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LPC Is At Inside Out Style Today

I’m at Inside Out Style today, answering the lovely and knowledgeable Imogen’s questions. And showing you a picture of my mother, with her hair blowing in the wind. I hope you come visit.

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  1. Great post. Some people are so consumed by their own anger and sense (perhaps justified) of victimhood that they can’t see anything except through that lens. And some people are trolls.

  2. Lisa, Your mothers’ style had a defiite affect on you, good one.

    I would go for the red, you would be surprised how much you can wear with it.

    The aersoles. I saw some at Hall’s Plaza last year and thought I was seeing things! They were darling, very stylish. I could have never imagined Halls carrying aersoles!

    The interview was great!

    Art by Karena

  3. “She never showed off, and she never threw in the towel.” That sounds like something to aspire to having carved on one’s tombstone. What a lovely thing to say about one’s mother.

  4. Thank you all. My mother is a lovely person. To say nothing of extremely inclusive:). As a side note, Mom has worked all her life on behalf of the disadvantaged, in one way or another. And there you have it.

  5. “I’ve grown annoyed with leggings/skinny jeans ending in a pair of round-toe ballet flats.” ~gasp!~


    Your mother is so totally chic! I covet her blouse.

  6. Hi there, it’s my first time here so I was just getting a general sense of the place. One of my favorite phrases is “The stance of privilege” which means only that certain viewpoints and beliefs we hold are afforded to us through our privileges in life.

    For instance, you don’t find many Vegans in countries where hunger is a pervasive problem. Being a Vegan is generally born of stance of privilege.

    Just going into that because the moment I read your bio I was intrigued. I’m so sorry I won’t be able to visit you at the other blog today (I’m running out of computer time for the day, have to get things done!) but I did want to let you know that even your blog title intrigued me :-)

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