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LPC Is At Corporette For Sort Of Splurge Tuesday

Today, again, I am at Corporette. This time featuring a Tory Burch dress I bought recently. Regular readers of Privilege may be shocked at the colors. I have absolutely no explanation for what came over me, except that beauty has magical powers. See you on the other side.

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  1. I can see why you fell in love with the color and pattern. It’s like wearing a beautiful scarf.

  2. I´m not shocked by the colors, they are the darker shade of pales.
    The model is not a good choice ( the one modeling the dress ). It should look much better on you.
    I had to come here with my comment, as the bloggers were talking off topic on the other site.

  3. What a senSAYYYshunal dress that is! The sound of the “heavy” silk appeals, I can FEEL it. You’re gonna be great in that dress. If only the plum color range didn’t go to the grave on me, taking me along. Dammit.

  4. I’m not sure what I think. The colors and pattern are not the typical “you”. Where will you wear the dress? Have I missed something, and you’re going back to a corporate job?

  5. That’s a lovely gig you’re doing over there, Lisa, and a beautiful dress. I doubt I’ll ever embrace navy blue, but the dress would be marvelous too with dark red biker boots and conspicuous ruby earrings.

  6. Luxury boho + color galore? I love it, but you’ve surprised me with your break from your “Quiet Dresser” category. Carpe diem!

  7. Love that dress! Do you think the to-the-knee length will work with ballet flats, though? I’ve bought a few Lilly dresses with a similar silhouette and thought they made me look dumpy. So, I had them shortened.

  8. Valentine – It just called to me!

    Metscan – I think you are right, the colors are just a more saturated version of what I have always liked. Corporette serves as a forum, essentially, so the comment threads often go off track.

    Flo – Ha! Thank you.

    ms Givens – Thank you!

    Hijab – Thank you very much for the vote of confidence.

  9. Laura – I’m shocked too, but the colors are far more muted in person than they show in the screen. I think this will be a unique experience.

    Marsha – Don’t forget my Sturdy self. Sturdy Gals LIKE self-belts;).

    kathy – They have not been me typically:). I think this is the exception that proves the rule. And I don’t think I could go that far towards the 70s. Although, we are discovering that we surprised ourselves…

    SewingLibrarian – Thank you! I couldn’t have done it without you all:).

  10. Mise – I thank you. Conspicuous, or at least reasonably visible, ruby earrings I have. The red biker boots I’ll have to go on a mission for. I will wear that outfit if I ever win an award. I promise.

    Flo – Hmmm. Are you coming West?

    Vix – I know. I know. Just think of it as a graphic tee, right? If it had a collar I couldn’t have done it.

    Donna – I am thinking that the gray hair is what has led me toward more color.

    Patsy – It’s not as long as it appears on the model. Hits me at mid-knee and I think flats will be fine. We will see.

  11. Dress has character, colour and mystery- fab pick! Love it when you veer toward arty, which this dress can easily be, with shooties and big hoops, or high boots. It really is one of those magical “passepartout” pieces.

  12. Lisa,
    Do you know the designs of William Morris, who was a textile design during the Arts and Crafts period? There was something about the pattern of the dress that was familiar to me, and that’s what it is.
    Still am wondering where you’d wear a dress like this? Our lifestyles are somewhat similar and I occasionally see a dress like this, that I do like – but wonder, where would I wear it?
    I’d like to think I’d wear it out to dinner, but in all reality, I probably wouldn’t. So, I’m very curious.

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