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The Best Shampoo And Conditioner Ever

I’ve been washing my own hair for over 40 years. And this is the best line of shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever found. It’s for colored hair, ostensibly, but I’d use it even if I were going gentle into that dark gray.

Why? Smells good. Lavender, rose, mint. Feels good, slip to the fingers, bubbles galore. Works well, (to use good again would be parallel, but incorrect) soft, shiny, bouncy, dreamy hair. I switch between the moisturizing, voluminizing, and “essential repair” products.

No sulfates.

Drawback? Yes. Not cheap. But absolutely delicious, should you want to wash your hair in the near future. Oh, and only the “essential repair” products, (the green bottle) are paraben-free.

Here’s some more information about Pureology. Here are some other reviews, and more reviews. And video reviews. Also some special offers.

And if you know of something better, please do tell.

*No recompense received for this posting. Just the sweet joy of helping us all wash our hair.

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  1. looooooooooooove pureology. my sister turned me on to it last year and i am totally hooked.

  2. Never heard of it, but I sent an e-mail to find out when/ where it is available over here. Thank you for the info! I have been using all too long the same shampoo.

  3. I am an Aveda gal and have been for years…Pureology sounds great and a bonus that it is a greener product.
    I love that shampoo is scented…its the only scent I wear at school because of the students sensitivities…there is one autistic boy who comes close and sniffs my hair…he's a charmer!

  4. Good to know! I've been looking for products that I can use frequently without stripping my color or drying out my hair. (Oily scalp, dry ends.)

  5. I, too am hooked on these…so are my 3 girls…so we have to hid the stash…and when we take them on a trip with our friends…even more converts….good stuff!!!

  6. I was all like "Oh!" until I found some online and realized my darling husband would likely bludgeon me into unconsciousness with the bottle if he found out I'd spent $30 on shampoo.

  7. I like this line, too! Sometimes, when I don't want to spend too much on shampoo, but I still want to be at least somewhat green, I'll use L'Oreal's sulfate-fee line. It leaves my hair looking nice, but doesn't smell quite so heavenly.

  8. Thanks for the recommendation! I am always looking for something to tame my hair!

  9. Will have to look for it. I might be in the minority, but I actually like the cheap stuff!

  10. Pureology is indulgence for your hair. I have fine hair (oily scalp and dry ends).
    I use Pure Volume Shampoo and Hydrate Conditioner. I would like to try their new Hydrate Light products for fine hair as soon as they become available in stores.
    My stylist said that when you use a quality product, you need less to get the job done and your hair will thank you.

  11. The website listed several places in my area where it is available. I imagine a little goes a long way. I'll look for next time I'm in the salon. Sounds delightful.

  12. like hostess above i'm a die hard aveda junkie BUT i will tell you that i use this shampoo/conditioner occasionaly. it is very expensive and i have super thick hair so i go though it pretty quickly. but once in a while as a treat it is luxurious.


  13. Thanks for the beta! I'm ever on the search for shampoo that doesn't dry out my hair… excited to try it.

  14. Dear LPC, this sounds great, you had me when you said how good it smells! Thanks for sharing, love hearing what other girls use. Bx

  15. My mom swears by Pureology and so does my sister. I normally use Aveda or Orbie, but I'm thinking of switching.

  16. Very good stuff, and, available at "my" Target, where it's priced in the low $20s.

  17. I have used the Pureology in the purple bottles for over 10 years. Love the stuff. And I love how the conditioner smells, delightfully minty fresh and invigorating.

  18. I use it too! The conditioner gives a great "tingle" and it seems to help maintain my color. It is expensive, but I love that I can buy it at CVS. FYI – the hairspray has a light hold and it protects against UV rays – the worst culprit in turning elegant blondes brassy.

  19. Belle – :).

    Metscan – Do places like deliver to Finland:)

    Tabitha – Thank you. I remember it being such a big deal. I had very long hair…

    Hostess – I have also liked Aveda in the past.

