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Would You Like To Win A Fab Shirt From NaraCamicie SF?

Well guess what? We have another giveaway today. I feel like a kid.

Giveaways are not too common here on Privilege, as I don’t feel right giving away anything I don’t know that I want myself. But this time, the prize is a very generous gift certificate from the NaraCamicie store in San Francisco, for $175.00. Yes. Generous.

If you all remember, NaraCamicie is where I found this shirt.

Which I love and have already worn repeatedly.

Here are some bad pictures that I took of other shirts in the store. Also some pocket squares. Cute, no?

A Jackie O, ’60s sort of vibe going on


Crisp, classic, the Sturdy Gal dresses for lunch

Yes, BTW, that is some orange going on you see behind the more traditional red striper.

And here are some good pictures from the Italian NaraCamicie catalogue.

For the nautical among us

Daring garden party gear

Anyway, after I posted about my original purchase, Margaret, the owner of the SF store, found me and emailed to say thank you. She then took me for lunch, and a tour of her store. It was really fun. She showed me books and catalogues from her time at Versace. I almost got lost in a dream of my parallel life as a trophy wife on Capri. I recovered. Good thing, too.

I wanted to thank her for her kindness, and it occurred to me that this was an opportunity for that elusive “win-win” that we used to banter about in the corporate world, jaws squared, and desire for profit paramount. Only this really did seem to be win-win. Margaret gets to show off her wonderful shirts to this audience, and one of you gets to win a generous prize. My favorite type of business deal.

So here’s the plan. We’ll communicate without Powerpoint, shall we? Leave a comment below to enter. I would like to hear about a piece of clothing that was special to you, anything, for any reason. Or about one of the shirts you see here, and how you might wear it. I love your stories and this is a good excuse for more.

Please confirm that you either subscribe to this blog via the RSS feed or the Google Followers widget, or simply that you are not scanning the wide Internet for prizes and pouncing on our little corner like a hawk on a fieldmouse. If you blog or tweet about Margaret’s lovely wares, you get two entries. I will keep the comments open until Sunday of this week, draw randomly, and announce the winner next Monday or Tuesday.

Since NaraCamicie San Francisco doesn’t have an e-commerce site (they are store specific in the US), you will fulfill your winnings either by phone, or by coming into the store if you happen to be in San Francisco. The store personnel are used to working in this manner, and can send photos, emails, etc. to help hone in on the right purchase.

In order to make this giveaway open to everyone here, I will pay for any overseas shipping if one of you beautiful people from Finland, or Scotland, or England, or France, or Australia, or Hong Kong, or wherever, should happen to win.

Thank you in advance to everyone. To Margaret for such a fun giveaway, to you, the readers, for, well, um, reading.

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  1. The last shirt pictured is the one that sings to me. Although I'll never be a trophy wife in Capri, that exquisite shirt would make me the prettiest (51 year old) grandmother when I stroll on Nassau Street.
    (My daughter and son-in-law are in grad school at Princeton. I adore taking my grandson for ice cream there!)

  2. Ooo what a nice giveaway! Thank you for hosting it!

    I have a Dior shirt I got wayyyy back when I was 21 or so – it has been through a lot and still looks like a million bucks! I recently had it tailored so it now has a feminine cut :O) I cant wait to wear it to lunch!

  3. Hi LPC,

    I normally don't enter giveaways b/c I'm always trying to get rid of MY things. But this is a different situation. These shirts are gorgeous. I'm loving the flowered number, the sleeves! Also the red stripes is pretty gorgeous too. I guess my favorite piece of clothing right now is a pair of Theory skinny black pants that just look good with anything. A little boring, but when the fit is right it changes everything. Wish me luck!


  4. Hey, what beautiful shirts. I particularly love the red stripey one. Could I wear it to the office in the summer with my suit (I am a lawyer). I had a blue and white silk one like that once. Wore it as oft as I dared for a whole summer. Then one day I reached up to hold on whilst on the tube (underground/metro) and it ripped. I was so sad. Fingers crossed I might win the red and white stripey one as a replacement.

    (I am a google reader follower & twitter, of course)

  5. oh, such a great give away. and a pitty i dont live in San Francisco.
    I went to NaraCamicie in Vienna and spent 125 EUR – just because you had this posting. Can you believe it?

