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LPC Is At "A Practical Wedding" Today

To anyone making their way here from A Practical Wedding, hello. If you’d like to know what we’re on about, I hope the list of best of Privilege on the sidebar is useful. Welcome.

To all of us regulars, I’m at Meg’s place today. Meg is an admirable young woman, smart, brave, sassy. People like her are why us older women are almost glad to have endured our earlier career indignities. Meg runs a great blog/site on weddings, of the sort wanted by independent brides. And she did me the honor of asking me to write something about mothers-in-law. Which, of course, I have approached from the perspective of a mother, since that’s all I know about that. And have also posted my favorite picture ever of them as littles.

Should any of you be wondering, “But wait, did Lisa EAT anything in Paris? Or SEE anything other than a lady in purple boucle washing her car?”- yes, I did, and posts are underway. So much more fun than those carousels of vacation slides we put together in the olden days.

Thank you Meg, for the invitation, and thank you everyone, as always, for reading.

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  1. I visited Megs and read your post. I have had such a bad luck with my own MIL. I have felt myself neglected, ignored. My MIL has been a subject in many of my therapy sessions, and by now, I understand her behavior. Understanding does not mean accepting, but at least now I have tools to survive her visits. My story is too long to be told here, but I am sure that most MILs try their best, honestly. I was just one of the unlucky ones. Her son, however, is ok ; )

  2. Aw, Lisa, I love this post. My son is MADLY in love, having trouble being apart for a week from his lady. Luckily, I love her too. But I don't want the boy married any time soon.
    And that picture? I understand your tears. Lovely!

  3. Ooh so excited! This is even more relevant to me now as of this past weekend!

    Loved your Euro-adventures, too, Lisa. So beautiful that you could celebrate with your friend in such style.

  4. You have a wonderful way with words. You're right about the Repettos. I never wore flats until I moved to Paris and attempted the cobblestones and crazy sidewalks – yes everyone wears Repettoes…
    Glad you made it out of Galleries Lafayette in one piece.

  5. Great post! had to comment… needed to vent and someplace safe to do so! LOL

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