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What A Difference A ‘Do Makes

This is my new friend. It’s a  hair fork. But you knew that. It lets me do this.

In case you are thinking, “Oh that looks complicated,” here’s what, it’s not. Behold the instructions. I pull my hair back with one hand,  as though for a high ponytail. Then I hold the ponytail and twist. Just before the twist starts to kink, I  wrap it around the place where a rubber band would be. If, of course, this were a ponytail, which it isn’t. Then I take the fork in my free hand, turn it upside down with the curve of the prongs facing away from me, dig it into the top of the formed bun, and then flip it so the tine are now pointing down and curved towards my head.. Then I gently wiggle it back down through my hair next to my scalp, until firmly imbedded. In my hair, not my scalp. You’d think I didn’t need to say that, but given my lack of small coordination, in fact, I do.

For the first time in my adult life I can put my hair up with relative ease. What’s more, I can put my hair back up, once I’ve inevitably disturbed Version 1.0. I like this ‘do without a collared shirt. Somehow it seems to go better with the slightly artsy vibe of an open neckline. What? To a Sturdy Gal, collarless is close to artsy.

My new friend makes me feel graceful. Even when I’m just going to stomp around in black pants, a loose sweater, and comfortable shoes.

I’d give you a link for purchase, were you so inclined, but I bought the dang thing from a woman at a street craft fair. Perhaps she was a magic hair witch, appearing only once every 100 years. The combination of wood’s lightness with metallic paint is kind of unbeatable.

I will confess one thing. The Nike-style swoosh atop my head? The sort of 1940’s wave? Wholly serendipitous. Couldn’t do it again on purpose. But one should never look the Hair Gods in the mouth. Onwards and literally upwards.

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  1. *le sigh of jealousy* My hair is far too thick for combs of any kind – they either pop right out, or the teeth break. Hair clips are a challenge, as well; one the size of Rhode Island is required to hold my stubborn locks in place.

  2. Oh! Those are lovely photos.

    Have you heard of the Spin-Pin? My friend discovered it through one of the lifestyle blogs. It’s a spiral shaped pin – that you spin into your bun. My friends love it. I found a video showing you what I’m talking about. You can also google – spin pin.

    It’s always out of stock in the local stores – so when she finally got stocks – she bought half a dozen ( in case she looses them ).

  3. Good morning Lisa,
    Your hair looks wonderful!
    If you want to add more hair forks to your collection, go to Etsy and type in “wooden hair fork”. I found several beauty’s and I am so inspired by your lovely do, I bought one. I so need hair help. Thank you.
    SF Bay Area

  4. Ooh, I love it! Cool and classy! Alas, my hair is shorter and though fluffy/frizzy is basically thin, so an updo gives me the dreaded “bean head.”

  5. Yes to the hair fork! The dark wood/golden paint-combination is so classic and elegant!

    Not long, and you will be able to do your hair-do with almost everything – a spoon, a stick, anything goes.

    What I love about that look is the effortless it signals.

    greetings from my grey knit to your grey knit! (mine is resting on my shoulders right now, it’s too warm inside)

  6. That looks so good!

    I sometimes do a similar thing with chopsticks … I’ve even been known to use pens back in university during exams. It’s a great, quick updo.

  7. I agree with everyone else – the whole effect is lovely and sharp.

    I’ll have to admit though that I don’t quite understand the instructions :blush: I followed up through the “like a high ponytail and then twist until just before it kinks,” but I got lost after that.

    Since I’m still wearing ponytails with scünci-type holders, I’d love to have a more elegant variation

    1. I also tend to drift off when reading technical instructions. This might be good as an instructional video, Lisa! If you were ever to go in that direction.

  8. May I say that the new trick is VERY becoming! Better than any other you have tried. The comb is very classy.

  9. You look smashing and elegant! Love the swoosh.

    (My hair is so fine that even when long, it wouldn’t hold combs, or even barrettes other than the little plastic kiddie ones.)

  10. Oh you are so super sleek, I wish I had your metabolism.
    The hair comb is beautiful, I was certain that it was going to be an heirloom handed down from your great great grandmother. What a find.

  11. I’m not sure if this is the same, but here is a video I found showing someone using a hair fork to make a bun (in slightly less than sleek hair, as well).

    Where I got lost on the instructions here was in this part “Then I take the fork in my free hand, turn it upside down with the curve of the prongs facing away from me, dig it into the top of the formed bun, and then flip it so the tine are now pointing down and curved towards my head.. ”

    I see, too, that here the fork decoration ends up on top, which does look a bit more elegant than the “ends up on the side” of the video I linked.

    The spin pins look interesting – thanks for that link. I do sort of like the fork-tip protruding and giving a chance for a wee bit of decoration though.

  12. You appear to weigh about the same as the hair thingy.

    Are you wasting away in front of us?

    V. jealous if you are.

    xo Jane

  13. So graceful- and would like to see the back. Also looks loose enough to not pull hard on hair, which is another plus.

  14. Oh, it looks very elegant! You have a beautiful long neck. You know, though, that I shall go in search of one of these forks…and it will take me years to find it. And then I will buy one after my hair is short again.

  15. For over 20 years Nancy “Morgan” Reed has been making exotic and beautifully figured wood hair sticks, selling them at art shows and festivals throughout California and can probably be found on the interwebs. Though my own hair (very like the fluff of my infancy) is kept too short to twist, several friends have used these for years as an elegant daily long-hair solution. Antique and vintage combs and “forks” of faux or real tortoise can still be found at antique shows, though they are less sturdy than wood.

  16. hmmm… I searched wood hair fork on etsy and it produced several things that looked oddly like wooden molars that has just been pulled. but I will find my own hair fork witch- the magic this has done for your hair looks worth a quest.

  17. Dearest Lisa,
    Nice people will say whatever it is they think you want to hear in the sweetest way possible. Kind people tell the truth. You are a stunning Lady but your hairstyle and color is neither current nor flattering. Please consider a change.
    With Love,
    Your very loyal reader

  18. I am instantly jealous at your updo. I adore the Audrey Hepburn chignon, or the Grace Kelly upsweep. So classic, feminine, chic! Alas, my hair is so think that it would require a fork of the size of the one I use on Thanksgiving to serve the turkey to keep mine up in the air. Along with 37 bobby pins. Your make it look so graceful and effortless, brava!

  19. What everyone else said.

    Makes me want to grow my hair long again. And find a street vendor selling magic hair forks. And get a grey cashmere v-neck sweater. (Imitation being sincere flattery.)

  20. I like the hair thingy but would proceed with caution.

    I have a friend whose mother is a Philadephia Quaker and she’s had a gray bun for a long time, so when I see gray buns I think about that friend’s mother.

    Please – no wire-rimmed glasses or braids with this do. The swooshy looseness at the front is good, and maybe a bolder yet still natural shaded lipstick.

  21. This is almost exactly what I do, except that my favorite hair fork is brass, so I am as smugly pleased as if I had instructed you personally. Brava!

  22. GORGEOUS! The same elegance that Meryl Streep had in Devil Wears Prada, but less severe, and more competent-elegant v. fashion-elegant.
    I am half your age but 80% of your sensibilities, and cannot wait until the day when I can pull this off and look just this way.

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