    So ladies, go for this!!

  6. Wow! What beautiful shirts! I'm quite certain that they'd improve my hip-young-professor vibe immensely. When I think of clothing with stories, I immediately think of two gorgeous gowns I wore, one blue, one white, for two different and hugely momentous occasions in my life that occurred six months apart. I received my doctorate in a stunning blue (polyester – ha!) gown with velvet panels and gold trim, and six months later, I was married in a white ruffly gown. Both incredibly significant.

  7. I love the red stripey one. I would pair it with a pencil skirt, a chunky silver bangle, and calf-flattering heels. I really like the floral print on the model, but I think it would overpower me.

  8. I have hanging in my closet a Pierre Cardin botique blouse in a lovely pinkish-beige. It has long sleeves, gathered at the wrist, and fastening with the sweetest pearl buttons. It also has an asymetrical drapey-bib thing from the collar to the middle of the chest. I have a husband and wife photo (professional) of me wearing it. That was years ago, but I can't bear to get rid of it.

    Discovered your blog recently, and am thoroughly enjoying it.

  9. Thank you for having this giveaway.

    I would have to go with a black suit I bought my senior year of college – I bought it at Jcrew in Boston, bought both the pants and the skirt to the suit too – it was not the first suit I ever bought, but it was the first suit I ever bought on my own, not under my mother's watchful eye. Somehow, the combination made me feel so very grown up – and the fact the suit fit really well also helped.

  10. I just retweeted this as well. Thank you again for having the giveaway :)

  11. I love the blue diamond shirt you got for yourself. One of my favorite ever items is the nightgown my mother made for me (she made most of my clothes) when I was in 6th grade. It was big and lacy and warm, of white flannel with blue kittens on it. I had done most of my growing by 6th grade (even my bosom, unfortunately), so the gown fit for years. I wore it as a college freshman, even though my friends teased me. By then, the flannel had worn enough that it wasn't too warm for Houston. When it was too worn to wear any more, I cut it up for rags. A mother's love, tangled up in blue.

  12. I follow you on Google and Twitter (does that count for two entries?).

    I would choose a solid blue or white shirt. So versatile, so flattering. You can't go wrong.

  13. I echo all the sentiments for the red-striped blouse, the wearing of which would make all good things possible. Plus, a trip to SF would give me a chance to meet Flawless Daughter's official boyfriend. Bonus!

    For some reason, that blouse reminds me of my all-time fave: A pink-and-white striped mini-skirt worn with a wide, white patent-leather (probably plastic) belt. Oh, I was invincible in that! Loved it!

    Subscribing to your blog is always fun! Thanks for everything!

  14. I posted a picture on twitter of my grandmother's sequin-encrusted, turquoise cocktail top. I wear it to the occasional ball. In the 1950s, my grandmother was a colonel's wife. She had couture handmade; she had a sterling tea service designed to match a bud vase someone gave my Aunt Jackie when she was born. My grandmother wore Pucci with matching, handsewn Pucci bloomers in the 60s. She was something else, and I didn't get the opportunity as a child, because of our distance apart, to appreciate her great style. When she died, I got the hand-embroidered sheet sets for my first apartment in grad school. I got the tea service (entrusted to my daughter, the namesake), which I might never use, and I got scads of gorgeous, tiny clothes–my grandmother might have weighed 95 lbs at her heaviest.

    The turquoise top is the only thing I kept. Every sequin is still perfectly stitched in place. Every dangling bead is still there, too. I look like her, and I have her coloring, and I love my cocktail top. I'm honored to own it and I plan to preserve it well enough to hand down to my daughter. The original tag is still there, too, with the name of the man in Hong Kong who made it intact.

    (Forgive the blathering. This makes me happy.)

  15. When I was in high school, I saved enough money to buy a midi-length, black trench coat with a full skirt. I bought it at a very cool store called The French Connection. I wore it with brown oxford lace up shoes and bell bottoms. I was the bomb.

    I still have and always will have a thing for coats. Wish I had kept it!

