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A Very “Good-Looking” Shoulder Satchel At Billykirk

Just before Christmas I was reading les anti-modernes, miss sophie’s youthful, Artsy, style blog. In her gift guide, one of my favorites from 2010 and well worth reading even now, she listed this wallet by Billykirk. Not a brand I’d known before.

Billykirk zip wallet

Nice, huh? Even “good-looking,” as my mother would say. $120.

So I clicked over. And found myself even more taken by this shoulder satchel.

Billykirk Shoulder Satchel

Both fine and rough, one might say. Both high polish and handmade-ish. Comes in the brown-ish family of colors too. $320.

Hmm. This might do well, with a pair of green khaki shorts, jeans, or that elusive summer skirt. The more time I spend in apparent retirement, the more I look to add dignity to my casual gear. It’s quite an attitudinal shift, moving from corporate life and its studied dress code to freelancing and its lack thereof. Although I have not lost my love for the Vuitton Monogram Vernis , I do wonder at times whether the gap between aubergine holographic sparkle patent leather and Levi’s 501 jeans worn with Aerosoles is a tad, well, gaping.


Images via Billykirk and les anti-modernes
Shoulder satchel No. 95
Zip Wallet No. 78

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  1. I do feel that my attempts to find stylish casual wear are much more difficult than my career clothing finds ever were. As a stay at home mom now trying to get back into the workplace, especially in the interior design field, it can be daunting.

    My answer is to keep it simple and classic. This bag fits the bill perfectly! Love it!

  2. Difficult question! And right, you have the vernis bag! Now, since I know you a bit better, I understand the issue you had before/while buying the vernis LV. :-) I did not really understand it earlier on.
    To me the classic LV monogramme in a casual design such as the Neverfull-purse looks best with a jean and white shirt. I consider LV even being to casual to be taken to the opera! ;-)

  3. When I used to have LV bags I always carried them with jeans/t shrt, white shirt,
    I had about 5 in different styles/designs and thought they worked well casually especially as they are so indestructible.
    I love the bag above

  4. I think you can carry off the bag with the jeans. It’s a fabulous bag and you might as well enjoy it! And OH I love a summer skirt …

  5. thanks for linking to my post on billykirk! :D as a matter of fact i got my boyfriend the BK schoolboy satchel for xmas this year. he loves it and uses it all the time. the leather quality is really great and it looks like it will age amazingly :)

    now thinking about getting him a billykirk wallet for his bday. hmm… :)

  6. I love that satchel. It looks like it would be excellent for traveling too. I love when a floral print is juxtaposed with real rugged accessories; this bag would work that angle perfectly.

  7. and by the way, there’s a really cool short film series on Vimeo about the brothers behind Billykirk that talks about their philosophy and story behind how they make all their leather goods. i’d be very interested to see what you think about it :)

  8. Are you sure that you will not return back to your former field of work? If not, it is reasonable to focus on the casual wear. A shiny LV with Levi´s 501.. I don´t think that you have to start a totally different way of dressing as a freelancer. If you have good stuff, start wearing it -casually :)!

  9. Lori – I imagine that going into the design field does raise the bar. Simple and classic would be my strategy too.

    Jan – Oh boy. And I thought this one was not too expensive. I will keep trying.

    Paula – I loved your photo of the LV on snow:).

    Tabitha – Yes, mine shows almost no sign of wear or tear after 1.5 years. Glad you like that bag.

    Mama – I’m thinking….

    Stephanie – OK. I can’t wait for skirt season:).

  10. miss sophie – You are very welcome. I hope your boyfriend loves his presents. Thanks for the Vimeo lead. I know secret forts has written about Billykirk too.

    Mette – No, I’m never sure of anything, really:). But I am clearly spending much more time out of an office than in these days. My good stuff isn’t comfortable enough for the life I live at home. So I am forced to find new. Darn;).

    Valentine – Understood.

    Hostess – My heart said maybe. I am listening carefully to everyone here:).

    class factotum – I suppose the good thing about bags is thy can’t make one’s feet hurt.

