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A Welcome Mat

To those of you coming over from Penelope Trunk’s blog, welcome. If you are wondering why you are here, which would be understandable, a little while back, I commented on one of Penelope’s posts that I would send her flowers if she wrote about Privilege. She said yes. Surprised the bejeezus out of me. It seemed critical to find flowers that were both exactly right for her house, and something I would choose in flesh and blood, so I did not want to use a standard service. I spent a day or two looking up florists on Yelp!  and found one in her neighborhood. If farms can be said to have neighborhoods. A friendly Midwesterner helped me find lavender roses. You see the results in Penelope’s post.

Thank you for visiting. We are putting coats in the back room. Imagine you stomp snow off your boots onto a honeycombed metal doormat. Imagine you see candles, through the hallway. Cheese and crackers? Wine? Scotch? Or maybe just a spot on the sofa. If you like.

As I said, welcome.

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  1. I landed here by way of Penelope, and I must say your blog is lovely. Looking forward to delving into the archives over the holidays.

  2. I’m so glad I stopped by today. I’ll just have a small glass of that wine, and maybe just one cracker. I never make it here often enough, but I’m always glad I did. Your site is a treat, and I popped over to Penelope’s site and the flowers are stunning.

  3. I went over to Penelope’s blog and was impressed – she writes with genuine authority and fine cadence. But here’s what I want to know, as I minorly, minorly know you, and her not at all: why did you want her to write about Privilege? Please excuse my inquisitiveness.

  4. Sipping my afternoon cuppa tea….lovely roses.
    Can’t stay I am about to make mince tarts…then my baking will be complete!

    Penelope’s quite the weaver of words and possesses a sharp wit…I can see why you are drawn to her blog.

  5. Lisa..! Look at your blog!!! It looks great!!

    As far as Penelope, I’ll have to go check her space out in a minute… first I need to peruse your new place. I’m impressed. Oh, and I’m with Mise… would love the story behind the story. :)


  6. A glass of wine would be nice :), oh something sweet though – the dessert wines.

    Love your blog. I was hooked when I saw social anxiety. I suffer it myself and I’m going to school to be a psychologist. following you:)

  7. What an amazing blog she has! I’m retired with no interest in career but found myself reading anyhow.

    I would have found myself wondering if someone with Asperger Syndrome liked flowers, but in any case they were beautiful. It sounds as thought the farmer was more perplexed about flowers than she!

  8. Well, you know, I’ll never turn down a bourbon and soda…

    Penelope T is amazing. Sometimes I want to throttle her when I read posts, and sometimes I admire the way she hits the nail on the head honesty-wise. And she’s honest about things that insecure people would hide in shame, which is impressive as well. You are so Belgian Shoes and restrained – but I think I can visualize the two of you sitting down for a chat. Wine would be drunk and there would be laughter.

  9. Ann – Thank you so much. I thought very carefully about each step, it’s true.

    Claire – Thank you! Welcome.

    Arachna – Thank you so much. My mother would be pleased to hear that.

    Sue – Any cheese?:)

    Mise – I will answer that in a minute:).

  10. Hostess – Well, glad you could have a short visit at least.

    Maria – I am so glad you like the design. I think you would like Cactus and Quail, the designer’s new business. You all have very similar aesthetics, unsurprisingly:).

    Jan – But of course!

    Jamie – Welcome. Glad to have you here. My anxiety has abated over the years, but still makes itself heard. Aging has come good points:).

    Shelley – She had a post about how the CEO of had given her flowers, so I had good data to go on.

  11. ioana – nah. Just leave them next to my vintage Doc Martens:).

    Buckeroomama – Thank you. What a wonderful thing to say.

    ABDPBT – Welcome. Thank you for coming!

    Melinda – Oh she is one of my favorites.

    Artful Lawyer – Bourbon and soda? Grown up drinks! And I agree that’s how I am online, but in real life, as I’ve confessed before, I can be a bit of a blurter. So Penelope and I might get along quite well. Or drive eachother crazy.

  12. That’s exactly how I send flowers, too. Do a little research, call a local florist. Give them a budget, perhaps a color idea (“Mother loves blue and yellow together”) and then bow to their superior knowledge of what is fresh and in season. I figure most folks in that business probably really love flowers and have a good head for design, so why limit them to those awful FTD monstrosities?

    In fact, I find that using the phrase “FTD monstrosity” often generates enough good-natured giggling on the phone that fabulous flowers are practically guaranteed for the recipient.

    Just sayin’.

  13. Louise – I will have to try that phrase.

    Mise and others, I will put this question of why I wanted Penelope to write to me, into the Ask LPC, as it’s a little long for a comment response and somewhat too self-focused for a blog post:).

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