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4 Favorite Minimalists

Having written about stuff just this morning, in the interest of civil and fair discussion I want to present the other side. I had thought to include these links in my previous post, but did not want to be arguing directly against people I like and respect.

Here are my 4 favorite minimalists:

Metscan. A personal blog on house and clothing by a Finnish woman of impeccable taste.
A Gardener’s Cottage. A personal blog on house and garden, by a vegan.
Stone Soup. 5-ingredient recipes, minimal fuss, beautiful blog design.
Mnmlist. By Leo Babauta. The godfather of this current wave, I believe.

Because I could always be wrong, and everyone has their own version of the truth.

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  1. I love Gardener's Cottage for a million different reasons and have just started enjoying Metscan- I love all that Nordic tasteful uber luxe stuff. She lives very well.

    Must see the others.

    Do you ever get hate comments? I do. So boring.

  2. Very good links! I appreciate sharing like this; one of the great things about being blog friends!

    Art by Karena

  3. hi lpc,

    i have not yet read the post before this. i'm embarrassed to make your list b/c i don't consider myself a minimalist. i think most minimalists would cringe if they saw my place. but i am indeed honored by your mention. i just posted what i'm going to be wearing this fall using 5 pieces of clothing. is that minimalist? i better go read your prior post to find out.


  4. thanks for the recommendations! easier than surfing lots of other blogs which dont make me follow them. no hate mails pls! :p

    ~ash's mum

  5. Thank you for the links. Very cool. But I don't think I could ever take a minimal approach to cooking.

  6. Dear Lisa, I imagine you being a minimalist. No matter what you wrote yesterday. Today I wear a white cotton shirt and blue levis denims. plus faboulous suede Ludwig Reiter sneakers. Plain and simple and fresh. And while wearing it I have you on my mind, and the feeling this could be you, in the white shirt and the blue levis denims. Only that I lack the studs. :) Diamonds, something really minimal, too. Made of only 1 element. Carbon.

  7. PS: I already forwarded the minimal-cooking-link to Mr. Paula. I will enjoy those recipes, too! thank you!

  8. LPC: Oh Lisa, I don´t know what to say, which way to look, as I am embarrassed and blushing. My sincere thank You for the mention! Minimalism and functionalism, but not with the expense of quality is what I am aiming at. After your post now, I will try to do even better : )-

  9. JW – Thank you! My pleasure.

    Main Line – Ha! Isn't Jules great?

    FF – I am just imagining minimalism meets never knowingly under cushion:). Yes I get hate comments. But the regulars around here are wonderful and save me from the fiends.

    Karena – I agree, one of the great things about blog friends.

    Semi – You should also look at Zen Habits, Leo's main blog. The guy is a really good writer, and I am not in general a self-help person.

    Janet – You are so cute. Look, you actually LIVE this stuff, in a practical manner, and still manage to have another life.

  10. Ash – Certainly no hate mails:).

    Susan – I love to cook too. But there are certain some days when a 5 ingredient recipe is a good thing, no?

    Paula – Yes. I am so often in a white cotton shirt and Levis. Those Reiter sneaks look wonderful, sort of like the plimsoles I wrote about a few weeks ago. And, yes, true, diamond studs or else little gold discs from Chinatown. I don't know if that makes me a minimalist or else someone who just is terrible at accessorizing. Hope you get to eat well from Stone Soup:).

    Mette – Luxe minimalism, in Finland. What could be more beautiful, in its way?

  11. I love how minimal this blog on minimalism is. Love how you stuck with the theme! And great blogs!!

  12. Dear Lisa,
    I am truly in awe of your ability to search for and find wonderful content. You seem to read an awesome array of blogs and you are also an excellent co-creator with your commentary (I believe it was Clive Barker who coined that phrase and I'm going to use it blatantly.) If this isn't stating the obvious, you have excellent taste and I'm grateful to you to point me in the direction of so much wonderful stuff.


    Miss W

  13. Belette – Yes, I admit it:).

    pve – You are a fan of Leo? Intriguing.

    Miss Whistle – My pleasure. Unemployment brings odd gifts.

  14. Lisa, I'm going to visit each of them & say you sent me. Did you see my giveaway, Joe Nye's new book, Flair? Come on over. xx's

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