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The Important Questions

I have a question.

If it’s December, and it is, as the lone leaf and wintry sky below should prove,

why is my rose bush doing this?

I find myself both mystified and hopeful.

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  1. I think unexpected, unseasonal flowers are omens. I wonder at the meaning of a blushing rose in the fiery colors of a sunset, but I suspect it’s a secret known only to you.

  2. Christmas Rose comes to mind, but it’s a hellebore – it could be your roses are just enjoying a little dryness and coolness. But it’s a wonderful time for it, isn’t it – and such a beautiful color!

  3. As many folks think global warming is a myth, let’s just call it seasonal adjustment.
    Beautiful Rose by the way.

  4. That’s a happily confused rose, such a gift! We get unseasonal blooms here as well occasionally, but I think last week’s ice and snow will have dissuaded any late bloomers.

  5. Mouse – I like omens. I would know the meaning of this one, I believe.

    Genuine Lustre – I looked it up. That’s a beautiful legend. It also reminds me of one of Oscar Wilde’s sad children’s stories.

    Tabitha – I love white roses.

    Lydia – I have many hellebore in the back yard. They tend to bloom around Easter here. Thank you.

  6. Stephanie – Maybe that’s it.

    Wally – Sigh. Of course, I do believe in global warming and am saddened. Oddly, we had just endured a serious cold snap here.

    Hostess – Hope is so wonderful.

    Patsy – And magic isn’t bad either:).

    Jen – Thank you. The rose turns yellow with an orange-red heart, once it opens. Is also fragrant.

    Mater – Happy confusion. What a great term. Thank you.

  7. One of our flowers is unexpectedly blooming too (it should bloom in April). I’m blaming the cold snap and subsequent confusion. Though I do appreciate the surprise visitor.

  8. while i am not a real gardener, i just happen to live in the gardeners cottage, its been my experience, living in so calif, that roses bloom through december. i’ve been taught not to prune until january so maybe it’s just doing what it is supposed to do. this is my best guess. i know i have numerous roses blooming and have seen quite a few in bloom in my town.

  9. Well, I love all these legends. However, living in California as we do, roses pretty much bloom all year. At least they do at my house. I grew up here, so I kind of don’t even notice anymore! Thanks for making me notice.

  10. Because you’re @#$! lucky, that’s why. (Says she who is buried under several inches of snow.)

    (Yes, you can be buried under inches.)

  11. Hmmm… I live in Boston, and am seeing odd plants poking up, too, like crocuses and the heads of daffodils. I wish I could see them as omens — I fear instead that they’re signs of climate change. It’s 30 today – no harbinger of spring, for sure!

  12. Perhaps it is something along the lines of Samuel Johnson’s view on remarriage.

    “The triumph of hope over experience”

    I hope it blooms beautifully for you.

  13. It is possible that it’s in a protected spot? I’ve seen my bloom in late October (Zone 5). This does seem kind of late though.

  14. Ever since I moved to California, I’ve come to expect anything in the garden. None of it makes any sense to this midwesterner. December is usually warmer than May here in San Diego.

  15. I love roses and luckily they can bloom almost all year around here. Well maybe not this year, it has been record cold.
    We are planting pansys now for winter. Not as elegant as roses, but sturdy.

  16. If I were you I would analyze that rose as if a dream. What is going to bloom in your life that you thought was too late for? What unexpected beauty have you found in the midst of darkness? Sorry for introjecting my analysis into your beautiful post.xo

  17. Becca – We had the cold snap too. I believe that if we’re sticking to rational explanations, yours is most likely correct. How easy then, to confuse a plant.

    Hill House – I would put in a vase, except that I can see it so clearly when I stand at my kitchen sink, I may get more value from letting it bloom in situ.

    the gardeners cottage – Janet, other people’s roses always seem to bloom all my year. This one hasn’t before.

    Lori – Thank you.

    Buckeroo – I like the idea of auspicious. Thank you.

  18. Anon – I have always watched the Sunset Magazine roses bloom, and this bush just didn’t. I don’t prune, I just sort of cut what gets annoying. I think I was mostly surprised because it was so cold for a while.

    Jan – I’d certainly be buried under inches:).

    Staircase Witch – California exists only serve the imagination.

    Ms. Bunny – I enjoy feeling that the world is on my side.

    EM – Oh good.

    Susan – Crocuses and daffodils in Boston? That’s much more unusual than my little rose.

  19. Such beauty, made even lovelier by the starkness of winter. On a drive through Hyannis on Cape Cod Sunday, we saw roses blooming in all the Main St planters….amazing, and then we saw several others in bloom, as well, and they all seemed so perfectly formed. Amazing that Jack Frost seems to have increased their beauty.
    Love your blog!

  20. A Farmer’s Wife – That is a great quotation. Thank you.

    Carole – I shall.

    Terri – It’s not protected per se, but it’s certainly not in the wide open.

    SewingLibrarian – Perhaps I should just give up all expectations too.

    Ash’s mum – I like that. Thank you.

    Belle – Sturdy is good, in flowers as in people:).

  21. Colleen – Oh I know. It’s very sweet:).

    La Belette – I love your analysis. It’s exactly my hope.

    FF – Quite a clever little rosebush, it is.

    Jill – Well what good are you then! ;)

    Duchesse – Thank you. It sits right outside my kitchen window, so in a way I do live with it.

    Tish – Even if it isn’t a sign I think I will treat it as though it is.

  22. Grandma Honey – Where are you located? We should track this phenomenon.

    QBS – xoxoxoxoxox

    Paula – Sea Haven? I confess I will have to look this up.

    ChristineB – Hahahahahaha. Yeah, what’s with this romanticism I’ve got going on?

    Marcia – Thank you. BTW, my mom spent her summers right near Hyannis…

    Arvind – Thank you. What a wonderful way to look at this.

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