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LPC Is At Women’s Voice For Change Today

Today I am over at Women’s Voices For Change, with a small piece on the day after Valentine’s Day. My Valentine’s present was a Kindle and I can already feel my neurology picking itself up off the floor, putting on its shoes, and preparing to learn new tricks. I’ve been reading so long that every little print to eye to brain process is hardwired. Soldered in. Time to shake things up.

Tonight I have dinner in San Francisco with one of my oldest and dearest friends. I hope you had a a wonderful ValenTime., and if you’d like to come read about adventures in glueing, I welcome you.

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  1. ValenTime- I’m going to call it that now too :) You’ll L-O-V-E your Kindle, that was one of MoMo’s birthday presents this past fall and she is simply addicted!


  2. Lisa my email appears to be showing publicly,I have tried removing it without success….is it just myself that sees it or is public….thank you Ida.

  3. I got a Kindle for Christmas too! They must have been the “it” gift.

    I finally got around to downloading something a few weeks ago – I had a backlog of library books at Christmas that needed finishing.

    I get about halfway through the first chapter and I see at the bottom a little message noting how many people had underlined a passage, that indeed appeared in a different type above.

    Do I really want the whole world to know what passages in books I underline?

  4. I bought myself a Kindle after Christmas when I didn’t get one, despite having dropped hints. (That’s okay, I got even better presents.) I love the instant gratification of thinking of wanting to read a book and being able to download it right away. I also find that I read more quickly, as the narrow “page” width allows my eye to travel down the page more rapidly. Alas, I have also discovered how to waste enormous amounts of time with the free “Every Word” game.

  5. And to GingerR – you can turn off the underlining feature so that no one can see yours and you do not see what others underline.

  6. Loved that story. Hope you had a great time at dinner.

    One Kindle feature that I really love is the search that allows one to tab through results for a word or phrase, in case I need to go back and savor the prose or ascertain a vaguely remembered detail.

  7. QBS – MoMo and I do seem to have a lot in common…

    Jen – The city was great. Thanks.

    Deb u naunt – Merci my friend.

    mater – Oh good. I need recommendations!

    Muffy – Thank you. It was really fun.

    Ida – All is well. Nothing shows:).

  8. Preppy 101 – <3..

    Jody - I like paper too, but I hate realizing at 8pm that I don't have a good book to read.

    A Farmer's Wife - I imagine it's made a big difference for you.

    GingerR - I resisted and then finally gave in.

    MJ - I have to hold it landscape, because I read in a zig zag pattern, and I need room to sweep my eyes. I will avoid all free games:).

    Austyn - Thank you, both for the kind words and the little feature hint. Dinner was just wonderful.

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