  16. In college, I spent some of my hard earned tips on a full price J. Crew paisley sundress that fit perfectly whether I was 10 lbs up or down, due to an ingenious drawstring x-back. I wore it once a week, every summer for 12 years, before I finally ripped it from knee to hip, climbing into the back of a pickup at an outdoor concert, trying to get a better view of the band. Even then, I couldn't bear to throw it away, and it's still folded neatly in my lingerie drawer. One day, I know I will repurpose it.

    I follow you on Google reader, on Twitter, have you on Blog Roll on my own blog at Thank you for hosting this lovely little contest! I have some lawyerin' to do next month, and a next shirt would be wonderful.

  17. A giveaway! Exciting! I'm graduating from college in 3 weeks (eek) and I just got the most beautiful Calvin Klein black sheath dress. I feel both glamorous and professional in it, which is quite a feat.
    And I am subscribed through Google Reader. :)

  18. What a nice giveaway. I love that garden party flowered shirt. I would wear it belted with khaki capris and red flats…I may even rock a red lip with it! Your blog is one of the first blogs I ever followed! xx

  19. I just got this new pair of capris at J Crew. I thought of your mom because they're a cinnomony burnt peach color. They're so soft and comfy, they are my new favorite pants. Except it's still a little cold to wear them much here….
    What a cool give-away. The first shirt is so pretty!

  20. My favorite piece of clothing really are my old soft and worn in DKNY jeans…I wear them rolled up at the bottom usually with a white shirt or white Tee…and have to add my long strands of pearls…they are the real ME, not fancy or fussy just honest Hostess Bungalow style…
    I am a follower google wise, and I leave lots of comments…if I won I'd probably have to order by phone but oh I'd enjoy the opportunity to shop at the SF store…I love SF…and I will be back someday.

  21. How to let you know that I am not an Internet free-give-away poser? Well, I know you on another site where my name is mafool and I have been lurking and enjoying your blog for some time.

    I feel invited to answer both of your questions, because they amuse me.

    A special piece of clothing: My mother and I were at odds, as we were often. I was 17 years old. She had traveled to Japan and
    brought back with her 2 kimonos: one for me and one for my sister. Mine was emerald green silk with white and silver embroidery. Nothing had ever made me feel so beautiful. I wore that kimono for the next, lets see, 33 years, until it no longer did itself justice. My mother is gone. We never really did get along. And some day I will find another kimono with the same magic.

    The shirt? No question: the flowered "daring garden party wear." It responds to my inner sense of color and pattern and would lift my rather predictable outer self of safer solids. And it would look fantastic with my red sandals.

    Best to you!

  22. loooooove this giveaway- merci beaucoup!

    mine isn't so much clothing as shoes- I have a pair of high-heeled equestrian-inspired boots that attained legendary status a few years back… my Maneater boots. I will never get rid of them.



  23. The first thing I thought when I saw the red striped shirt was 'That is the most gorgeous thing ever.' Followed almost immediately by 'Don't even think about it. You know you would never actually wear it.'

    And that's exactly why I should! I'm 22, about to enter the professional world, and I don't have the guts to wear a shirt I adore? Sad, but something I want to remedy. With your help?

    Also, I'm going to Copenhagen Business School this summer, and somehow it seems so fitting…

    I swear I'm not a hawk! And I even voted for sponsored posts on your quizlet a while back (so long as they were in good taste, as today's very much is).

  24. I love that these shirts manage to push the envelope a bit while still being classic. So, I think I need one. :)

    Though I'm not a frequent commenter, I am a regular reader thanks to Google.

  25. When I was little my mum had a Christian Dior silk bathrobe with a crazy print on it and it was good for hiding in while she brushed her teeth and I clung to her legs. Silk and red and black and green and cream with flowers and shapes that aren't really anything but are kind of asian and circular and it came all the way down to her ankles with room for a tiny daughter to sit on a mummie's feet and wrap around them both. My mother left it with me last year when I stayed in their summerhouse alone. She said she liked to think of it there in my clsoet. I wear it everyday. It's still good for hiding in.

  26. Oh what beautiful shirts…I seem to be having a love affair these days with button-downs. Maybe it is just Spring fever, although we have not really seen a great deal of Spring here in the Bay Area, as you know!

