kind of thing. That Pink Martini, being a mom herself, had volunteered to make 2 cookies, although I’d only won one, just so that neither of my children felt left out. We talked about what the cookie looked like, how it had a pearl necklace on, and that the ear had broken in transit, but she didn’t mind.

I IM’d my son.

Mother: Did you get the cookie?
Son: Yep.
Mother: How is it?
Son: Good.

Week passes. We IM again.

Mother: Did you get my email to take a picture of the cookie?
Son: I ate it.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate Easter, and I hope those celebrating Passover have had a wonderful week and great Seders.

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  1. Too funny! This difference prevails in my family as well, altho' not always as clearly along gender lines. . . Have a Happy Easter!

  2. ROFL – this reminds me of my post about the difference between sons and daughters. I love it.

  3. Too funny!

    My MIL hosts the big family Seder (sometimes as many as 35 people) which we held last night. Convenience trumps tradition; we pick a night sometime during the 8 days that's easier for those who have to travel. The Hagaddah has become shorter over the years, but everyone gets a paragraph or two to read. I have a feeling the torch may be passed within the next few years, and I seem to be up next in the relay.

  4. I can see that that's how it's going to be with J and Z, too. :) Already, Z thanks me effusively for little things, whereas I have to coax a muttered "thanks" out of J.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. My husband is exactly the same…it doesnt get better with age!

    Pink Martini makes the most awesomest cookies!

    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  6. Fellas.

    So nice of you to mention. Thank you. Have a beautiful weekend. :) xoxo

  7. This is hilarious! Now I know what I have to look forward to. Thanks for the chuckle.

  8. This is classic. I have two sons–no daughters, sadly–so my contact with them is pretty much limited to similar text messages. Sigh.

  9. When did you adopt my son? I mailed him a package of Yankee stuff when they won the World Series. Did you get it? Yep. Did you like it? Yep.

  10. I may or may not have taken a few liberties. Which is to say that these conversations did happen. But which is also to say that we have others which use way more words:). It was just so funny, that he ate the cookie…

  11. Sounds like conversations that I have with my son and daughter. Happy hippity hoppity Easter to you and yours…

  12. That is the sweetest bunny cookie and how funny is the story about your son .. 'yup, I ate it' – boys!!
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend…x

  13. What a hilarious story. Hope you're having a perfect weekend. So far so good it seems.

  14. A most excellent story, Lisa! Haven't checked in for a while, but have really enjoyed reading your recent posts :)

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