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Bugs Do Not Belong On Upholstery, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:08am

Yesterday I was sitting on my sofa. It is from Pottery Barn, but that’s besides the point. I could see the right hand sofa arm out of the corner of my eye.

Up crawled a silverfish. Right onto the peanut-colored faux suede. I am reasonably sane about bugs – not all the way to wise maybe, but sane. However, that crawling silverfish was too much.

We all have our limits. Bugs on upholstery is one of mine. I know you’ve got yours. Sometimes life is profound and sometimes, I think, it just isn’t. Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. There was a tiny moth flying about in my bedroom this morning. The Horror…not because I am not particularly bothered by bugs but because of the havoc a moth could cause with the cashmere and wool in my closet.

  2. Thanks for the rest-rec! SF is on my list – maybe when the little one is old enough to travel without drama :O)

  3. Ewwww, bugs. I'm okay with spiders, surprisingly (they fascinate me), but bugs tend to make me squeal like a sissy. Especially June bugs and cock roaches.

  4. Even in the trivial you speak profound truths.

    Have the best weekend, OK? I sure am. :)

  5. As Nelly above says: bugs outside, not inside (except spiders). Although I often think: "Such a tiny little life" and I try to put them outside (we're lucky in Hamburg to live on the second floor). But my almost Buddhist longanamity is under hard attack when gnats arrive :-) Britta

  6. I understand you perfectly. I have washed and put in the freezer all our wool and cashmere clothes, and then packed them safely. Spiders are ok, but I can´t stand flies inside. At the stable they are unavoidable. Mice and birds that come inside, make me hysterical.

  7. I am not sane about bugs. I found one silverfish in my apartment, killed it, and immediately went online to research silverfish infestations. My fear was totally unfounded, since I haven't seen one since.

    I am terrified of large Asian cockroaches we have here. You can have the cleanest home in the world, but they find a way in, particularly during rainy season. All I can do when I see one is stand on the furniture and scream. See? Not sane at all.

  8. I'm delighted to see that there are others who don't mind spiders in their houses. I think, though, if I still lived in a large city I wouldn't have so much sangfroid about bugs–there are some quite nasty kinds of vermin there that are hard to avoid and with which I do not at all miss doing battle. But I do miss a lovely gray cat who belonged to a friend of mine in Chicago. In August and September in the evenings, large green katydids were always getting into her kitchen, and he would obligingly hunt them down and lay them at our feet.

  9. I have an unreasonable fear of spiders. I'm pretty tough with most things but a tiny spider sends me right to my primeval state.

  10. I view silverfish as pretty harmless personally, but since they are interested mostly in starch and paper, they tend to congregate in the homes of the bookish. They are an occupational hazard of the intellectual.

  11. They love books and magazines…maybe make sure you don't have an infestation in your library.

  12. Spiders would definitely be what pushes me beyond my limit. Nothing profound about it; they just give me the creeps.
    Have a good weekend!

  13. Giggle re: "sometimes it just isn't." Great line.

    You need Billy the Exterminator. At least that's what JBB and Pretty Girl would say. They are addicted to that show and run around the house and the yard pretending to be Billy. Very funny.

  14. Am not keen on spiders – especially the larger ones found here in Oz. But also hmmmm silverfish – no, not keen on them either especially on the upholstery so I don't blame you in the slightest! x

  15. I'm in Scotland, I had to google that, oh my not happy at all, I was going to say that I didn't mind creepy crawlies but that just changed my mind.

  16. I used to see those in my old apartment and they are soooo creepy!! I hope you don't see anymore!

  17. I completely understand. A waterbug once jumped out of an oven mitt at me and I couldn't cook for a month.

    Off with their heads!

  18. As someone who has recently waged an apartment-wide war upon indoor bugs after finding one on the upholstery, I entirely agree.

  19. This reminds me of a recent encounter with bugs, though it wasn't in the home. Two weeks ago, I was driving down the freeway when I felt something crawling on my cheek. I brushed the side of my face, knocking something into my lap. I looked down and found myself staring at a tiny spider. As small as it was, I felt myself going into a panic. I battled my instincts to flip out and squash the pest – it took all of my effort to focus on the road. I quickly exited and pulled over at a gas station. I jumped out, and immediately hopped up and down brushing the tiny spider off of my jeans. As I got back into my car I glanced up in time to see a couple laughing hysterically at me.

  20. Nellie – Too bad the bugs don't know that!

    Suburban – *shudder*!

    Belle – I used to think we didn't have cashmere eating moths in CA…

    Jan – I cannot imagine you a sissy in any way

    agirl – :)

  21. Britta – I love that, Buddhist longanamity.

    metscan – Uggh, birds in the house. Uggh.

    Joyce – Hahahahaha.

    Staircase – Yes, I'm OK with most spiders. I have to sweep down the cobwebs when my kids come home.

    Brenda – You have my sympathy:).

  22. Someone – Occupational hazard of the intellectual! Ha!

    RoseAG – Now that you mention it, in the table right near my sofa.

    CDS – I think it was the magazines.

    VA Gal – I hope you had a good weekend too.

    Preppy 101 – On that same page:).

  23. Lipstick – Maybe you could just send JBB and Pretty Girl?

    Semi Expat – I think it's the texture, silverfish plus upholstery…

    Tabitha – Yeah they are just gross. That's all I can say.

    living well – me too:).

    Loretta – An oven mitt!?!?!?!

  24. Los Angeles – I hope you prevailed

    M. Drew – Hahahaha. Bugs in cars are bad, bad, bad.

    FF – I think I just have to get rid of some old magazines. I am pretty sure it's the one from 2006 that featured my company, when I was running PR. It's a souvenir. And probably home for creepy crawlies.

  25. I recently received a sofa from PB that I believe came infested with silverfish. Have you seen more? Have you called the store? I’m thinking there is an issue with the warehouse and just googled it to see if others have had this problem.

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