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In Praise Of Silly, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:15am

I’m a fan of the serious. Life is short. It’s important to pay attention, to consider, and having considered, to feel gratitude.

On the other hand, do not underestimate silly. It’s possible that laughter is our closest encounter with immortality. Second to all things related to carrying on the species, of course. But oh, the silly.

I was reading As Time Goes By, Ronni Bennet’s wonderful blog on aging, which I highly recommend. Ronni posted this video. You may have seen it already, I had not.

How the British corned the market on silly I do not know, but apparently Malcom Hardee was one of the greats of British alternative comedy. The sort that makes you feel smarter for laughing, not dumber. Even laughing out loud, by yourself, on a Saturday morning.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. LOL Since you read my blog you know I can be pretty serious…but I agree laughter is great…it is great for our souls…I try to laugh every day and watching this sure helps…I will check out her blog when I have time. Happy weekend!

  2. Yes I miss all the wonderful silliness of British humour…was there for 15 years and you’re right they have cornered the market. Though Flight of the Conchord (Kiwi) is pretty hilarious too!

  3. Valentine – I hadn’t even thought of that:). Nice job.

    quintessence – hehehe.

    Susan – You’re welcome. I have really enjoyed reading it.

    Lori – I bet you have some laughter round your way with those cute littles.

    Hostess – My pleasure.

    Jody – I have heard so much talk of Flight of the Conchord. One day I will have to actually take a look.

  4. SSG – You’re welcome. You take care too.

    TPP – Glad you liked it.

    Belle – Oh good!

    Charlotte – I agree.

    Preppy 101 – You’re very welcome.

    Janet – I never did watch Benny Hill. Something else to catch up on.

  5. Well, seems that I did not ” get ” this at all. However, I noticed, that these guys did not have round bellies! Thank you anyways for posting this :)

  6. silly?? it was precious! and I love it! I laughed out loud (lots). My poor dog thought I’d gone bonkers! had to come over just to make sure I was OK!
    thanks for sharing

  7. So love this – have seen it before in England when it first was shown but it never fails to make me smile and laught out loud!! Thank you… xx

  8. Had to smile,have never seen it before..typical ‘silly billy’ British humour..did you notice that the women laughed but the men not so much!!!
    Benny Hill urrrrrrgh,not my type!

    Loved Judy Dench in the series ‘As time goes by’ now that was good British humour…well that is my opinion…tend to be on the serious side myself! Ida

  9. While I was never a fan of Benny Hill (too much female objectifying for my tastes), I was a huge fan of Monty Python. This tickled my funny bone much the same way. Nice to start the day of business on Valentine’s morning!

  10. mette – Next time maybe:). Humor is often culturally bound.

    arlene – Ha! So glad you liked it.

    Terri – :).

    Sarah – I imagine it was huge in England.

    Ida – I do love Dame Judy in everything.

    Lara – I’d agree that this is from the school of Monty Python.

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