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Buy A Wedding Planning Book For Christmas

Surely you suspect that someone you know, perhaps your sister, or your daughter, or niece, might get engaged this Christmas. Maybe it’s something you’re thinking about yourself. If so, please, now, today, go order my friend Meg’s book on Amazon.

Meg writes the blog A Practical Wedding. I’ve guest posted over there a couple of times. A smarter, sassier crew of young women you are unlikely to find anywhere.

Meg’s book, called, unsurprisingly, A Practical Wedding, is on order as of today at Amazon. It poses the question, can I plan a beautiful, affordable, meaningful wedding in 2011? The answer, unsurprisingly, is yes. And if we all order together, the book may show up on the book-o-meter in the sky. A worthy goal.

Meg has been my friend and supporter since a few months into my blogging endeavor. I’ve counseled her. She’s counseled me. No request was made, at all, for this post here on Privilege. I just couldn’t let her big Book Buy day go buy without bringing it to the attention of the Privilege[d].  Again, it’s on Amazon here. They say it’ll arrive post-Christmas, but there’s a good chance they are wrong. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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  1. Are you getting married? I’ll need to know ASAP so that I may begin the grieving process and get on with/over it.

  2. Darling Daughter and her intended have been threatening to do the engagement/wedding planning thing for over a year now, and she just told me that they’re putting it off…again. *sigh* Perhaps if I buy this for her, it will help put it back on. :P

  3. How wonderful that Meg is now published! I’ll be sure to check it out and pass it along– surely someone around here knows someone getting married?

  4. Hi: I just stumbled upon you through Art by Karena, we have a huge giveaway there, and I noticed you on her sidebar. With 3 darling daughters, I will be needing this book one day. Thanks for the review, there is hope that this can be a manageable event.

  5. I’d love to but I’m afraid I’d jinx whatever hope my sons have for a wedding.

    I had a disaster with a break-up last Christmas.

  6. You are one of the great persons that I have come to “know” through APW. Just wanted to say thanks for linking and sharing to the “old” post on your great aun Priscilla’s wedding, I just read it yesterday (since I arrived to APW in May 2010 or so, I year later than said post), and wow. Wow the heirloom dress, their life, the wisdom in there. (and Yay for Meg ;) )

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