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My Favorite Way To Transition Seasons, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:18am

Three Indian summer days in Napa. My bones are nicely dry, blood warmed. Ready for autumn.

I find there’s nothing quite like a horizon for optimism. Do you know what I mean? That unlimited gaze? I’m hoping the image sticks around.

Here’s to a wonderful weekend for everyone.


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  1. Do you mind telling us where that lovely pool is? I've stayed in three places in Napa, only one of which I would recommend at all–always looking for another option there!

  2. Oh I'd love to swim in that pool….looks so warm and inviting.

    Warm bones are happy bones….some say they can predict the weather by how their joints feel!

    Your forecast is a sunny one.

  3. Belle – :)

    Anon – Not at all. I have a full post on the place coming up this week or next. It's the Carneros Inn. Pure bliss.

    Hostess – It was lovely. And it's sort of salty, so it's like taking the waters. Thank you for my forecast:).

    Janet – Ha! I only learned what leading lines even ARE a month or so ago. One of my thoughts for the future is to take a photography class. Not so as to become an artist, just so as to do a better job of documenting the thingishness of things. I wish life came with leading lines…

  4. I wish I was the person sitting on that sunbed in the background. your surroundings are what I've been wishing for today! Today we experience high fog. Just the thought that there are blue skies and the warm sunlight 1200m above sea level makes me cringe. Tomorrow, sunday, we might drive up to the sun in the nearby mountains. Because this high fog will accompany us throughout the next week. Today it is pasta and erno laszlo who warm my blood.

  5. Gorgeous! I'm curious to know what Fall really looks like that much further down the Coast. Here, just above the 49th, we get teased by the Rest of Canada that we know nothing of true seasons. Yet the seasons are discernible here, not by huge changes in temperature, but by other markers — winds, rains, frost, different vegetation, etc.,

    And yes, horizons do precisely that for me as well — it may be the element of my home here that I love the most, having an expansive horizon to look at daily.

    Have a love weekend, warmed-up bones and all!

  6. The beauty of the sun, water and sky. Enjoy, looking forward to your post with all the details.

  7. A lovely way to usher in the season. Looking forward to your post. Have an equally lovely weekend. :) xoxo

  8. Oh my gosh. I'm so happy for your dry bones, but here in London it's been raining since the beginning of August! Looks like heaven, can't wait to see the in-depth post. x

  9. Ahhh (sigh)…so nice…I'm happy for you that you got to enjoy such scenery and to transition seasons like that!

  10. Great shot of the horizon…. a cool crisp weekend here in Kansas City, perfect!

    Art by Karena

  11. LPC,

    So glad you stopped by RHS & commented. Happy to find your blog and can't wait for more posts. Hope you have a great weekend and such a beautiful image you have here.

    Talk soon,


  12. For me, there's nothing like staring at the ocean while standing on a beach for optimism! All is does is rain here-enjoy your sun Skye Peale x

  13. Oh goodness…even I would put on a swimsuit to be in a pool with a view like this! Happy Sunday! XX

  14. Sublime.

    What I'm most loving about "right now" … leastways my "right now" is that driving around with the top down on the car…sans humidity and a faint late afternoon nip in the air…makes me feel like I'm getting away with something.

  15. Bruce – Thank you:).

    Paula – Well, pasta and Erno sound pretty good:).

    Mater – We are of course the laughing stock of America for our supposed lack of seasons. But when you live in subtle shifts, you become aware, as you point out.

    Barbara – Or at least as many details as I managed to capture in my sun-drunk state:).

    Mette – Thank you.

    Caroline – Eeek. Come back to California:).

  16. Pink Martini – Thank you! Hope your weekend is good too.

    Julia – Thanks. It was.

    Princess Freckles – September and October are great months to visit.

    Marcela – :).

    QBS – I did just that.

    La Belette – You are very kind.

  17. Karena – Thank you. Enjoy your fall. Sounds wonderful.

    Gwen – Thank you. Nice to meet you.

    Pam – Thanks!

    FF – Your sun will come. I know it.

    Lori – Thank you.

    ADG – Napa is made for convertibles. Although I suppose they are good anywhere.

  18. That looks so beautiful, good for you on getting a little slice of heaven before Indian Summer is over. :)

  19. Just found your blog and will add it to my roll as I enjoyed reading your interesting life's take. Your style of writing is fabulous!!

  20. Gorgeous! And just what I needed to see this morning (41degrees here). I may be back again tomorrow morning, if just to warm myself up. :o)

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