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Spring Comes To Manhattan, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:12am EST

A few Manhattan thoughts of profound import.

1. The sky has been so blue this weekend we might have been in the countryside.
2. The Crosby Street Hotel has friendly service.
3. Food is a good thing.
4. Loved ones are a good thing.
5. My feet are intact but aware of their long journeying.
6. People here are wearing floral prints. And scarves.
7. The skinny jeans with flats phenomenon is nowhere near done.
8. New York has great taxis and a legendary subway.
9. You can see the work of laborers – bricklayers, welders, masons – everywhere. No pre-fabrication.
10. The sheer number of people is mitigated by neighborhoods.
11. Yes, I mean this. In the face of a big, big, city I hope everyone allows themselves a few cliches.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. The video made me smile. A smile with my morning coffee is a good thing. Thank you. Have fun!

  2. Being 5'1", I hate the skinny jeans and flats thing. I can't wait for it to go away!

  3. Can you believe I've never been to NY? I may, in fact, be living there fairly soon – a fair chance – so it's nice to hear that it's not mental crowded.

  4. Visiting New York again (been once only, 20+ years ago) is moving higher and higher on my list and you've just nudged it up another few spots. Glad you're having a great time. Now I'm off to google the hotel.

  5. BOnjour,
    NYC is such a great city. I had to laugh at #5 – I know the feeling after walking myself silly! Enjoy!

  6. Hi LPC! I can't remember any city where my feet did not kill me evening after evening. It is amazing how much feet can hurt. Even wearing flats.

    Nowhere near done – I just had a funny moment:
    now here near done
    no where near done

    It is fun reading many senses in a sentence.

    Thank you for "mitigated". A nice word. Everyday a new word I have never heard of before finds me in the word wide web. :)

  7. I am hoping you will take us along so that we can vicariously shop and dine and sightsee….photos whenever possible, please!
    Have a great time, glad the weather is co-operating.

  8. So true about the bricks and mortar and plaster and detail on the buildings. Coming from an old Midwest town, I miss those things in southern California. Enjoy!

  9. Manhattan is wonderful in the Springtime. Especially if you have the opportunity to go to Central Park. So happy to hear about the skinny jeans and flats. Though since everyone in the city is skinny and walks everywhere it is a phenomenon that may not necessarily pass there. My favorite song. It energizes me. As does the city. It captures the essence of the city perfectly!

  10. So glad you are having a wonderful time and hope that, as the song says, the city inspires and makes you feel brand new! Loved it! x p.s. 19 year old daughter was impressed with the music that was coming out my lap top!

  11. LPC,
    Well said and linked!

    I hear NYC.

    I am so glad skinnies and flats are nowhere near done and that scarves are prominent.

    Sitting here in rainy Sydney, I can reference the glorious NYC weather through clothing.

    Have a lovely trip and look forward to reading more.

    SSG xxx

  12. Love that song! Well, really I have to admit that I love Jay-Z. How fabulous to see him while in NYC!! :-) Have a great trip. I'll be there in May. xoxo

  13. Hello LPC: Did you get the chance to dine at L'Absinthe on your trip yet? If you haven't, they serve a marvelous brunch, so if you're looking for an option for Sunday brunch, do consider it. 67th Street between 2nd and 2rd Avenues. Reggie

  14. Glad to hear that you're enjoying your stay in NYC. Looking forward to hearing (and seeing!) more when you come back. :)

  15. It'[s interesting to hear your thoughts on the skinny jeans & flats phenomenon, we don't dislike it, not at all. Best part of the post? It sounds like you are enjoying yourself!

  16. I have been having NY withdrawls … can't wait to get back there this summer. Will you be at BlogHer?

  17. Saturday was a magical NYC spring day – Sunday, not so much! Hope you had indoor fun planned :-)

  18. I love the skinny jeans and flats phenomenon! Even though it makes me look my actual height (5 feet in socks).

    Also, the video is great! It even made me re-evaluate my former dislike of Ms. Keys.

  19. Dear LPC,
    Could you please consider "Mr. Right among High WASP: where to meet, how to capture attention of, and marry Mr. High WASP" as a topic of one of your future posts. Thank you.

  20. How to determine if a gentleman is authentic High WASP vs. High WASP wannabe ? Thank you again.

  21. Anonymous, you probably meet at the babyshower, while still being inside your mum, him sleeping in the buggy – very very early :)

    LPC, already Tuesday! Can't wait to hear and read and see from you. Very impatient I am. …

  22. Dear Paula,
    So you are saying that if I did not meet him at the baby shower, it cannot be done.
    Your response is a typical example of conventional “wisdom”/common sence. I appreciate it.
    What I am asking though is not whether it could be done or not. I am asking HOW to get it done. Thank you.

  23. Anonymous (sorry LPC, I hope this does not bother you) – what I was trying to say is this: the mothers of the High WASPS have a strong influence. As LPC wrote today, Tuesday:
    "I do want to make sure not to disappoint anyone if I can avoid it." I would say the son of a High WASP mum does not want to disappoint his mum.
    So maybe the clue and key works via High WASP mums. What actually brings us back to LPC as a mum of a 20 year old High WASP beau, what should be the qualities of a future daughter-in-law that would please her? :)

  24. My favourite time to be in NY is Fleet Week. All those men in whites, the city turns into one Norman Parks photo. I once delayed my flight three times in two days to see more sailors.

  25. You really can see the work of the laborers all around you. That was one thing that really surprised me. You can sometimes see it movies or t.v., but to actually be there– there is scaffolding and work going on every where! I guess its a sign of a city that never sleeps and never stops growing.

  26. New York in the Spring is one of the most hopeful things I've experienced.

    "10. The sheer number of people is mitigated by neighborhoods."
    Wonderful observation. I think that's part of what makes the city so great. I love being in a place with so many people, but I am the type to get annoyed at large crowds of people who are not moving out of my way as I try to get somewhere (not exactly fair, I know, but I have yet to learn patience/achieve Zen).

    ps- sorry for the deleted comment, that was me accidentally signed in with my partner's Google account!

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