    My favorite piece of clothing…this is tough, but the first thing that came to mind was my V.O.T.E T-Shirt from 1976 (Carter vs. Ford). My older brother, whom I idolized told me it stood for "Very Odd Tomboy Enclosed" and that was a very apt definition of me then!

    Love your blog and I subscribe via Google.

  27. Who can resist the garden party shirt? I would wear it in warm weather to celebrate the growing season and in cold weather to remind me of what's to come.

  28. It sounds like you had a lovely return trip to NaraCamicie!

    One of my favorite garments is a cashmere sweater that my grandmother and mother both wore. I finally wore the holes in it.

    I have enjoyed reading this blog for some time, like LSM, though this is my first comment.

  29. My favorite piece of clothing? Just one? I actually have a list since my favorites all were inspired by men's evening wear.
    1) A grey flannel pair of Celine trousers with a wide, black silk faille tuxedo stripe.
    2) a GAP white cotton pique sleeveless shirt modeled after a man's tuxedo shirt/vest
    3) a pair of Michael Kors patent tuxedo pumps with a bow which I wore with black fishnets. I sadly binned them because they got so stinky. Wearing them with Fishnets was like wearing them barefoot.
    4) A Valentino Ivory crepe de chine frilled tuxedo blouse.
    See the theme? It's my fav…

  30. I love the blue and white blouse. I would wear it with white or khaki pants all spring and summer, and with navy or grey pants and a blazer in the fall and winter.
    My favorite piece of clothing is a coral shirt with a stand up collar that hides my aging, sagging jaw line perfectly…

  31. I adore that floral shirt. It is beautiful. I would wear it with a knee length full skirt and sandals and take my boys to the park.

    In the winter I'd throw on a cardigan or a blazer & wear it to work to brighten up the dreary winter days.

    I follow you via Google Reader.

  32. A special piece of clothing? When we were law students my husband and I had almost no money, and I needed a skirt to wear to a job interview. I had a floor-length wool skirt (can't remember why) in a subtle green plaid, so I shortened it to knee length. I got the job and, more than 30 years later, am still a partner in the firm. The skirt still hangs in my closet – I haven't worn it in years (maybe decades) but it's too freighted with memory to give away.

  33. My favorite piece of clothing is the ao dai I had made shortly after my marriage. It's a pale green silk tunic (with a subtle, very pale gold pattern woven in) worn over wide white pants.

    Elegant (even on someone much taller than the average Vietnamese woman), pretty, and just a little bit different.

  34. I still own a yellow gingham Lanz dress from the 50's. They were quite popular at the time. I'd love to win the drawing and I'd definately go to SF to pick it up.


  35. Thank you for confirming what I secretly suspected… I am a Sturdy Gal, because I too am in love with the red striped blouse.

    Sad to say, it is almost impossible for me to think of a favorite item of clothing… or even outfit. Perhaps the midi coat I sewed for myself out of garnet red wool in the early seventies. It had princess seams and a belted waist (oh, the waist I had then!) and I lined it with special thin-but-insulated lining fabric from J.C. Penney at $2.79 a yard instead of buying the cheaper stuff since it would not make me look bulky… I was a junior in high school, and looking good was more important than being warm… I tailor-tacked the horsehair interfacing down on the lapels and everything!

    Thank you. Your give-away reminds me how cool I felt when wearing that coat!

  36. Such beautiful blouses. I love that "Jackie" one! I just recently discovered fashion blogs and don't know yet how/about subscribing or other ids, but I follow you every day by clicking on my favorites. I found you recently when I googled Target Liberty of London because I was interested in real life experiences. I am not a hawk!

    The favorite clothing item that comes to mind is a high-waisted, long slim pencil skirt I bought back in the early nineties. It was black wool and had a matching belt with a burnished oval gold buckle. It hugged every curve, was long with a big slit up the back, and I wore that thing to death! It really made me feel like woman.

  37. Definitely the red and white stripe for me. I love classic stripes and noticed on Sunday that every polo shirt my son (age 5) has is a stripe. I'd wear it in the summer with a white skirt or white jeans.
    It's hard to pick a favorite piece of clothing, but I absolutely loved my Brooks Brothers navy blue coat when I lived in Ohio. I wore it every day during many winters. It held up beautifully, even the lining! And I never got tired of it. When we moved to southern California, I gave it away along with our snow shovels.
    I've been reading you for some time, now, and participated in your survey. I've commented some times, too.