  11. I can’t really tell if the Billykirk can be worn cross body. If so, it certainly fills a different niche. Also, remebering your posts at the time you bought the LV, this bag seems more “true to type” for you in a smart casual bag.

  12. My favorite idea in this post is the importance of having “dignity to casual”. It can be done and I wish more would endeavor to do it. I know you do it with great style and thoughtfulness, as you do everything.xo

  13. I thought the LV bag was absolutely convincing with the jeans and aerosoles. Polished but not obtrusively so. That said, I love that shoulder bag as well . . .

  14. They make outstanding things. Many years ago I thought about a briefcase-ish thing they offered (I cannot think of the appropriate name to save my life!), among other things, they last forever.

    And Like LBR, I do adore the notion of “dignity to casual” for those of us no longer doing the corporate death dance.

    Sending you a smile, I like this post, and am off to explore the linkage!

  15. I have a feeling that your style is going to follow you into retirement and you will look lovely wherever you go and do…as my mother always said “you are born with it” xoxo

  16. Jeans and the aubergine holographic sparkle patent leather –maybe not as gaping, if Aerosoles are not worn. The whole ensemble (aubergine LV bag + jeans) might even look “put together” if one of the loafers that you previously featured is worn with them. :)

  17. For something hand made and this lovely I think the price is actually pretty reasonable. And I know what you mean about having a bag to ‘bridge the gap’ – are you going to go for it? x

  18. I love that little wallet and the price is great! I do have reservations about the bag until I see it because it looks unlined, both the strap and interior, which a) can bleed on to stuff in your bag and b) is not reinforced, so can rip and tear easier, depending on how sturdy the leather is and c) not crazy about that leathery smell inside my bag…but I am coming from a very different bag perspective than most, so I can see the appeal. But then again, I find nothing wrong with LV sparkle leather and levis! Hope you are enjoying another happy week into the new year Lisa!

    xo mary jo

  19. manly yes, but I like it too! I have one of their satchels and it is a favorite when I want to deflock myself of the monograms of others-which is now more often than not. pgt

  20. I like the shoulder satchel very much, especially in natural. Price most reasonable for good leather. My preference is for high quality but not ‘brand’ bags; my favourites are Bree (German) and Groom (French).

  21. I like the satchel very much. I struggle with bags that are casual enough for my current life but still structured as I seem drawn to very professional or extremely elegant bags that are more suited to a city lifestyle. Bringing dignity to casual sounds like a noble endeavor. It looks like a very reasonable price for good leather. I do like the idea of the LV with jeans and Aerosoles. Life is so much more fun when a little verve is brought along.

  22. Personally, I think the Vernis is perfectly appropriate for casual looks, and elevates whatever one wears to a “this is all intentional” status. But I LOVE that shoulder satchel, and if you can wear it cross-body, you might be surprised at how much you enjoy going “hands free” while out running errands.

  23. DocP – It is more true to type, but as I consider, given that I am monobagamous, I’ll probably stick to the LV.

    La Belette – It’s my continued project, thank you.

    Cecelia – I remember those days!

    Mater – Well, since you’ve seen the system in operation…

    TPP – I love it that you had already found them.

  24. WendyB – I am beginning to think you are correct.

    Miss Sophie – Thank you. I will work on this!

    landlocked mermaid – Oh thank you so much. What a nice thing to say. I needed that.

    Buckeroomama – Well you will likely have the chance to see the Aerosoles in question, if Mater publishes her photo of the two of us, me in said shoes, standing in front of the Golden Gate bridge:).

    Sarah – I am coming down in the ‘never mind’ camp. I need a leather jacket. I’m saving up.

  25. Mary Jo – Interesting, and something I hadn’t thought of. Thank you for the expertise.

    p tapp – Again, that you know of them and carry one of their satchel only raises the Billykirk currency.

    Lila – Why thank you!

    Duchesse – I know, the non-commercial brand thing is very appealing. Sort of the flip side of my “hidden” LV monogram. I hadn’t heard of Bree or Groom. Must look.

    Mardel – It’s all those years in the corporate world, no? I am heartened by so many feeling that the bag is fine with my “country” clothes.

    Deja – You know, my one grip with the LV tote is that the straps fall off my shoulder all too often.

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