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The Crunching Of Breakfast, Or, Saturday Morning At 7:44am

Every now and again, you know that one kid is having fun visiting a friend who’s about to get married, and the other kid is hanging out with a friend from high school, and you can hear the crunching of your significant other eating breakfast right over there, and you think, all will be well. All manner of things shall be well.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Note: With thanks to Julian of Norwich, who may have been the first woman to write a book in the English language. I wouldn’t even mind if she were apocryphal.

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  1. Yes, and Lisa isn’t that the most peaceful and content time to have; even if it for just a short while.

    Art by Karena

  2. My nemesis has always been reading comprehension. Being high anxiety as I am, I often sail over words and invent unintended abstractions. This is why I’m questioning myself as I read, infer and rejoice over this taunting cryptic morsel you’ve let drop from your cereal spoon this morning. I shall simply continue to stare out the window imagining what I think I just read.

  3. That’s a fine morning. Here’s mine: five kids crunching toast at the table after a giggle-girl-slumber-party! My morning was 180 degrees away from yours, but all girls are gone now and the house is a little quieter. Ahhh.

  4. Oh?
    And what might be this tidbit left floating in the bottom of the bowl? Captain Crunch? Cheeri-O’s??
    Do tell.

  5. For me it’s the slurping of cat food in addition to the spousal crunching of breakfast over the New York Times, but I know the feeling well. Have a lovely day.

  6. These are the treasured moments, and what life is all about…and being grateful for these moments is when the divine has finally spoken in your soul.
    Wishing you much more of the same for the rest of your weekend and beyond Lisa!
    xo J~

  7. What a perfect post ! It might surprise you, but it is my favourite to this day. Those moments of perfect contentment are few and far between, we have got to recognize them and treasure them !

  8. thank you for your thoughtful comment…..sounds like a lovely way to start the day….love you pics of South India, was in the same place in 1979!!

  9. Karena – I feel like having it for a short while reassures me, in the other times, that peace will return.

    Flo – Nothing terribly arcane, I promise:).

    Tabitha – I always use the term well-being. But it’s more glorious, you’re right. Worth studying up on what the required parameters are, and inducing it:).

    Mater – xox. I hope the wedding’s been wonderful for your daughter. And you and Pater.

    Stephanie – I did. I hope you did too.

    Stephanie – Little girl gigglefests provide a different sort of endorphin, no?

  10. Belle – It seems easy, when we’re young, if off in the distance. Then when you reach the distance, I think our internal lives become easier just as we realize that external lives can be tough, over and over.

    Marsha – Hugs and kisses. Thank you.

    Carole – Um, significant other ate breakfast and I could hear him? Daughter and son were both happily occupied, elsewhere?

    Rosie – Ha!

    Staircase Witch – I can still remember the jangle of dog collar against metal bowl:).

    A Farmer’s Wife – Thank you.

  11. Sarah – Thank you.

    Jessica – I believe a capacity for gratitude makes an enormous difference in one’s experience of life.

    Claudine – I am so happy you enjoyed it. I appreciate your comment very much.

    Joanna – You are welcome. And you must have been a VERY early traveller.

    Susan – Thank you!

  12. These moments are always there, but they are very very quiet. You have to purposefully listen for them.

    love is quiet

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