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Just a few bits and pieces I thought you all might like to know.

Or, in the case of La Belette Rouge’s move to her new URL,, need to know. La Belette is a psychotherapist and writer. She writes about her thoughts, her experiences, her therapy, her self. And she does it in a very original voice. If you wondered where she went, she’s here now. La Belette Rouge. If you’ve never read her, please take a look.

If you wondered where I was yesterday, when I wasn’t on Reggie Darling, all has been remedied and I am here, with photos of tiger-infested garments and thoughts about the evolution of High WASPs. Thank you to Reggie, for hosting me, and for checking in from your travels.

In other news, I had the privilege of meeting Deja Pseu, of Une femme d’un certain age, this weekend. We sat at outside at the Stanford Shopping Center and talked for a little while, before family obligations, as happens, grew pressing. Deja is, not surprisingly, a very accomplished person. We had a great time talking. Behind all of us putting words and pictures on the internets (as the young ‘uns say), are humans with lives. Not news, maybe, but noteworthy nonetheless. And she wore this, which was fabulous.

Finally, Nellie (the winner of our omelette pan giveaway), and I have been exchanging emails. She wrote, of course, to thank me.

I am extremely pleased with the quick arrival of the omelette pan via CSN Stores! It was delivered today, and I have it washed, dried, and waiting for “christening” in the morning!

Nellie has just had her 70th birthday, and also says,

Age is just a number, and at 70, I am still waiting to feel “older.”:-) Several activities keep me busy, and I think that is vital to maintaining enthusiasm and a healthy attitude.

I say, go Nellie. Go us. Including the young ‘uns amongst us.

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  1. I enjoyed your post over at Reggie Darling, and I'm so glad you mentioned La Balette Rouge! I've been taking a break from work and enjoying her blog. I really like her voice.

  2. Thank you, dear LPC, for that VERY kind shout out!!!!! Your checking up on me while I was away from the blogosphere meant a whole lot to me. Big smooches!!!

  3. Thank you for all the "news". I too enjoyed your post on the other site. You did not write much about the meeting after 25 years with your fellow students. Have you kept contact with them. Personally, I don´t think that I would like to meet my old schoolmates. I wish to keep the memories as such. Having accidentally met someone from the "past", has made me understand, that there is very little change in the personality. Realizing this is a bit depressing.

  4. Metscan's comments remind me of my experience with reunions, particularly high school. The thought crossed my mind that some things never change.:-) My college reunions have been memorable, and I look forward to them. Of course, many of my classmates also attend Homecoming every year, whether it is time for a reunion or not.

  5. i joined the 30s club on tuesday and i still feel like i'm 20! age is def just a number..well for me anyway! GO US! :)

    ~ash's mum

  6. I may be 23, but I hope to have the same perspective as Nellie one day!

  7. Thank you so much for the introduction to La Bellette Rouge! I really REALLY needed that today.

  8. I hope La Belette Rouge's books would be published! She is one talented & smart writer~

  9. Thanks so much! I hope next time we'll have a longer window of time to visit.

  10. I marvel at the connections formed through blogging.
    Hope you are well :)

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