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And The Little Children Were So Cute, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:45am

A few passing thoughts on the Royal Wedding.

  • I found the dress boring. I couldn’t help but think that Mr. McQueen, had he been able to hang onto his gifted life, would have done more with the moment. Some peaked shoulders. Lace in a pattern of spiderwebs. Or an eeny, weeny, teensy little Elizabethan ruff.
  • That opinion matters not one whit in the scheme of things. However, there you go.
  • I would not ever be tempted to wear a suit and hat in the exact same color. I note  on the other hand that feathers can be quite fetching.
  • Let us hope that the little boy who loved his mother very much and lost her has found himself the makings of a new, sweet, family.
  • Ain’t love grand?

If you’re still hankering for a little more Royal Wedding discussion, Susan over at TPP wrote the best summary post I’ve seen in, She Wore McQueen & Cartier, Prince Harry to William: “Wait ’til You See Her”’. A Girl wrote about it from the perspective of a Trinidadian who has taken up English citizenship. And QBS, bless her rambunctious little heart, posted Queen Chantal in a bikini, with promises of musings yet to come.

Have a wonderful weekend, with tiara or without. If you can find a balcony on which to kiss, so much the better.

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  1. I understand what you’re saying about McQueen – this dress doesn’t necessarily represent what he would have done but I’m sure Sarah Burton had some pretty specific directives from Kate, whose style is not that forward. But I thought the dress was beautiful and perfect for her – elegant and streamlines – and a lovely combination of past and present.

  2. I had the same thoughts about the dress. I knew it would have to fit the occasion, but was hoping for just a little something unexpected. She was beautiful and the dress was beautiful. But I thought when you pick a McQueen dress one of the reasons must be that little element of unexpected.

    On the otherhand I loved Pippa’s dress. Something about the simplicity of it, at a royal wedding (known for over the top like head-to-foot sky blue outfits), really stood out.

    But all that said the look on Price William’s face as she came up to the alter was priceless. And really that is the only opinion that matters.

  3. I understand why she wanted to keep the secrecy surrounding the dress – normal for a bride. However, because this wasn’t an ordinary wedding, the secret about “the dress” raised some sort of expectations about it that probably weren’t realistic. I think the dress was beautiful, not fashion forward, but she’s not that kind of dresser, wouldn’t have been appropriate for the occasion, and this is exactly what we all should have expected.
    I thought she look beautiful, classic, understated (if you can wear a tiara and still be understated) and most importantly, she wore the dress, it didn’t wear her.

  4. I think it would have been awful if it had been a true exemplar of MCQueens work – too fashiony for a historical moment. That said I thought it was just ok but it was fitting for the role. Pippa however looked incredible.

  5. perhaps it’s the recent overexposure combined with a need to move away from that time zone and back into my own, but I had no interest in watching the coverage. Sad but true. I’ve seen photos, though, and I have to say I thought the dress quite beautiful. Did you see what Miss Cavendish had to say, re the McQueen connection? Perhaps she’ll sway you a wee bit.

  6. I loved the dress, but I tend to prefer simple designs when it comes to these things. (Many disagree, but I thought Princess Diana’s wedding dress was an overwrought monstrosity.)

    I didn’t watch the coverage, but did record and will try to watch in bits over the next few days. And yes, kids at weddings almost always bring the “awwwww” factor.

  7. It was all lovely. It seemed so genuine and simple, though it wasn’t.
    My true disappointment was with Samantha Cameron, I thought she was dressed far too casually for the occasion.
    Going off to read your suggested post now.

  8. It would have been quite something if the white lace bodice hadn’t had that brite-white merry widow underneath; if she’d had the white merry widow done up in nude rather than white, then the appearance would have been as though the bodice was nothing but sheer white lace, still chaste, a little daring, the Queen wouldn’t be upset, oh God we do not want that woman upset, there are too many examples of what can happen if the Q gets pissed at an in-law. I think both the bride and bridegroom understand this fundamental truth very well.

  9. The dress was boring but timeless, and I thought Pippa’s dress was lovely except for the cowl neckline (I’ve never cared for those). But the clothes were eclipsed by the way everyone smiled, bravely and timidly and happily. And nearly all the hats and fascinators were awful, but added to the sense of occasion, and showed that they were all trying hard, bless them.

  10. While I probably had the only husband in the country who was up at 4:30 a.m. watching the nuptials, I have to say I was extremely disappointed in Kate’s dress. It was so ordinary – looked like something you could pick up at David’s Bridal, with a stupidly long train.

    And hats? You wanna talk HATS? Just what the blue blazes was on Princess Beatrice’s head???

    1. “Just what the blue blazes was on Princess Beatrice’s head?”

      Wild guess, but I think uninvited-Fergie penned a two-word note to the Queen, and set it on top of her daughter’s head for all to read.

  11. I strongly feel – against all my family’s opinions who were all disappointed – that the dress was absolutely appropriate and what was called for in these times. Craftsmanship and style and not show and ego. We’ve had enough of that in the past and look into what crises that has led us, personally and economically. I felt the dress had some interesting medieval outlines, especially the veil and how the train draped. She wore it well. The surrounding hat parade was surprising as always, a veritable fashion deathwish in most cases.

