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No Shame Around Breakfast, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:53am

Maybe you eat in the morning. Maybe you don’t.

I think it’s time to relinquish shame. You like breakfast? Eat it. You don’t? Ignore with impunity. Never mind the diet pundits. 55 years of life have convinced me that breakfast is one area where everyone gets to decide for themselves.

The world is full enough of should already. Enjoy your toast, your smoked salmon, your egg white omelette, your cruller. Or not.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Thanks! I don’t really like breakfast, and there is no meal I dislike going out for more than brunch. I grab something small in the morning and eat it on the run.

  2. Thanks for the permission! ;-) enjoyed my bacon & eggs this morning, marmalade on the toast, piping hot smoky black tea, with milk. The weekend papers. It’s all good . . hope your weekend is as well.

  3. Oh thank you Lisa for not starting a preach about how healthy it is, to start the day with a healthy breakfast, of how important just the breakfast is.
    Writing this, I admit being served a piece of rye bread e v e r y single morning ( because my husband likes it this way ) with my mug of coffee and a small portion of unflavored yoghurt + sugar free muesli.
    I really am so tired of all the talk of healthy meals ; ).

  4. You’re the best, Lisa! I have had both levels of breakfast guilt, believe it or not. The worst is feeling like you “should” eat something even when you’re not the least bit hungry.

  5. I suspect those of us who don’t do morning without a good breakfast have a difficult time comprehending that some people can’t do food until they have been awake for several hours.

  6. I usually cannot eat first thing in the morning…My coffee with soy milk gets me by until round 11.
    You must know how many people in the world cannot handle that! The most important meal of the day etc..

    Art by Karena

  7. Thank you, St. Lisa, for your absolution. My particular shame is that today we weren’t even up for breakfast–we lay in bed reading, cats draped all over us, until about noon. And then I made lunch. It’s the most important meal of the day!

  8. I’ve never been much of a morning eater. My breakfast for the past five or so years has been terrible instant coffee from a packet, and dry toast, rye if I can get it. If anyone yells at me for this, I’ll refer them to your blog.
    –Road to Parnassus

  9. I can’t think of a single instance when my decision to or to not to, was ever questioned. Good thing! =)

  10. As someone who loves the *idea* of breakfast, but can’t seem to handle the reality of it? This was the perfect thing to hear/read.

    1. Sheryl,

      I am so with you! I adore the idea of breakfast but need a few hours of wakeup time before I put something in my mouth. After which, I never stop of course:)

      But I do love lazy brunches – especially the ones that someone else serves up!

      Lisa, beautiful picture! Filled me up with morning….

  11. Oh, Lisa, this is something I have been struggling with for so long! I don’t want to eat when I first wake up, but the diet gurus have made me feel so guilty I have taken to slamming back protein drinks in the morning. This is to both give me some nutrition and assuage my guilt. What I really want when I get up is coffee and nothing else for several hours.

  12. I love breakfast food so much that I like having it at night. The first meal I made for my husband when we started dating was waffles. He was horrified because there is not, apparently, a good wine to drink with waffles.

  13. Funny how successful Darbo is! This is the second time I notice the tiny jars on a foreign blog. To us Darbo is probably like Skippy is to you.

  14. I can’t live without my black bean and egg burrito, doused with Cholula sauce. I eat one every day and stay fortified and un-crabby until after I’m done teaching. I’m one of those people for whom breakfast is absolutely vital. If I don’t get to eat in the morning, I will shank someone (metaphorically). With no shame.

  15. It’s funny that people are always saying you HAVE to do this or that. I eat whenever I feel hungry and if that means eating right before bed (or midnight snack because I wake up hungry), I do so. And I have always stayed quite skinny. Sometimes I eat breakfast sometimes I don’t. Every day is different.

  16. Oh breakfast is my favorite meal of them all. I love breakfast food, I could live on breakfast. Tea, Juice, French toast, pancakes, jams, lemon curd, oatmeal.
    I also love to go all out on weekends and make more elaborate things (like omelettes) which are not all that hard to make, but quite impossible on the morning rush of weekdays.

    1. It’s the dieticians, telling everyone that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that one will become inevitably obese if they don’t eat in the morning. I love breakfast myself, but I don’t think it’s for everyone.

  17. Can´t go out of the house without breakfast. Tea and a muesli made from an apple, oatmeal and kefir. Only that – and this since 30 years …Some call that crazy!

  18. My favourite meal & time of the day with HB….half a grapefruit,2 slices of brown wholemeal toast with marmalade + tea….w/e porridge & coffee. Happy mornings. Ida

  19. If my breakfasts could be this elegant, I might indulge every morning. As it is, often a piece of fresh fruit is enough. My metabolism seems to slowly kick in over the course of a day. If I eat a real breakfast, then I tend to be hungry all day long. I don’t understand this…but I do trust the messages my body gives me.

  20. There is indeed much of the bkfst habit that hopes the health gurus are right. It still does not few natural to me. Love your sentiments!

  21. One of the joys of being mostly retired is not having to merely ingest breakfast.

    Breakfast celebrates a new day, no matter where we’re going. Prepares us to perform, but invites us to reflect on how good it is to have another day. I used to awaken early to prepare sliced fruit or some other minor grace note for my sons’ breakfasts. I wanted to send them off with a predisposition for enjoyment.

  22. Just stumbled in. I like your post.
    Never ate breakfast till I became old.
    I have to eat before my pills.
    Come over and visit.
    I hope we become friends.

  23. Breakfast is a great creation. It may be completely ignored and forgotten or turned into an event no other meal can match.

  24. It’s my favourite meal of the day, the only time I don’t calorie count or ice a healthy option, it’s always coffee with lashings of double cream or a large mocha and the biggest cakeiest muffin I can find.

  25. It’s been fun reading everyone’s breakfast thoughts. I used to have breakfast first thing every morning for years…was raised that way, and actually, my mom still does that, with a beautifully laid out table too I might add…but now a days, I have coffee first thing, and don’t eat until later, more of a brunch I suppose. Funny how habits change…
    xo J~

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