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I made a list in Google Docs, as one does. Had I drawn someone with a question mark I would have emailed them prior to announcing, to make sure their comment was in fact an entry. The analog, verbal world doesn’t always translate without ambiguity to the digital, numerical world. Such is life.

I generated a random number, as one does. I suppose Get Your Own is the analog component to a digital Random Number. Purpose compared to Fate.

A winner was born. Diane Sibon, congratulations! Please email me at the Skye Peale address to the right, with your address, and I will ship these off tout de suite.

I do love giving you guys presents. I think I’ll try to beat the bushes for some more giveaways.

Yours in analog friendship,


EDIT: Aaaack! There was a 22 and I failed in my efforts to be wholly fair! I’m very bad at numbers, have I ever told you that? Hostess of the Humble Bungalow, she of the wonderful dinner parties, will receive an apology present to make up for my quantitative shortcomings.

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  1. ohhh I missed it? well i will hopefully catch the next one, i love your giveaways. hope your job is bringing you lots of happiness!

    xo mary jo

  2. Just got back from a girls weekend in sunny FL, catching up on my favorite blogs, and to my surprise….me, a winner?? Thank you Lisa! My first entry in a blog giveaway and to win! Thanks for the well wishes, wish I were closer to Hostess and would offer to share! Will try them on with Theory trousers and a button down in honor of you Lisa!! Thanks again, Diane

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