  12. I think Catherine was absolutely perfect in every possible way. You’re right–the dress broke no new ground–but her complete irreproachability was her defense against the toxic stratosphere into which she’s marrying. I wasn’t going to watch the wedding, originally, but I am glad I did–I found it unexpectedly moving and was deeply impressed by what I learned about both members of the couple.

    Besides, I think William’s cousins supplied enough fashion-forwardness for the whole family. :)

  13. Yes, exactly what Quintessence said… Kate is not as outlandish as McQueen tends to be. I loved her dress. Simple, yet not… classic, elegant — very much like the new Princess.

    Now… I’ve got the balcony now I just need my Prince!

  14. I like your summary – and surprisingly I liked the dress though I think you’re right, if McQueen was still around he’s have done something more adventurous (having said that – do you remember what he stitched into Prince Charles’ suit?!)

  15. I thought her dress was so perfect for the occasion, I mean it’s westminster abbey not the oscars! Pippa’s was exquisite too.

  16. Remember that whatever she wore is going to appear thousands of times on thousands of brides. Think about that many little Elizabethan ruffs, on brides skinny and fat, stylish or frumpy, whatever. Aaaarrrrrggghhhh. I’m very glad she chose as she did.

  17. I was disappointed when I caught my first glimpse of the dress when she was in the car at the hotel. But, the more I’ve seen of it, the more I have liked it. At this point, I think it was perfect. I saw a report showing some close ups of how it was made and I got an inkling that if we could see the dress up close, we would be amazed by its beauty.

    I have to say that I don’t think a wedding (any wedding) and especially this wedding is a good time to be fashion forward. And I agree with the poster who found Diana’s dress to be less than desirable.

    I LOVE cowl necklines and thought Pippa’s dress was absolutely beautiful.

  18. I agree with Tabitha that a full-out McQueen creation would have been a horror!

    I liked the dress and hope that it portends a happy couple who’ve know each other a long time and are able to grow old together gracefully.

  19. I liked it, but expected that she would not push the envelope… wouldn’t it have been neat though if she had?! And bless your rambunctious heart for raising the flag on MC in the infinity pool at Cap du Ferrat- oh so glamourous!



  20. quintessence – You are right, of course, the dress mirrors Kate’s style very well.

    Tracey – Prince William is the only one who really matters, and the Queen, I suppose. But that’s what I mean, not a full McQueen, just a hint more of his imagination.

    lauren – Oh I hadn’t even gotten to William. Why doesn’t he wear a coronet, I wonder?

    kathy peck leeds – I think perhaps these 2 years of fashion blogging have raised my desire for innovation beyond what is realistic.

    Tabitha – I’m with you. No full McQueen. PIppa was fab. A little more humor would have sat well with me.

    mater – I do appreciate the conceptual ties. And I confess, I watched very little myself.

  21. deja – Aha! I loved Princess Diana’s dress. And I can’t quite articulate why.

    DaniBP – Aw. “Seemed so genuine and simple, though it wasn’t.” Well that says it all.

    Flo – Confession. My wedding dress was lace over a nude colored underlay. All the way to the knee. Form-fitting, mermaid, train with a large satin bow. So we can see an early and clearly unabandoned tendency to wedding flash.

    MJ – Oh it was, it was.

    Susan – I think that’s great, especially in your style quest:).

    Mise – I don’t generally care for cowl necks, but it was just unexpected enough that I like it too. “But the clothes were eclipsed by the way everyone smiled, bravely and timidly and happily.” Aw. I need to see this all through rosier glasses.

    1. “Confession. My wedding dress was lace over a nude colored underlay. All the way to the knee. Form-fitting…”

      SO. WAS. MINE.

  22. Jan – Bawahahaha! I would have loved to watch with you.

    Flo – Best. Quote. Ever.

    Vivelavie – The more I saw of the dress, the more I saw some little details that I appreciated. I suppose everyone has somewhat different sources of comfort in times like these.

    Janeyann – :).

    Staircase Witch – Williams cousins. Yikes! And I hadn’t thought about the irreproachability and toxic environment. Now that you mention it, I think that’s why I was disappointed. I sensed the reaction to potential disapproval.

    EntertainingMom – Go for Prince!

  23. That’s Not My Age – I looked it up. Well that takes some guts, huh. Might not have sat well with the Queen, that.

    AN – So many people just loved it. I am clearly in the minority here.

    Lynn T – Good point. I forgot about knockoff.s

    Susan – It has grown on me too, albeit less geometrically than for you.

    RoseAG – I hope they grow old together happily too.

    QBS – So glamorous. I probably still have some rambunction left in me.

  24. Lisa,

    I loved the design of the dress… I am a sap when it comes to weddings and all things bridal!

    I thought Kate looked divine and very happy with that twinkle in her eye.
    I hope that they are very much in love.

    I believe that you have a passion for weddings….
    it might be fun to see what style you would choose for her.
    A post perhaps?


  25. Was able to upload the live stream of the wedding over here in the Far East….so exciting! Kates’ dress was nice, lovely and ‘appropriate’…actually very ‘WASP,’ now that I think of it! Her sisters’ dress was very flattering, but at the time, I thought it was rather boring.
    I am just old enough to remember when women wore hats, and sometimes I wish they would come back ‘in.” Loved seeing some the more outlandish ones at the wedding, and agree with one of the above posters that Sam Cameron was perhaps a little ‘underdressed’ looking, compared with all the other ladies.

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