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The Wisest Course, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:16am

If you wake up one morning, after two weeks of rain, the wet rain, mind you, the kind that plops and splashes and runs down your neck, and you expect more rain this week, and you hear, in your gutters, rain gurgling again because that much water can’t run quietly, then, yes, it’s true, going back to bed is a perfectly good idea.

You should bring your tea.

Right about now I feel a deep longing for Southern latitudes. So those of you in Florida, and Georgia, and Tucson, to say nothing of anyone out on Padre Island, Texas, remember this when I’m all, “Oh the sky is so blue blah blah blah,” come August.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Can’t say for sure about Florida and Georgia, but it is pouring in the Carolinas. It will be pouring tomorrow, too. Tomato soup and a nap are definitely in my personal forecast. Have a cozy weekend.

  2. I was in Florida for part of last week and got to experience absolutely glorious 80 degree sunny weather. I can’t tell you what a delight it was to be in T shirts and sandals and having to be concerned about sun screen. I came back to very cold temperatures but at least sun. I’m sure you’ll get it soon!

  3. hi lisa,

    yesterday morning as it poured i did indeed go back to bed with my laptop and hot tea. i didn’t emerge from the bedroom until noon. by then the rain had stopped. i felt guilty and then good. so my suggestion is…go back to bed.


  4. Rain, rain.

    I love rainy Saturday mornings spent listening to the patter on the roof while lying in bed with three cats and a husband, drinking tea and reading. Night thunderstorms are even better.

    Over spring break we headed south to far western Kentucky for a few days to catch spring a little early. The first days were glorious, but on the last day it turned suddenly colder with threats of flurries in the afternoon. It may provide you with some little cold comfort to know that Nature plays nasty tricks even on the South.

  5. Dear Lisa, No rain for us here in Santiago. It generally does not rain until Winter but sometimes one does need to be kind to oneself, stay in one’s pjs in bed with tea and a good book. What happens to me on a Saturday is that I find that one child snuggles up beside me and then the other one does too. This is where all the never knowingly undercushioning(FF 2010)comes into its own! Enjoy your morning. Lindaxxx

  6. Snowing here off and on since Wednesday. No accumulation, but still very cold and windy. Better than the basement flood of a year ago!

  7. I love a rainy weekend, it’s like approval to rest up, lie around and read. Here we have snow and sun, it’s actually quite pretty but very cold. I can’t even imagine Spring!

  8. Rainy days can be welcome, but if they last too long, it is definitely a downer. You would not have wanted to be in Atlanta this weekend, however, we had hail last night, the size of which I had never seen! Some places got golf ball sized! Rainy and cold here today too!

    Here’s hoping tomorrow is a better day for all!

  9. I hope you truly enjoyed your little foray back into bed yesterday morning…this time of year, it’s the best way to make rain lemonade instead of lemons.
    Our sunshine left and the rain has returned …I keep telling myself how beautiful and green the summer will be due to all the wet…these thoughts do help…a little.
    Have a lovely Sunday…
    xo J~

  10. This reminds me that we have two sections of guttter we need to replace. It is snowing here–fine, miniscule flakes as I type.

  11. Oh, I have been waiting for rain for weeks and yesterday we finally got it. Personally I love the rain, heat and sun are not my things. Yet, I ended up in Savannah, go figure! Have a lovely week!

  12. That sounds lovely! And it was thunderstorms in this part of the South….but a welcome break from children’s sporting events for me!

  13. I did the same yesterday morning and found it so relaxing. Hope you rested up and enjoyed the rain from the warmth of your bed!

    xo Mary Jo

  14. Town and Country – I hope the sun is out now. It’s shining in California. Hooray!

    quintessence – We generally won’t see 80 until July or August. But I’m happy with 75:).

    Julia – Very little. Except, of course, sitting by a pool in the sun:).

    Janet – Suggestion taken:).

    Belle – And now that I have my Kindle, I ALWAYS have a book.

  15. Susan – Oh my gosh. I hope the street crews cleared everything up. The street drains were stopping up around here.

    Jan – No apologies needed. None whatsoever.

    Staircase Witch – Yes. I guess I feel better, if everyone has Winter Regressions now and then.

    Linda – Oh I remember the morning snuggles of children.

    DocP – Snow? Snow? Oh yikes. I am being a big baby, obviously:).

  16. Stephanie – It’s shining! It’s shining!

    Priscilla – I hope it’s beautiful now.

    SSG – xoxoxox.

    DaniBP – I agree. It is like approval to rest up. Which some of us, apparently, need.

    Jessica – I too think about how wildly the garden will grow this summer. At least I hope so.

  17. Terri – Snow. Gutters. Oh my goodness.

    Shari – Well, with any luck, our storms will visit you soon:).

    Faux Fuchsia – Yes, I am doing so! In the meantime, just hold him a lot and feed him when he cries and don’t let him out of your sight:).

    rhonda – Ha! Rain brings us all kinds of respite!

    mary jo – Thank you. I am feeling quite rested. I hope you are too.

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