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High WASPs, as we have amply demonstrated, focus intently on what to wear out and about. At home, however, it’s a different story. We let things fray, call each other princesses over Thanksgiving dinners, and burn the choucroute.

Home is also where we face our lack of small motor coordination.

Welcome to my house, currently converted to the Privilege[d] bumper sticker manufacturing plant. I received the stickers from BuildASign nicely shrink-wrapped, and thought, “Aha! I shall replicate! With Costco plastic wrap and recycled cardboard from various online purchases!”

Don’t everyone laugh at once.

All of which is to say, later today I will send emails of confirmation to everyone who a) asked for a bumper sticker b) informed me of their snail mail address. Literary consistency required that the Five Minutes Early packages be sent first. I took them to the post office Friday, the rest will go today. If you did not receive an email, and believe you both requested a bumper sticker and provided your address, I apologize.

Blame it on the plastic wrap, which is probably wrapped around my hands as we speak. Please forgive me, and resend your request and address.

I confess to some embarrassment over the non-professional methodology. High WASPs are plagued by shame, freer at home than elsewhere. For this culture, I am realizing the best remedy is simply to extend the concept of home as far as one can.

I do not recommend this packaging as a scalable enterprise strategy, but it is good therapy for the overly-serious among us.

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  1. *blink* And you ask me how I manage to cook the way I do? I’m agog with admiration at your efforts. (Some day I’ll take a picture of my “studio” – which is really our dining room – so you can bask in the disorganization that is my food photography equipment/props.)

  2. Oh boy, were you prepared for the posting mess?
    Sometimes, just sending one package somewhere, might be surprisingly time consuming. And it looks like you really have a packing factory over there ; ).

  3. Beware! My daughter, at about 4 years old, shocked herself when she found the scotch tape she was experimenting with was more easily wrapped around her face (yes, covering mouth and, eventually nostrils) than to remove. Luckily, she moved swiftly into her father’s field of vision, and he quickly restored the breathing option.
    I know, saran wrap is not quite as adhesive as tape, but still . . . take care with this dangerous activity ;-)

  4. I love that you’re doing this! And don’t feel bad, after 11 + years of shipping, I’m still a bit disorganized whenever I put together a mailer campaign and can’t do it without an assistant, who I’m sure thinks I’m a complete hot mess.

    xo Mary Jo

  5. Give me some good shame and I’ll wallow in it! Personally I love your methodology, and would be happy to offer the services of Tilly, our current shipping manager. :)

  6. This is why I don’t do blog give-aways, or sell books online, or prints of my artwork. I currently have 7 mailer envelopes on my dresser where they’ve sat for two weeks while I “remember” to look up my friends’ addresses. Sigh.

  7. I’m still plugging away. Clearly I was way too optimistic in estimating time frames for this project. But I’m almost done. Lesson learned, and it’s worth it to think of the little stickers out there in the world:).

  8. I was five minutes early for my dental appointment this week. I am usually late. I felt so good and your mother’s words were in my head telling me “five minutes early is on time.” Thanks to Lisa’s mom!

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