  38. I'd even be a trophy wife in Capris!

    My absolutely favorite shirt was an old Lacoste sleeves pique polo of my Mom's. It was so old it had the little alligator at the hem, rather than on the chest. She never wore it anymore, so she let me have it. I wore it to death as a teenager/young adult.

    Better than the shirt, though, were the old pictures of my Mom wearing it. Like a history of our lives.

    Your shipping offer is very generous, I don't live abroad, but it's nice to know I could ;-)

  39. I would probably wear the blue shirt – your shirt – with white pants and the brown leather flat sandals that I just bought yesterday. I would not wear the shirt so that it would look especially fresh when I wear it in Capri this summer.

    One of my favorite outfits was a matching brown and white seersucker shorts and jacket that I took on my honeymoon in 1990. I wore the outfit with a pair of white leather woven lace up oxfords from Bally, and I remember thinking that I looked quite stylish as we toured Italy and Switzerland. I didn't realize then that in a few years I would no longer have time to painstakingly selected my wardrobe. Those days are really gone forever.

  40. I found your blog a few weeks ago & have been lurking about!!! I love the red/white ruffle top! It looks perfect for the ridiculously hot/stifling summers we have in Louisiana!!!

  41. I don't follow this blog, but I click daily. Perhaps your fancy internet tools can already tell that. I don't know anything about blogs except that I seem to need to read some.

    My favorite article of clothing is my black pants suit that I wear when presenting. It fits, and it makes me feel powerful.

  42. Hi L, My favorite piece of clothing right now is my no iron BB shirt. It looks great with jeans, black trousers or a black skirt. It is one of those things I can yank out, put on and go! The blouses you show are lovely and I would love to own one. I always follow you on Twitter too.


  43. I am assuming you don't really want to hear about the cleats I was wearing while scoring my first try in a game of rugby, so I will take another route.

    I would not look good in a nautical, slim fit button down from NaraCamicie, but my wife has the perfect build and would look H-O-T in one.

    If I were to somehow "obtain" one of these blouses and give it to her as a gift, I would become an instant rock-star, drawing both awe and ire from all the other husbands. I would use this newly aquired noteriety and influence to send these hapless males in your direction.

    Like you said earlier, win-win.

  44. My favourite outfit is an over-the-top pink sequinned gown that I bought in a consignment store when I visited New York in 1996. Apparently it used to belong to an opera singer.

    When I searched NaraCamicie's Italian website, back when you first posted about them, I didn't find anything that catered to my dimensions. So even if I don't win your competition, please will you pass on my request that they make some of their gorgeous shirts for the larger plus-sized figure?

  45. I've followed the story of your blue shirt on another site we both frequent, and I have to say: I love the Swedishness of it! But today, it's finally spring where I live, and the orange speaks to me. It would be so festive with my orange Cole Haan driving mocs, so please throw my name in the hat!

  46. Dear L,
    Love that Jackie O shirt with the daisy applique business. It'd look cute with some white capris. All clothing holds special memories for me really and I like the way certain things can evoke long ago times in my life. I hardly ever put something on without remembering who I was with and where I was when I bought it, and more importantly the hopes I had for how the item would magically transform my wardrobe and life (unfortunately sometimes this didn't happen). I like your shirt- I think you need to embrace patterns- don't be afraid!

  47. Having followed your blue shirt story, I'm thrilled to be in with a chance of acquring one of these gorgeous garments! I'm with FF here, the Jackie O style daisy adorned is just beautiful & would come in very handy at the moment. Yesterday I trawled the length and breadth of Oxford Street & Regent Street (London) in search of a beautiful shirt…did I find one…..NO! So I shall be checking out Margaret's website in any event(can't rely on anything for free!) and save myself the pain of aching feet. Beautiful shirts, any of which I would be happy to own! Thanks for this – very appropriate for me today. Best wishes x

  48. oooh, I love that nautical one. What a cool giveaway! That makes me dream of being on a boat today…ahhhh…I suppose that is the point though, right? giggle

  49. Such fun. And I love that you're including those of us that aren't in the US, very kind.

    I very much like the white shirt with the slightly nautical stripe. A good third of my wardrobe contains stripes of some sort. They seem to be quite addictive.

