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And I went to the airport, and my flight was canceled, and I got a new flight for tomorrow that avoids the UK, and I took a train back to my friend’s house, and I ate some more chocolate and a ravioli that her son was having for lunch, and that, my friends, was that.

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  1. My parents got caught last month in Greece (with the strikes and the volcano happening). They were able to get home 11 days later than expected.
    I hope all goes well with your return.

  2. hope there won't be any delay/cancelation tomorrow! :) in the meantime, enjoy your chocolates :9

  3. I heard that the volcano is active again. Bad luck. But you got an extra day in Europe ; )!

  4. Well, hope your extra day continues to be delicious at least. Safe travels!

  5. Thanks. Just a quiet night here with my friend, her husband, their boys. I'm angling for a waffle tomorrow in the airport.

  6. I was trapped in Paris last month for an extra five days. We called it our "Gilded Cage"! We wanted to go home, yet it was so beautiful to have the extra time in such a wonderful city.
    Safe Travels!

  7. They key enjoying the extra time is to try to put everything that needs doing back home out of mind. You have a place to stay. Enjoy your bonus day.

  8. I dont mind being bumped if it isnt costing me anything or if the airport happens to resemble a shopping mall or if I am in Panama.

  9. And another blogger 'bites the dust' or rather is affected by …..! So sorry – I know exactly what it's like – hope you get back to USA tomorrow. x

  10. This volcano thing is pretty amazing. My mother lucked into Spain and out of Paris just inbetween airport closings. On the good side, an extra day in Europe is always a nice thing.

  11. Safe travels….when it DOES occur!
    In the meantime, let them eat chocolate!

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