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LPC Is At A Femme d’un Certain Age Today

Please join me this morning at Tish’s blog, A Femme d’un Certain Age. She asked several of us to write about sleepwear, loungewear, and seductionwear, and how they differ. Despite my cultural limitations, which should become immediately clear, I have done my best. Tish added pictures of Katherine Hepburn, instantly improving the endeavor. See you here, if you would be so kind. To Tish’s readers, welcome.

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  1. It’s frightening how accurately you nailed the prototype. I saw that Lanz gown and had to control the swallow of my coffee, but it was the mug with hearts that sent me to the kitchen for paper towels.

    “Walk across the room”…can’t stop laughing….

  2. The fleece over sleepwear got me. My college roommate called me out over that one when she was visiting for our 30th reunion, but it was cool that weekend and it works. I’m sure I have a robe around somewhere. . .

  3. “The fleece over sleepwear got me.”

    Oh! I gotta go back, I must have looked away laughing and missed it….

  4. Loved it! There’s enough of a diva in me to wish I could dress to seduce … but the few times I’ve tried the outfits on, I found myself laughing out loud and if I laugh, I can only assume he would too!

    I have fond memories of wearing Lanz as a child to beat the chilly nights of northern Wisconsin. Worn with ragg wool socks, of course.

    These days, I adore the men’s cotton nightshirt from Vermont Country Store (white only). It is perhaps not sexy except in the most limited circles (possibly a litmus test). I love the minimalism of it.

    I also like the classic Brooks white pajamas with pink piping. There’s something so reassuring about being tailored even at night.

    I travel often for work so I also keep several pieces of Calvin Klein essentials in black. (I’m an architect so black has replaced most of my navy – so un-WASP, but there it is). It’s super comfortable, regularly available (a rarity these days), packs small, is modest enough if sharing a room, and I know I’ll look dressed if there’s a fire in the hotel at 2am (something I strangely worry about) or, more realistically, answering the door for room service.

  5. No silky gowns for me= too difficult in reality.
    Just right now, I like my Lexington´s, simple and easy to wear.

  6. Hostess – You are too kind:).

    Flo – What? You thought I make all this up? Nooooooo. Years of observation. Years and years.

    DocP – Hey, I’m not judging. I’ve been there, many a time:).

    quintessence – Thank you.

    Danielle – ;)

    lenore – Great minds think alike.

    1. “Flo – What? You thought I make all this up? Nooooooo. Years of observation. Years and years.”

      Nooooooo, just the opposite! Remember, I have 10 years on you, I was there first! It was so accurate you HAD to have been there, on the front row. Still laughing…

  7. Laura – The urban is my most frequent default, I confess.

    James – Thank you. We did it for you, didn’t you know it?:)

    Alex – Oh yes. The room service wardrobe. It is a conundrum and it sounds like you’ve solved it very well. And that nightshirt sounds like a good idea. Thanks.

    mette – Lexington’s?

    A Farmer’s Wife – Making you laugh is my greatest pleasure.

    Tish – Bisous to a bijoux:).

  8. Seriously hilarious Lisa and so, so true. My husband must be a BASP and is more turned on when I come home sweaty from a run than when I wear my wedding night nighty. Who knew?

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