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Privilege Here And There, Over The Holidays

Mice were clearly playing over the holidays, as two of my favorite blogs featured Privilege[d] posts.

1. At  Corporette, the best resource I know of for traditional corporate-wear, my guest post on Advice On What To Wear From The VP/Hiring Manager-Level, was one of the Top 10 Posts of 2010. How glorious to see that the years I spent decoding corporate style, to say nothing of that bow tie one infamous day in 1984, are proving useful to the next generation. Thank you Kat, for welcoming my post proposal.

2. At  Trust Your Style,* Mary Jo Matsumoto asked me to write up a Happy Intention for 2011. Hint: it involves you all. Thank you Mary Jo. And by the way I like this sequined clutch in her line.

Mary Jo Matsumoto Rico Clutch

I feel extraordinarily fortunate. On the other hand, I feel that way every time I check my comments and realize that you all are still reading. Onward.

*No compensation has been received, nor has any agreed-upon exchange occurred. Sometimes we just get lucky.

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  1. Holy Cow, being featured at one of those sites is great, to be showcased at both is fabulous! Of course, it is more than well deserved, you *are* a go-to source, very much so.

    Big happy hugs at you Miss Privilege, and a serious tipping of the chapeau.

  2. I love your Happy Intention for 2011. I used to write lots more cards & letters than I do now so I’m going to “borrow” this and get busy with some written and mailed correspondence. I loved your New Years Eve outfit and I’ve made a pact with myself that the next time I dress I’m going to “think outside the box” a little bit and just see what happens. Happy New Year.

  3. I’ve printed out the Corporette article. I’m really curious to see how it compares with the unwritten code in academia. Congrats on the recognition.

  4. Congratulations!!!
    Excellent article(s), excellent tips, superb advice/approach on how to dress on the corporate environment…
    Happy, successful and filled with your unique blog presence 2011!

  5. TPP – Thank you! I was quite excited.

    Stephanie – Yes, these sites are good resources.

    Karena – I thank you!

    Marian – I am honored to have inspired you. I have a series of notes to send myself, to those who surprised me with end of year cards. I find it’s even hard for me to hold a pen well these days. And I used to write every day of my life. Do you run into this issue at all?

    Mouse – [!!!]

  6. Mette – Thank you very much.

    Terri – As I understand it from my sister, the academic code varies noticeably. In particular, one has to shun shine at all costs. Is this your experience too?

    Anna – Thank you very much. I should imagine that for artists, the code for any commercial dressing would be completely different.

    Hill House – Happy New Year! To you and yours as well.

  7. Shun shine? I’ll have to read the corporate-dress article (congratulations on that, Lisa!) but a bit of well-placed shine seems like it would be a welcome relief in a room full of drab.

  8. Ah, as I head back out into the corporate job world (at the Director level, but I’ve always been “quirky”) the post about clothes is great! However, I’ve tried on more unflattering pantsuits than I care to recount! I wish I could find a professional solution for those of us who are short and curvy.

  9. Loved re-reading the Corporette post. Also your ‘intentions’ for 2011. I have the stationery, cards and pen – just need to buy stamps and then I SHOULD be better about note writing. Sigh. . . . one can hope.

  10. Charlotte – I think she meant shine metaphorically, largely, but I would love to host someone here who would write about the academic dress code.

    verhext – I saw a medium-height curvy woman in San Francisco the other day. She had on a longer, straight blazer, with her trousers, and slightly broadened shoulders. The blazer swung a bit. She looked fantastic. I actually think that had I been curvier I’d have worn dresses with jackets much more often.

    Patsy – You bet. And I thank you very much for the well-wishes.

    Southern Living – I was very honored indeed!

  11. hostess – I thank you. And I confess that the taste of red carpet at Lavish! was way more fun than I like to admit:).

    Lauren – Oh, I’m glad you read Corporette regularly. Kat is great, and very nice to deal with.

    DocP – Aw. Thanks. Tell you what. You send me your address, I will send you mine, we can practice. Now if I could just find those notecards Crane used to have, the ones with gold bees at the top…

  12. Thank you for the kind mention Lisa, and I’m glad you like the sequin clutch–it’s one of my favorites. Your happy intention was such a fun read, like everything you write, charming and funny. Hope your first week into the new year is a good one!

    xo Mary Jo

  13. Your blog is truly outstanding. One of the best really. Your writing is superb and your knowledge is always spot on. I always learn something from you. My world has always been so ingrained in the world of “teenagers and school”, so I am excited and thrilled to visit yours.

    My daughter is moving to NYC and for some reason I was thinking you live in Manhattan??? But I see California on your profile. So hoping we could meet sometime when I’m visiting her. Have a great weekend. I’m preparing to be snowed in. You know it only takes an inch or two here in the South ;-) xoxo

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