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The Classic Evening Low Heel, With A Teeny, Tiny, Twist

One of the Privilege[d] readers alerted me to this shoe. She says she stood in it, for THREE HOURS, at a Colonial Dames event. I especially appreciate a touch of Roger Vivier squared-toe, to scare off the dowdy spirits.

It’s an absolute classic. Can go conservative, with a long taffeta skirt, or black silk trousers.

Can venture out slightly more edgy with a mid-century vintage dress, or modern full-skirted outfit. They promise me Miuccia Prada loves her a nerd girl. Even a fancy nerd girl, in satin.

Ferragamo, via Arthur Berens. This store is one of my favorite resources for high-end classic shoes. Or just browsing when I’m too skint to buy.

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  1. I really love to wear elegant flats to parties. I even opted for flats on my wedding day. I’m tall, and I really believe that if my feet are comfortable I’ll instantly have a more enjoyable evening.

  2. I have shoes like this in velvet for evening wear, and a very similar pair with a little kitten heel–same ease for the feet, but a touch more grace. I’ll be wearing them Friday night with a long black silk skirt. I love the way a four-inch heel makes my legs look, but at 5’10” I don’t love the fact that a four-inch heel makes me tower over most of the menfolk.

    Always remember: WASPs are not about being sexy in obvious ways, and really high heels are inherently sexy.

  3. My question is this. Are ALL Ferragamos classics? I have the black patent low heels with the signature Ferragamo ribbon bow and had begun to feel just a bit dated in them. I’m not getting rid of them–but are they still fashionable–or dowdy? I updated with a pair of Stuart Weitzman low heels. Comments?

  4. Been to a lot of Dames events over the years [if ever there was Ferragamo-land, it would be a Colonial Dames meeting] but have never sighted anything this great! I’d probably like it even more if the toe squared out into a true Vivier pilgrim toe, and were run up in black kid. Oh but, so beautiful, so refined, as is. Swoon.

  5. Jan – I hope you didn’t look:).

    La Belette – Although not quite like your Vivier:).

    Hostess – Oh it’s only nerd in an Artsy way. The rest of us are only Classic:).

    DocP – I didn’t notice that, but you’re right.

    Tabitha – Thank you. And thank my reader:).

    Princess Freckles – I couldn’t agree more. Comfortable feet = better night.

  6. Patsy – I’m with you.

    Andrea – Always remember: WASPs are not about being sexy in obvious ways, and really high heels are inherently sexy. I could never forget.

    Hill House – I agree.

    Belle – I bet they look great.

    Metscan – Thank you!

    Susan – Some styles are almost always classic. Some ebb and flow, sometimes good, sometimes less so. Some are dreadful. Sounds like yours just need a couple of years in the closet and they will come back around. But Stuart Weitzman makes great shoes, as comfortable as Ferragamos in my experience.

  7. Candy – Looks like you’ve got company here:).

    Flo – The thought of Ferragamo-land really makes me laugh.

    Tammy – Me too.

    A Gift Wrapped Life – Happy Holidays to you too!

    SSG – Glad you like it. It’s a pretty elegant set of shoes.

  8. i love ferragamos for day and night :) ditto on the viviers. i’m all for wearing classy flats to balance out the nights when i’m willing to sacrifice some more comfort for heels! :) and you can’t beat the audrey hepburn-esque gracefulness of a sleek, feminine flat by the masters of the style.

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