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Finding The Last Few Accessories For A Special Event

I’m done. Here are the last two items I’ve picked up for my brother’s wedding.

An Alexis Bittar cuff, purchased during the week he gave 100% of sales to the Japan Tsunami and Earthquake relief. Lucite, turquoise, and accompanying sparkle. Safari Dust, Bittar calls it. How appropriate. I didn’t mind paying for Lucite when the design quotient is this high. The donation removed any last qualms.

I also found a pair of dangling earrings, made of smoky quartz blue topaz. from shopsomethingblue on Etsy. Routine beaded earrings don’t appeal, ordinarily, but I liked this configuration. As originally listed, the earrings had gold-filled earwires, and I’m allergic to anything less than 14kt. The seller made the change without a hiccup. As it turns out, the new earwires are different, rounded, and I fancy them quite graceful.

Earrings and bracelet together, sharing an Artsy moment with their friend Mr. Tissue. He thanked them but is pouting that he does not get to attend the festivities.

Add this dress, and these shoes, a wrap, and there you have it. I’ll have to carry a clutch, but Sturdy Gals have been known to say pshaw to perfect evening bags. I will choose my lipstick on impulse, when I dress.

Let’s note that it’s quite possible I’ve missed the mark. This many accessories, in a non-matching mode, takes me far beyond the world of little black dresses and perfect black pumps. Perhaps this is too much blue and brown. Perhaps the silver of the shoes and the gold of the earrings will fight. Possibly I will have to remove one of these pieces at the last minute, due to over-sparkle, although I suppose shoes are non-negotiable.

On the other hand, I’m aiming high. My brother will appreciate a late-in-life attempt at growth, and the resultant, inevitable, failure or two. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I figured out that I like navy blue in the first 50 years of my life, perhaps we’ll focus the next 50 on sparkle.

Should photos materialize, (likely, given wedding photographers and all) I will put aside any tendency to coyness and post them here. Thank you for having kept me good company in this process.

(Alexis Bittar lucite cuffs, still going strong in 2016)

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  1. I don’t really do jewelry, as I believe I’ve stated here, but that bracelet is marvelous – and goes with the earrings so well! I do hope you post photos; I really want to see the entire ensemble.

  2. The earrings and bracelet are terrific together and pull in the brown of the dress. Admittedly adding the shoes is a little outside my comfort zone, but I look forward to seeing how wonderful it all looks together.

  3. Lovely,
    love the cuff, love the earrings… and they go together so well. I’m sure you will look lovely.

  4. Perfect!
    You’ve hit the mark spot on. This arsty, slighter older cousin is very pleased, but would suggest not leaving the clutch selection to the last minute. Mr. Tissue will cease to pout if stuffed in with Missy Lipstick. Have a wonderful time.

  5. Ooooooh, I think the ensemble is going to come together beautifully. The accessories help me really visualize it all. Can’t wait to see pictures.

  6. absolutely beautiful and it all sounds perfect. and re sparkle – if not now, when? i think we are both in the same place as far as challenging old ideas/rules. i so hope we get some pics lisa.


    ps – i loved your comment this morning – made me smile.

  7. I think the bracelet and the earrings push the ensemble into festive and just right. Great job choosing accessories!

  8. I think the bangle and earrings are IDEAL together. Both have warm and cool, and they complement each other beautifully!

  9. The thought you give to an ensemble is in itself a compliment to your brother. Not a single garden party will be held around at my place without a 14+ carat edged invitation making its way to you so that I may have the thrill of seeing what you wear. I may renew my wedding vows for the hell of it and the pleasure of your attendance, ideally wearing those lovely earrings.

  10. How well do the earrings and bracelet match together! Personal, beautiful. You will look great!

  11. Oh so grownup bohochic!

    Promise that you will wear little teeny clear plastic backs on the earwires. If you need any, I have approximately 1 trillion and would be happy to send some along.

  12. Perfect! Everything goes together but doesn’t match too closely; I believe you’re getting a handle on this arty stuff!

  13. Very nice (the cuff is a real treasure) and should go smashingly with both eye and current hair colour, so what can go wrong? Thanks for the inspiration, I’ll be watching that etsy shop.

  14. These are lovely together…

    Alexis Bittar does have quite the eye for detail, what an incredible bangle.

    It must be a comfort to know that you have all the pieces ready and no frantic last minute shopping is required.

    I’d love to tag along on one of your shopping expeditions.

  15. Exquisite accessories… and then I went over to read about your dress – GORGEOUS -(how did I miss that post the first time I ask myself?) Am sure you will look amazing Lisa. x

  16. You have absolutely nailed it, I am convinced of that. The Bittar is stunning, I so love his work, and the colors in that bracelet are gorgeous. Kind of the sort of colors you can lose yourself in, and combined with the earrings, a perfect look. I *cannot* wait to see the whole ensemble, you may have to start a new side business of dressing some of us, helping put a teeny toe in the ‘artsy aunt’ arena, or something like that. (I’m serious.)

    Kudos on putting it all together,

  17. I have very much enjoyed this wedding series and do hope to see a photo of the final outfit. Love the idea of your focusing on sparkle for the next 50 years. Cheers!

