Year: 2012

Fierce at 50

The Question Of Dressing For Men, After 50

It’s New Year’s Eve in the Cultural West. What, then, to wear? Let’s first wave to the Lunar New Year, and to Rosh Hashanah. Hello


Christmas, 2012

Dove via tommylees, on Flickr, holly leaves via On Dancer, on Prancer, we’re just going to take a little nap here on a fence.


Colored Lights, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:11am

This year I’ve got an artificial tree, covered in colored lights and rainbow balls. Not my tradition; Significant Other’s. I got the tree at Walgreen’s,

Last Minute Present Suggestions

Just in case you’re a last minute shopper, as I am most years, I offer a few suggestions. 1. Naracamicie has opened an online store.

Culture of Origin

Exploring Boundaries, Both Artsy And Of Age

Few of us adhere purely to one way of dressing. We’ve all taken multiple directions, from tried and true outfits, to the adventurous, to the

And Again, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:48am

There no way to sit down and write this morning without thinking of yesterday’s killings. A young man shot 20 children in an elementary school

Fierce at 50

Context Is All

One more story about my recent trip to New York City, if I can prevail on your patience. We don’t wear winter coats much, out