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LPC is at "Loving Nature’s Garden" Today

Today I’m at Alison Kerr’s blog, Loving Nature’s Garden. Writing about why you should get a cordless electric lawn mower like mine and taking pictures of my lawn. I love my mower as much as I love my granite counter tops. Please take a look. Thank you very much.

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  1. I popped over…your mower looks impressive…and no gas or cord to drag along..that's quite the arty grass edge image!

  2. Thanks guys! And Hostess, just imagine me LYING on my driveway to take that picture. Good thing it was so early on a Saturday morning no one saw.

  3. I have a front yard that would be perfect for this cutie patootie lawn mower. But my backyard – well, I would need several days to finish it. xoxo

  4. you're always the one to bring out the cool trends on the blogging world – you rock!

  5. am in a hardcore drought here (altho it did rain today for a bit) that grass is so lush-jealous! I'm posing a question on my blog- I'd be keen to read YOUR answer Skye Peal xxxx

  6. I was happy to see that the manufacturer says it'll cut a third acre on a single charge. That's the size of my lawn. I'm really, really interested in that thing. Mostly so I don't make noise and don't have to deal with gas anymore. Thanks for providing your real world experience!

  7. My husband has used an electric mower for years. They are lighter, easier to maneuver, greener, cheaper and best of all, you can cut the lawn at 7am Sunday morning, with no one the wiser!

  8. Perfect, I'm on the look out for a lawn mower, I'm so tired of relying on my gardener, he turns up when it pleases him and I want to be self reliant.

  9. oh, a mower. At last you found a topic where I have no opinion! And no experience. But I would like to read about watering cans, since my garden is in front of my windows.

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