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It’s Lipstick Time Everywhere, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:25am

This morning I am glad to be, sniffle by sniffle, recovering from 30 days of viruses. I have used up an entire Costco case of tissue boxes. Didn’t know that was possible and assumed they’d be out in my garage for all eternity.

This morning I am also glad that you all read Privilege. And comment. And, apparently, take pictures. Here are some photos from readers, following our lipstick adventures of yesterday.

From lauren, and her cuttlefish Flickr stream. Click through to see in larger format. A tribute to lip products and their implied special powers.

ye old lip product daguerrotype

From Emmaleigh504, on Yfrog (a Twitter photo link site). She bought a new lipstick, as you can see. Dior.

Until the moment I saw this photograph I had never understood that this blog went out to you. I know you come here, I forgot that I also go there. My apologies. Thank you for having me.

In closing, Emmaleigh’s big lipsticked smooch. Cropped and smudged. Nothing quite like a big smooch, now is there?

If we’re lucky, we get a little bit of the sublime, and a little bit of the ridiculous, every single day. The good kind of ridiculous. Have a wonderful weekend.

And if you are still wondering about Twitter, yes or no, unnerved, here is a link to my How To Get Started On Twitter post

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  1. I just read both posts…and I am shocked that MAC wasn't mentioned once!! I love their lipsticks!

  2. Well, yes, you do indeed come here. And I may just have to stop by Barney's and see if I'm ready for red lipstick. (My husband asked a few days ago why I don't wear red lipstick – between him and you I may just make the leap.)

  3. Hope you continue to feel much better!
    Try drinking more ginger tea with honey.
    re; your question, my background is advertising.

  4. Please you are on the mend LPC! Love your post about lipsticks yesterday too – the one daughter used on me when she did the 'mature makeup makeover' was a Bourjois lip pencil – outlined and then filled in (colour was Enjoleuse)then I would imagine your Lip InFATuation gloss over the top would be perfect!

  5. I love lipstick. I use a Revlon lip stain that really does work all day. I am that lazy.
    Feel better!

  6. If I am down, feeling sad or something like this, I venture out to purchase… a lipstick. This little remedy instantly lifts my spirits, does not cost a fortune and is a nice toy to have in my purse. What a shame that here ( in Germany) I can not find all the brands you ( in US) praise high :(( . Thanks for the insight into your lipstick basket in the bathroom – what a cute idea !

  7. I put my Dior serum de rounge on on the morning and leave the lipstick in a save place – at home. It's 33°C here in Vienna, the lipstick is so soft and creamy, it would melt in my black bike basket! Yes, there are many good reasons why I loves the fall season, the time of rentrée. Lipstick-friendly temperatures is just one of them :-)

  8. How cool to see that photo and get the message in a truly visceral way that you do come to us, and we are immensely grateful that you do.

    Sending you a smile, and *very much* hoping you get to feeling better. Soon.

  9. Tabitha – I just like what everyone else posts there:).

    Suburban – Thank you for rectifying the situation.

    Susan – Oh, the 80s….

    MJ – Leap, leap. And thank you so much for having me.

    Lenore – Your background may be advertising but your aesthetic is amazing.

  10. Semi – Thank you so much. Yes, the lip plumper is staying in my house.

    Maureen – Thank. Not lazy. Just thinking about more important things:).

    Teresa – Thank you! Nice to meet you.

    Martina – I agree, lipsticks are inexpensive therapy. Are there German brands?

    Paula – I hate it when my lipstick melts…

    TPP – Those two photos made my day. Thank you.

  11. To keep lips well hydrated for perfect lipstick applications, I can’t live without La Mer “The Lip Balm.” It is worth every single penny at $45.00. It’s like a facial for your lips. Amazing! It completely removes any fine lines around the lips as well. Lasts a very long time and you don’t have to waste your money on any other lip conditioners. Enjoy!

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