    I'd love to be able to have a good wander around this shop. They all seem lovely.

    Australia seems to have a dire shortage of shops that sell good quality women's clothing that can be worn in an office environment so the best prize would actually be a NaraCamicie shop opening here. Pretty please?

  50. Love, love, love these blouses! I will definitely check out Margaret's website as I am always on the lookout for a beautiful, well-fitted blouse.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway Lisa!

  51. I am reposting Vicky's comment, and removing her email from it at her request. Too good of a story not to have it up here:).

    One guy, Two girls and Three Blouses:
    I wouldn’t and couldn’t make this up just to win a prize, I swear. Every word is true. It happens that one of my all time greatest clothing stories is about-you guessed it -a NaraCamicie experience. Rather, two NaraCamicie experiences. Read on:

    September 2008:
    It was Naomi’s 50th birthday, late Sept 2008, and we were in Paris! I had been planning our trip with great care and enthusiasm for a year. You see, over the previous 2 years she had been steadfastly by my side as I went through the grueling experiences associated with bilateral breast cancer (thank you, UCSF Breast Care Center!) But now was my chance to thank Naomi, and so her first visit to France and the City of Lights was my gift. Mike from SF joined in to celebrate N’s big Five-O. In flawless Fall weather the three of us window-shopped from our Marais apartment to Rue des Rosiers en route to the Place des Vosges for lunch. This neighborhood is full of stunning boutiques, but one shop window made us stand stock-still, proverbial mouths agape. Blouses. Not French, but Italian! Unique, beautiful, each exquisite design more lovely than the last. And one in particular was the Little White Blouse of dreams-small horizontal tucks with two rows of large white buttons running vertically down the front, kind of nautical, just dead chic. We stepped inside and forced the birthday girl into a dressing room with The Blouse. And did it look fabulous on her-crisper than a five Euro bill! Well, it wasn’t on sale, the French newspapers were trumpeting “Le Bing-Bang” of the world economy, the exchange rate was sinking by the minute-but Mike, and I agreed that we would buy it for our best girlfriend, and we did. Needless to say, she was thrilled. She teared up (N is like that.) Why don’t we have stores like this back home, we wondered as we devoured the catalog along with our lunch…

    Fast Forward Winter 2010:
    N and I going to Loehmann’s in SF after the holiday mayhem had died down. What’s this, a new blouse store? OMG! It’s NaraCamicie! Open only a few months! Well, this time it was my turn. I bought two gorgeous pieces-a black cotton eyelet with, yes, a double row of (small) buttons and a midnight blue lace number with ruffles, very Oscar de la Renta circa 1967. I raved to my friend Nancy, a clothing connoisseur, about the new SF arrival.

    Fast Forward Again: Nancy, a subscriber to Privilege forwarded the piece on NaraCamicie (“hey, this is your blouse place”) and just yesterday she forwarded the writing contest. Fun! I welcome the “privilege” and opportunity to re-live and recount my story!

  52. I subscribe to this blog on my Google Reader.

    Like many teenagers, when I was a sophomore in high school, I was very interested in being perceived as All Grown Up. This was the late 1980s, and big screechy perfumes still held sway. Pleasures and CK One and the like had not happened yet. My parents thought I was a bit young for perfume, but my older brother bought me a little bottle of Obsession for Christmas that year. Do you remember the squat ink pot bottle it came in? That bottle of perfume is one of the only childhood Christmas gifts I remember very well.

    I don't think a person can do better with gift-giving than to make the recipient feel completely known. I remember that gift so well because I felt like my brother understood me better than anyone else in the whole world, understood who I wanted to be. My mother admitted that it smelled pretty nice on me, and I wore Obsession for several years.

  53. My favorite piece of clothing is the $10 pashmina-type wrap I bought at the Phoenix airport about 2 years ago. I take it with me on all of my flights to keep warm and I realized it is my security blanket for the times I feel a little uneasy during turbulence.

