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Happy Fourth of July, A Work In Progress.

A red, white, and blue work in progress.

Happy Fourth of July.

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  1. Happy 4th of July!
    Hope that you have some seriously patriotic fun today.

  2. hi lpc,

    happy 4th back at you.


    ps ~ also love your stand alone top. classy.

  3. A lovely combination of plants!

    I don't think the pun was intended, but your headline made me think that our Republic is "A Work In Progress." I have some concerns about the direction of our evolution, but I'll save them for a political blog.

    I always enjoy your posts.

  4. Do you work in the three components of "Fill, Thrill & Spill" when potting plants/flowers?

  5. Buckeroomama – The joys of suburbs.

    Deja – Thank you.

    Hostess – Thank you.

    Janet – Thank you.

    Tabitha – We try not to ever do rain in California in the summertime.

  6. Belle – Thank you.

    Anon – Thank you, for the plant comment and about my blog too. I suppose I do mean it about our republic too. My concerns may be different than yours – as long as we all do our best to shoulder some of the work in process that we feel needs doing.

    Mater :)

    Anon – No! What are these components? I must look them up! I am guessing it means cram in enough plants to fill, stand one up high and dramatic, and spill one over the side? In which case, yes, instinctively, I did. But I love the saying.

  7. You certainly have a green thumb and an eye for beautiful combinations.

    I would have guessed that you would have used a hand-thrown pot patinated with moss and lichens. I guess they have to start somewhere. I hope your pot grows as beautifully as your plants.

  8. It's a game…of tag…I got tagged by Blighty and now I tag you…hope that you do not mind!

  9. Hello LPC
    Hope you had a lovely July 4th.

    I love your garden photo.

    SSG xxx

  10. I did respond to all these comments. Also there were some others….the great Blogspot Ate My Comments Fiasco. Happening all over I see.

  11. Lovely! As we just moved, I planted only 2 pots this summer…both in the red, white and blue theme!

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