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Because Summer Dresses Are A Universal Right

When I posted, here, about patterns for our plus-size High WASP contingent, some readers wrote in to point out I’d neglected to offer any pieces for the apple-shaped. “Well, that’s no good,”  I thought.

Next, I remembered that I’d reached out to Cathy at Austin Slave to Fashion for plus size ideas. She gave me good ones. I forgot to use them. No good. No good at all.

So here’s a little remediation.

First, if you’re in the hunt for a smart, well-spoken, warm blogger who covers tasteful plus-size fashion, wander your way on over to Austin Slave of Fashion, here. I particularly like her interview, here.

Second, for you apples, a few dresses from the sources Cathy provided originally.

From La Grande Dame, for, bien sûr, the Grande Dame. If  Ms. Missoni and Mr. Pucci won’t knit her a dress, she’ll take this silk number from Anna Scholz, damn it. Cursing allowed after the second scotch. $299, on sale. Apples order up a size.

From eShakti, for the Artsy Cousin. She’ll wear a collar when Grandmama visits, but may insist on spiderweb leggings underneath. We never know with that one. $95.

And from Lucie Lu, for the Sturdy Gal, a little black dress. She knows she needs one, and she never can resist a good flower detail. $58.

There. Much better. And Cathy, thank you very much. Midlife gives good reason for forgetfulness, none whatsoever for rudeness. Thank you.

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  1. Those are really nice options! I always find that my friends who are full figured find nice pieces at Nordstroms! xoxo

  2. Lisa, Talbot’s has a good selection for women of substance!!

    Art by Karena

    Do come and enter my new Giveaway, a very special painting!

  3. Ah-ha! I see you’ve partially answered my earlier query about High Wasps and swearing — not that scotch and plumbing repairs should really mix!

  4. Lovely, and I and all the women folk in my family are that dastardly apple shape.
    Thank you for working on the ‘At Home’ wear, I want classic WASP wear and I am depending on you Lisa!

  5. I have that Anna Scholz dress and agree with the recommendation to size up if an apple shape. It is a favorite. (Acutally, I love much of her White Label line.) You can also order directly from her website and all the spring/summer clothing is on sale right now.

  6. That Artsy Cousin dress is simply wonderful! This Artsy Cousin may need to invest in it.

  7. I’m not plus, but at the very highest end of the misses’ range, 14-16. I would not choose the two empire-waisted dresses, too jeune fille for a woman 60+, and love the Pucci-esque number. Anna Scholz gets it right, too many designers with a plus line veer ‘cute’. Talbot’s sometimes have some good dresses in their Women’s line. Marina Rinaldi offer the same taste and discretion in as in the owner, MaxMara’s company.

  8. Well I am more of a pear, but just wanted to say I loved the title of the post. Sundresses are the best. I pray for the few summer days in Holland where I can actually wear my extensive collection of dresses and rejoice when they finally come. Wearing a sundress is when I feel the most me, it is just so easy and happy and pretty. Used to live in Barcelona and Mexico, hence the collection, but now… what I need is a post on “How to look cute when dressing for the under 0ºC temeperatures.” I still haven´t got that figured out yet… I end up with sweaters over sweaters and it´s not so pretty.
    Also love the black dress with the white neck for the artsy cousin and the little cute black dress.

  9. How the dickens did I miss this post yesterday??

    I’m not apple shaped (I have a cousin who once told me, as a teenager, that I was shaped like the Liberty Bell), but I like all of those dresses – particularly the Artsy Cousin one, oddly enough. The Grand Dame dress is too busy, and the Sturdy Gal dress is just a shade too frumpy, I think.

  10. Outstanding choice in the first image. I love it. That is a year ’round sweetie. I think the second two are super cute. Thank you for sharing the websites as I will definitely return to them for a more leisurely perusal. I’d love to give a few of those frocks a test drive before the weather cools.

  11. I’ve been buying dresses like mad of late, must be the weather. When it’s too hot to think about putting an ensemble together, it’s a joy to be able to throw on a dress and go. And you get that lovely column of color that is so flattering, too.

  12. Cecilia – Thank you!

    Marsha – Artsy in every way:). Also nice.

    rb – I know, I don’t either, but it’s so graceful.

    Karena – So I have heard, thank you!

    mater – Hahahahaha. No. Although afterwards, some sort of of cocktail is necessary.

    Tabitha – Well we shall see what you think. I have a feeling that the topic is not yet exhausted.

    DocP – I saw your comment on the site! That’s where I got the recommendation, and your comment confirmed for me that I had chosen correctly:).

  13. Cathy – The pleasure is all mine.

    Emmaleigh – Machine washable is the Sturdy Gal’s present for her Artsy Cousin:).

    Duchesse – I agree, the second two dresses don’t work so well for the over 45.

    Amanda – Well thank you! As for the cold, I found when I lived in New York that I simply needed an extremely warm top layer, so I could instantly go from warm enough to cool enough in overhead indoor environments.

    Jan – I think the more we spend following the creative pursuits of our hearts, the Artsier we Sturdy sorts can become. Now there’s a serious thought for us. Hmm.

    Sylvie – Thank you! Glad to be of use.

    Rubi – Yes, thank goodness for the column of color:).

  14. Thank you thank you thank you… You have *no* idea how much you’ve helped me with this post. Thank you!

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