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Yay New York!

As you know, the state of New York recently voted to allow legal same sex marriage. I am very happy, and want to get the word out for an upcoming celebratory event.

Meg Keene, over at A Practical Wedding, is helping to host a dance party on August 25th, for 200 people, in New York City. A special dance party, at which these two couples will be getting married, and everyone else will be dancing, carousing, and enjoying themselves with abandon.

I’ve gotten to know Meg via the blogosphere, and then in person, since she lives in San Francisco. This past weekend, she and her husband came to my father’s house for lunch. Her visit confirmed something I’ve suspected for a very long time.

Even the sassy and liberal can have very good manners.

Yay New York! has all the hallmarks of a wonderful, memorable event. If you live nearby, I hope you attend. If you live elsewhere but want to buy a ticket in support, you can. That’s what I’ll be doing. Maybe I’ll win the Hart and Sol photo session.

Now let me turn it over to Meg. She says, in several posts on A Practical Wedding,

“The big day is here! Tickets are on sale for Yay New York: APW & Lowe House Events Mass Reception to Celebrate Marriage Equality. Here is the scoop:

  • Tickets are $20 (this money will go to help pay for the party), and we’re strongly suggesting a $40 tax deductible donation to LAMBDA Legal at the door, so make sure you bring your wallet!!
  • We will have limited edition tote bags…for sale at the event for $20 and limited edition posters available for $10.
  • The party will include guest appearances from the recently married couples, dancing-your-face-off courtesy of DJ Whitney Day, an open bar, and damn good company.
  • The party will take place on August 25th, from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM, at 320 Studios in Manhattan.
  • We can’t wait to see you there.
  • There are 200 tickets available, and I suspect they are going to get snapped up like hotcakes.

As a reminder, Hart & Sol Photo (APW sponsors) are giving away a free two hour photo session. You can use it for anything you want, and the session is transferable, so if you’re not in the NYC area, you can give it to someone who is. You can enter by buying a ticket, but better yet, you can enter by telling your friends to come. For every friend that you refer to buy a ticket before next Wednesday [ed. note, Wednesday, August 10th] (they need to list your name in the “who referred you” section of the ticket form), you’re also entered to win the Hart & Sol Photo session. If you can’t come, but you tell all your friends in NYC to come? You totally could win.

So spread the word, buy a ticket, and we’ll see you there.”

It’s important to champion one’s beliefs.

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  1. I’m still saying Yah New York privately to myself over the recent vote, one of the few political issues that actually prompted me to pick up the phone and call my state senator. It looks like it will be a fabulous event.

  2. I’m so happy – good on New York. Now for the rest of the states in the US. As my gays friends say: If you’re not going to give us the same rights – don’t tax us! That puts it in perspective!“

  3. I’m bummed as hell, because I actually DON’T live far away (and my in-laws live in LI, an easy train ride into midtown), but I just started a new job and exhausted most of my initial PTO on a nasty stomach bug the first month on the job (I KNOW, RIGHT?) and going to dear friends’ wedding/mini-vacation in the PNW this past week.

    So. Seeing as I can’t take that Friday off, I really can’t go. :( I was really hoping the party would be on a Friday night (I realize a Saturday would have been impossible) as that I could have easily done.

    I do, however, plan to donate to a great cause. :)

  4. Jan – :)

    Mardel – Good for you.

    Jody – Ha! Clear perspective

    irisira – Good for you. And yes, a stomach bug in your first month of work is INSULT TO INJURY:).

    DocP – Thank you.

    Marilyn – That it is.

    Meg – I know, right? You’re very welcome.

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