    Deja – using the volume shampoo and the moisturizing conditioner just might work well for you.

  20. Leelee – Ha, my daughter likes to use my shower just for that.

    Jan – Target and CVS sell it for less. Plus it's concentrated. Very concentrated. Seriously, I don't think of it as a big budget drain.

    Beth – And it comes in Pink and Green bottles:).

    VA Gal – I understand that L'Oreal bought Pureology a while back. I bet the formulas are the same! They just don't add the fragrance probably.

    Suburban Princess – You are welcome! The green bottle would be best then…

  21. Ent Mom – Hey, if it works for you…

    Russian Chic – I didn't know they were coming out with a new line. That sounds good.

    Splurgie – Yes, a little goes a long way and feels very luxurious.

    Janet – I take your recommendation as affirmation.

    Walking – Yes, the purple bottles are really non-drying in my experience, or even the green.

  22. Blighty – I like being all girls together too, although boys should feel free to borrow our expertise in matters of grooming:).

    Ms. Givens – Yay. It's a groundswell.

    Princess – I haven't heard of Orbie. Will look it up.

    Town and Country – Yes, I saw it online on

    La Belette – I am beginning to think great minds and all that:).

  23. Mrs. G – My salon uses Kerastase. I just had a problem with the smell. I'm overly sensitive.

    Gourmetmom – That's it. GMom seal of approval:). Hairspray, huh? Haven't tried it, but I am out of the blowdry habit now that I am not working…I trust you though.

  24. Doesn't it feel good, having found the right stuff? Mine has been Shu Uemura for about half a year. They are related to Kerastase.

  25. Okay, gotta check this out. I wonder how long it'll be before everything we slather onto our bodies is green?

  26. I just loooove the conditioner- makes my scalp all tingly! at college, one of my roommates left a ton in the shower when she moved- hooray!

  27. This is why I adore you Miss LPC. Seriously. I have used Aveda for years but cannot stand the scent. Hate it. I am off to investigate.

    With deep appreciation,

  28. I have never heard of this and I MUST get some!
    I have thin/fine hair so a good shampoo gets my attention!

  29. Thank you LPC – I love a good recommendation and anything that gives a 'good hair day' sounds like a wonderful investment! x

  30. I just recently read that it's best to change hair care products every four months, which is typically after every one or two bottles. I'm due to change, so this was great news and I like to purchase products endorsed by 'real' people. Thanks!

  31. I ran out and bought bottles yesterday over lunch — Just what I needed as I have become unhappy or bored with Bubble & Bubble and Aveda. So far, my hair is fabulous – but the true test will be this weekend when the sauna like weather returns to DC!

    Thanks for the recommendation!!

  32. I used this brand for years and loved it! The smell is divine. However, after I discovered the Aveda Smooth line, I have to say I've been married to it because it makes my hair super-smooth. But no one smells better than Pureology!

  33. Paula – Shue Umemura? I don't think I've ever seen their hair products in the US.

    Maureen – Not long, I hope.

    Chloe – Nice roommates!

    TPP – I hope you liked what you found).

    Bringing Pretty Back – Mine is fine too – try the moisturizing stuff….

  34. Semi Expat – Cheer for good hair days.

    A Refocused – Yes, I tend to change within the Pureology range these days:).

    Alexandra – How fun! My pleasure. I really do love to share finds.

    3-Penny – If I deviate from Pureology again, looks like I will have to try Aveda.

  35. I’m late on this, but perhaps you’ll see the comment. I’ve been a die-hard fan of this line for over five years. My stylist stopped carrying it when the drug stores started. Price wasn’t the issue. It is competable. The concern is product consistency when not sold through a salon. My stylist felt unhappy clients with the drugstore formula may hurt her business. Take it for what it’s worth. I always buy at a salon. It may be no different. I also like supporting small local businesses. The drugstore’s doing just fine without my haircare product purchases.

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