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Will You Be Buying New Dress Up Gear For Winter Festivities?

Traditionally I have bought something new to dress up in every year right about now. This year I will probably wear Narciso Rodriguez again. Or Prada. Or the new Tory Burch. Possibly I will buy a pair of black velvet jeans, to wear with this white blouse.

But in another world, the one where we all have infinite finances, soirée upon glittering soirée to attend, and legs from here to China, I’d order this. And wear it with Rose Oud, black eyeliner, and something glimmering at my ears. (In that world keyboards automatically know when to insert accents too.)

Oh, and I’d keep the gray hair. Consistency, my friends, consistency and some shimmer.

Lanvin does copper, via net-a-porter

I do love separates for dress up. Taking, whenever I can, a page from Carolina Herrera’s book. Skål, and winter festivities for all. For more festivity, visit the wonderful bloggers here.

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  1. Personally, I think this outfit needs blonde hair (like mine)!! How scrumptious, Lisa. Now, you see, you’ve given me the theme for our BIO Christmas post I think. And, no, I won’t be buying anything new, just updating the looks with my new jewelry designs.
    Sending love, precious friend.

  2. Quite funny. I have a black (quite old) Narcisso Rodriguez, a Prada (but perhaps too summery), and the same Tory Burch dress. Perhaps we could split the cost of the Lanvin jacket and Fed-Ex it back and forth? It’s so elegant, and would even look quite nice with the black velvet jeans.

  3. I’ve had my beady eye on that jacket for ages.
    I’ve gone and bought something ridiculous and over the top, I’m not sure whether or not to return it.

  4. Oh you’d look divine in that outfit.
    I love love love that jacket! If it were mine I’d wear it with jeans and a tee shirt as well as after 5 ensembles.

    I can see you in a black velvet pair of trousers with a crisp white shirt, bling at the earlobes and a black velvet bow on a low pony tail and some sexy heels.
    My idea of that Sturdy Girl standard code of dress.

  5. No new purchases this holiday season. I have too many party things I have yet to wear, so I promised myself nothing new until what I already own has had a chance to make an appearance.

  6. I’m not a fan or brown, but I love that outfit!

    I bought a new fancy dress this winter, because I had already worn all my fancy dresses to the work holiday party several times. I found a bargain and ordered a dress. It fit perfectly, so I cut off the tags. Two days later work canceled the holiday party.

    At least I’m prepared for the next even that requires a long dress.

  7. Sorry, think the jacket is ugly why the big black bows? brown ones would be a tad better.

    The skirt and top is great love the colours.Ida

  8. That’s a luxe look, I see it the kind of woman who wears Stubbs and Wootton slippers and has a pug. Or whoever can wear bows on pockets, sweetly or subversively. A perfect example of knowing what you can wear, and sometimes you know it for everyday clothes but lose the perception for formal wear.

  9. How wonderful it is to dream of life with bottomless finances! I’ve been following your hair story for some time now and enjoying it thoroughly – stuck here in rural Central Italy with women who remain stoically one tone chestnut into their nineties I am saluted loudly in the street “See, there goes Tamsin who DOESN’T DYE HER HAIR”. In Italian it sounds a little more musical, but galling all the same. Glad to hear you’re staying grey.

  10. I haven’t gotten much wear out of the long silver lamé cardi and tee that I bought in the post-holiday sales, so I’m going to be a good girl. I will need to dig out my velvet jeans — it’ll be time for shopping on storage soon!

  11. Fabulous! I love this Lanvin jacket, love it! It’s a great length, and once I arrange a completely different lifestyle, it will be perfect.
    Meanwhile, I’ve got a black velour asymmetrical dress I’ll be wearing for the 3rd holiday season, but also have picked up black velvet leggings and a black-silver lurex striped tunic. Last year’s sequinned grey tank will get some play and there are a few long and long-ish black skirts I haul out for fun (one’s beaded, the other embroidered).
    But if my fairy godmother was being liberal with her wand, I’d have exactly what you’ve put together here — and that waist and legs combo as well, at least until pumpkin-midnight time.

  12. Happy Thanksgiving, Dear Heart!

    Those black velvet jeans + white blouse are going to need….well, here’s hoping you’ve stalked the just-right leather jacket by now. Pounce!

  13. I bought two pairs of shoes last weekend from Pedro. They are my options for our office Holiday Party. I have an upcoming post in the next couple of days that will showcase those shoes.

  14. I like your two first older outfits, the first two you mention in the text. Maybe the white shirt and pants too.
    Imo, you could very well buy something new, as you have the money, and you are celebrating the coming festivities as a working lady again.
    Keep searching.
    No party stuff for me this year.

  15. I literally took a page from Carolina Herrera last summer and had my dressmaker in Jakarta make two long silk taffeta skirts after CH’s (one a very dark navy and the other grey). I wore them during the fall opera season and will wear them again for the holidays (with white shirts or cashmere sweaters). I still have some J. Crew velvet pants in black and brown from the mid-90’s which will likely see duty as well. I like the suggestion from Flo to wear with a leather jacket, but would need to begin that arduous and possibly futile quest for the perfect one.

  16. I’m making two new skirts. The first is a plaid wool from Britex that my mother bought who-knows-how-many-years-ago. The other will be a pretty velvet print in gray and navy. That’s about as “fancy” as I need to get. When one works for a public college and one’s husband works for a regulated public utility, one does not attend lavish corporate parties at Christmas.

  17. A comment from my husband, David (after I showed him the Lanvin jacket)

    “Why do women think that wearing upholstery fabric looks attractive? Across the board, men hate it!”


    1. “Across the board, men hate it!”

      Oh hello classic dilemma, come right in and take a seat: dress for men v. dress for self.

      Lisa, it’s all yours…

    2. I think it is an interesting topic for discussion, Flo.

      However, wasn’t acquiescing to him about the jacket, as I wasn’t planning on such an expensive purchase anyway. Just thought it was a funny comment.

    3. “However, wasn’t acquiescing to him about the jacket…”

      Oh no, I knew that, Kathy. I just recognized the classic dilemma, and pushed it further into a broader realm, a realm I struggle with myself, being a semi-new bride [even at this decrepit age]. I loved that you shared your husband’s remark.

    4. Thanks Flo,
      Had a very difficult argument with my mother with endless criticisms from her about me. Was feeling quite sensitive. I do find it a very interesting topic and, Lisa, if you’re reading this, I do think it would make a great post.
      Again Flo, thanks, and a very Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    5. “Had a very difficult argument with my mother with endless criticisms from her about me.”

      This makes me sad, I am sorry. Without knowing a single thing, and with nothing but appreciation for every single mother out there, I suspect from afar your Mom might be projecting her own shortcomings onto you. It happens so often, it happened to me, it’s hurtful and it’s more common than it should be. Happy Thanksgiving Kathy, and Lisa, and to every one of AmidPrivilege’s readers and writers. I’m thankful for this forum, and for its ever graceful and generous host. Cheers!

  18. Love the Lanvin. Does grey hair go with brown/copper? It’s one of the things I keep thinking about when considering my hair, what colours will no longer suit me.

    I love my black jeans with shoe boots. Would avoid black trousers and white shirt here in Britain, it is the uniform of waitresses/waiters. Jewel coloured tops with sequins and beads are my choice to go with them.

  19. Love this luxe coppery ensemble–I’m feeling the pull to separates as well this year and Caroline Herrera is one of my fashion icons. Thinking of tuxedo pants and a white blouse if I can find the right ones before it’s too late!

    xo mary jo

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