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A Hunka Burning Valentine’s Love

I’ve been around for many a Valentine’s Day. I tend to remember them more for the Valentines I made, whether poorly or well, more than anything received. And I don’t really mind if the day comes and goes with only a, “Happy Valentine’s Day, honey!”

I suppose if distance separates, roses are nice. Lots of them. Without filler.

However, were I to request a present this year, I’d want to go big or go home. For example, from Beladora and now on my sidebar because, and only because, I wanted to put it there:

It even has a cute little ruby bit. All for $1450.

At 54 you don’t want to be dainty in love. I don’t know if I’d have had the gumption, when I was younger. Which makes one wonder, “Why not?” So go big, young women, go big one way or another. Amore mandatory, diamonds optional.

*No compensation has been received for this post beyond the fee for running an ad. If anyone purchases this ring, or anything from Beladora, I will receive a small percentage commission, which I will put towards a Privilege giveaway.

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  1. Love the ring – elegant but not flashy. Hoping the hubby might be taking your advice – and a big bouquet might be nice as well. Please excuse if this is a duplicate – seem to having some technical difficulties.

  2. I don’t like the ring, but I like the message:”Why not?” and the idea of going big in terms of love.
    Had I been Julie Delpy in “Before Sunrise”, I would have definitely jumped off that train in Vienna – only I would also have exchanged TE numbers ;)

  3. I have to be honest, I’m not sure I like it too much, I haven’t decided, I’d have to see it on.
    But, I do agree with you that it’s “go big” in love and life, I’m just not sure (for me), that it’s with this ring. My apologies! xoxo Jennifer

  4. LIsa,

    While I subscribe to lovelies and bling does make my heart sing…
    on Valentine’s Day I do not expect anything big or grandiose…

    the small offerings sent from the heart amuse me most…
    gestures of affection, a single bloom, a small box of exquisite chocolates…

    Valentines Day about 10 years ago my husband gave me a choker length strand of cultured pearls in a red leather case and I was really caught off guard…it was a complete surprise….a nice surprise!

  5. What a pretty ring. X’s grandmother left me one of similar size, shape, and weight, but with a design consisting of three larger diamonds. I get complimented on it whenever I wear it, although it’s a little awkward to wear when playing the piano.

    For me, every day is Valentine’s Day! So I generally don’t expect a gift. But sometimes X will give me jewelry along these lines (though perhaps not diamond-encrusted)–he knows me very well indeed.

  6. I was once engaged to a man who was good at giving things (Mercedes, furcoat, etc), but not very good at connecting on a deeply personal level. So I learned to put little store by the former and great store by the latter.

    The best valentine I ever received was when I drove 500 miles to surprise my love (a long distance relationship) late on Valentine’s Day night (I even stopped halfway in the journey to have a “normal” conversation with him, so nothing would seem amiss), and when I arrived, he was waiting at the door with a huge grin on his face. Inside, the house was filled with flowers and candlelight, and a midnight buffet of fruits and cheeses and artisan breads. He led me to the candlelit bathroom so I could wash the road away and prepare for a lovely night that would begin with a greatly needed massage. (Heavy sigh)

  7. I hope you get the ring my dear, but it is not for me. Just a matter of personal taste, is all.

    But I do agree on valentines day. The fact that my signifigant other is essentially forced by the marketing powers that be to make a declaration of love? No thanks. Its more valuable at some other time, when its unexpected and heartfelt.

  8. I’d like the ring if it wasn’t vintage or pre-owned. Makes me sad to think of someone selling what was obviously such a love token, and don’t think I’d want to wear it. It seems so personal. However, do love Beladora and think they have great jewelry.

  9. I like the ring – a bit like a Henry Dunay in brushed gold. Distinctive. Agreed that it is more fun to go big and real in jewelry and in life. I was engaged on valentine’s day 21 years ago. I wasn’t crazy about the ring to be honest, but the guy was great – and he still is. Years later, he made up for it by presenting me with a magnificent ring while on vacation in the south of France – what a guy!

  10. I’d adore this on the right woman. Usually I avoid love, hearts, kisses, hugs- that sort of theme- in jewelery, The retro versions have such charm that I’d happily make a big, sparkly exception.

  11. Valentine Day has been adopted to Finland too. It carries the name: The Friend´s day! Ouch, uhg, grr… I am really feeling, that the day here is just so, so artificial and commercial. I hate the day. We are supposed to send ” Happy Friend´s Day” cards, hearts and whatever.
    All these ” must send greetings”, are days, when I wish not to send greetings at all.

  12. I love the ring and agree, you must go big in love. And really, in most things that you really want. Hoping you have a wonderful weekend!

    xo Mary Jo

  13. Lori – :).

    Jan – ! Something you like!

    Belle – I thought so:).

    Quintessence – Crossing my fingers for you:).

    Marcela – Go big. And this ring speaks to my secret Gianni Versace alter ego.

    QBS – I knew you’d understand.

  14. Jennifer – Where would we be in this world if everyone liked the same things? It’s definitely off my usual track, I’d wear it to be outrageous, ironically.

    Candy – Thank you:).

    Hostess – And those pearls are still very dear to you, right?

    Lori – :).

    TPP – That they do. Interesting that your classic tastes can stray the same way mine do.

    Staircase Witch – You lucky woman! And my mother has a gold bird brooch, with a little ruby for the eyes. It sits on a gold branch. She wears it ll the time. Don’t you love the dragonfly?

    1. Lisa–

      I think the dragonfly is one of my favorites on that page, but the one I long for most is the sea turtle with the lapis shell.

      I think I will post pictures of my favorite jewelry creatures. Like your mother, I wear them all the time–but mine vary according to the weather and my state of mine. She does sound an awful lot like Grandma X.

  15. Lara – That is a wildly romantic story. Especially the huge grin on his face. That he so wanted to make you happy.

    Rhonda – Of course. Personal taste is just that. Unexpected and heartfelt declarations of love at the best.

    Jody – Why thank you!

    Valentine – Yes:). My guess is this one’s just a dream. But fun even so.

    kathy – I guess I’ve made my peace with love and heartbreak, of necessity. So if I could rehabilitate something, remake it, I wouldn’t mind.

    Patricia – Aw. A ring and the south of France. Hard to get much better than that.

  16. Duchesse – Yes, this one manages to avoid the saccharine, right?

    Preppy 101 – :). I enjoy having your endorsement!

    metscan – You much prefer to follow only the strict dictates of the heart.

    Mary Jo – Thank you! In all things, yes. I hope you are having a good weekend too.

    Marsha – Ha! I think I also like the reference to that song, That’s Amore!

    Vicki – Oh thank you!

  17. My fave Valentine was the time that Mr. Lipstick brought me an Elvis heart shaped candy tin to a Mexican restaurant where I was eating with a friend.

    I’m not into anything gold, but I do love the message and the writing.
    Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!

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