  18. I hope Alexis Bittar makes it to Europe, her bangles are beautiful. Lisa, may I say you are a genious – the earrings and the bangle match like they were meant to be together. On you. You are going go look gorgeous. :-D

  19. I like the bangle and the earrings and have no trouble seeing them with the shoes. I’m a little stretched as to how they’re going to look with the dress which has always appeared to be very dark to me.

    Didn’t the dress have a companion sweater? Is that staying home?

  20. Alexis Bittar just keeps getting better and your choice is perfect, a touch arty but definitely elegant. I too hope we can see everything together and hear of this happy, very personal wedding.

  21. Frabulous! It’s the details that make the festive, and I think you’re right on the mark here. Resist your ingrained WASP tendency to less-is-more, and sparkle, kiddo!

  22. I am liking this palette of yours quite a lot. I really think taupe + aqua is a gorgeous combination and very stylish + original. I love reading your chronicling of style your evolution!

    xo Mary Jo

  23. I LOVE these accessories!!! The whole ensemble is just going to be perfect.


  24. Love your well chosen ensemble and cannot wait to see
    a picture of you and if course the
    The wedding. What style have you chosen
    for your hair?

  25. Emmaleigh504 – Thank you. It’s been on my covet list just waiting for the right excuse to purchase.

    Jan – Thank you. I confess I’m a jewelry fanatic.

    materfamilias – I will do my best. Thank you.

    Tabitha – I have only done it for work, before now. This is more fun.

    MJ – Thank you. I know, it’s outside my comfort zone too but the downside, I believe, is not too bad.

    DocP – Thank you!

  26. Jeanne-Aelia – Such a lovely, Ines-ish answer:). If you feel I may look chic I am thrilled. Thank you.

    Maggie da Geek – Thank you very much.

    Rosie – Bwahahaha. I will go and tell Mr. Tissue to dry his eyes and look forward to his playdate with Missy Lipstick. I need all the Artsy Cousin support I can get. Thank you.

    Ms. Bunny – Thank you.

    Janet – If not now when is one of my most favorite sayings of all time.

    deja pseu – Thank you. Couldn’t have done it without you.

  27. Susan – Thank you so much. You all have been so much help.

    Sally – I am honored. You are a patron spirit of this effort. And thank you for putting words to the warm/cool thing. I am unschooled in the technical terms and I love to know the theory behind my instincts.

    Mise – I will be there. Shall I bring dessert? And the thought I give the ensemble is, in all honesty, kind of for myself. But I use my brother as a guiding spirit to introduce generosity into my efforts.

    Mette – Thank you so much!

    Patsy – OK. I have some of those. You are a wonderful person to offer. Which reminds me, I need to load some of your stuff up into Polyvore.

    Valentine Hayes – How true. Let’s hope we keep the native sparkle in our eyes all the way to the end.

  28. Muffy – Yay!

    lauren – gah. if you can like them AND Muffy can like them I am truly having the best of all my worlds. Thank you.

    Miss Sophie – Thank you for your affirmation:).

    Cate – The pleasure is mine. Thank you.

    Audi – Well, if I am getting closer, it’s due in large part to your tutelage. I was concerned exactly about the degree and methods of match/no match. Thank you very much.

    Vivelavie – Interesting. I had not thought of eye and hair color, at least not consciously, but of course you are right. The etsy shop was a real pleasure to deal with.

  29. Hostess – Well some day let’s go shopping together! Why not? Would be fun. Thank you.

    Preppy 101 – And you are officially so nice and such a good Internet friend:).

    A Farmer’s Wife – And that’s a motto if I ever heard one. Thank you.

    Sarah – How did you miss it indded as I have nattered on unconscionably about the topic:). Thank you very much.

    Julia – Thank you. Do you ever think of writing about style at all? It seems to me you have it in abundance.

    TPP – Bittar is a genius, in my opinion. Did you see the article on his apartment? Very cerebral. If I can figure out Artsy Cousin, with the help of everyone here, particularly Audi and Sally and their posts, of course, I will happily provide the backend to yet another Preppy Princess business:). Thank you.

    1. Lisa, thank you for the compliment – but no, I have not yet thought my voice was needed in that area.

  30. Laura – Cheers to you! Thank you.

    Renaissance Trophy Wife – What a vote of confidence. I haven’t been in the business of rocking things. Never too late to start.

    Paula – Oh thank you very much. BTW, Alexis is a guy, just for accuracy. I don’t know what ethnicity he’s named in. Also, I’m surprised he isn’t available in Europe, he’s won awards here.

    RoseAG – The dress’s companion sweater is indeed staying home. Sweatered, the dress tends towards sportswear. And we shall see how it all works together. The dress has a pattern which includes dark and light.

    Duchesse – Thank you. Thank you very much.

    Jennifer – Thank you!

  31. Linda – Thank you, I always appreciate a New York opinion.

    Rubiatonta – Calloo callay! I’m chortling in my joy!

    Amanda – I like your granny. Which, by the way, is how my mother likes to be addressed by her grandchildren.

    mary jo – Oh thank you! I am learning from the crowd here, as best I can.

    BethAnn – Thank you so much.

    BarbaraG – Aha! Good point. I am thinking to wear a long, curled, ponytail, teased at the crown. I’ve got a band of graying now about 3 inches wide – but it integrates well enough with the previous incarnation of blonde highlights that I think it is fine.

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