    I follow on Google. Thanks! : )

  54. This is an amazing giveaway Miss Privilege, we spent much-too-much time on the NaraCamicie site after your initial post, and even got the Consort involved, oh yes indeedy. Simply beautiful shirts.

    A piece of clothing… this one is good: a Ritz Cracker sweater vest in the late 70's or early 80's from Saks. Seriously hideous. I have photos for proof if needed.

    You are the bomb!

  55. what fun! responding to the opportunity to share my "favourite clothing" story: my grandmother was from ireland, and my sister and i loved her more than anything. several times a year she would travel from her home in boston to come stay with us for a week at a time. she was always in her grandmother uniform: a smock dress and a cardigan. one for every day of the week.

    my sister and i were still little when she died suddenly one late june. we were inconsolable. at the end of the weekend, in an effort to cheer us, my father let us each choose one of her beloved cardigans. his theory was that wearing it would "feel like a hug from nanny." my sister, all of five-years-old, selected one of the "good occasion" cardigans, a lovely ivory pointelle. i selected one of the everyday sweaters: scratchy cherry red wool with matching resin buttons. i'm not sure why exactly; there was nothing remarkable about it and i never cared for the colour red. but for whatever reason, the sweater spoke to my eight-year-old-self. for a time, i wore it everyday, then less and less, until i put it away.

    more than twenty years later, i still have the red cardigan, tucked away for whenever i need a hug.

  56. When I was little, I had a white sundress with a multicolored stars print that was my favorite dress. Just a couple of years ago I got really into sewing and found a similar fabric with the multicolored stars that I made into a blouse with short puffed sleeves. It makes me smile to wear the shirt and remember the dress and all this is to say that the NaraCamicie shirts are beautiful and make me smile too, especially the red & white striped one.

    And I follow this blog with Google Reader.

  57. ps. i follow you on twitter (and you're in my reader). but you knew that already. ;)

  58. I am delighted to discover this brand. I love the floral shirt. It is perfect for lunch out with the ladies or dress it up with a pencil skirt for a summer date night on the town! I love color so this shirt is prefect.

    As for my favorite article of clothing. I have great memories of a bright red, green, blue, purple and yellow navajo blanket skirt by Ralph Lauren. I spent a few winters proudly wrapped in it!

  59. Oh what a fantastic giveaway.. Something that was so special to me was a beautiful mini dress that was GIVEN to me by a (much younger) friend of my mother's when I was 14. It was navy jersey had lots of buttons down the front and I thought I was the bees knees and felt a million dollars too when I wore it. And later on after I had worn it and worn it and my mother had THROWN it away I found out that it was from BIBA.. Yes, an original. How I wish (as does my daughter) that I still had it today. x

  60. What a beautiful line. So happy to discover it on your blog…which I love by the way. Thank you.

  61. I actually have your blog bookmarked on my computer, having found it referenced on another blog I was sort of following.:) Having shed 55 pounds three years ago, and a soon-to-be 70-year old grandmother of two, mother of three, I rebel at the fashions that seem to be geared to someone of my "maturity." The lovely red-striped number with the ruffled front is really calling to me! Any "favorite" item of clothing I may have once had has been recycled as I was no longer interested in keeping something that fit my previously rotund body.

  62. Ooooh this is fun… one of my favorite pieces of clothing is a vintage inspired blouse I found one year for Cole's birthday on 3/17…. I had to have a little green so I found this charming cream blouse with little green lace roses on it, and a strip of wide green lace along the bottom… I bought it over four years ago and I still get compliments every time I wear it!

  63. The floral print shirt on the last model is fabulous! … I often read your postings and have your Blog listed on my blog ( – . San Francisco, here I come…

  64. That white shirt from the Italian catalog? I have a VERY similar shirt that I bought when I was in Paris. A prized shirt, not only because of how it "flatteringly" it had fit me and what I'd paid for it, but also because I didn't use a single word of English when I communicated with the salesperson (who didn't speak English)… that totally boosted my confidence in my ability to speak and understand French –at least during my stay there. :) Sadly, though, the shirt was irreparably damaged when our helper "ironed" it. I haven't found a shirt that fit as well since. Either that or I had been looking in the wrong places.

    I'm a follower, you know that. :)

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