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I Might Eat A Chocolate Doughnut, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:34am

Is there anything so wonderful as Saturday morning?

Oh, I suppose, when you’re young, maybe Friday evening. Or Thursday night among the college set. Throngs of intoxicated and almost in love 20-year olds. But for midlifers, and larks of all ages, nothing beats Saturday morning. (Did you know the opposite of a night owl is a lark? Yes. It is.)

I have found the Saturday principle to apply whether I was in jobs I hated or jobs I loved, retired, or home with small children. Saturday morning feels like a dollop of whipped cream. Raised, that pretty curved peak, sweet. Impermanent and foolish even, but promising no more than it can give. Nobody’s tricking you Saturday morning.

I find myself, already somewhat annoyingly cheerful, giddy. Saturday! We can eat breakfast slowly! We can read all the blogs! We can walk through San Francisco, past drifts of sidewalk street seller flowers! We can miss the green light and wait at the corner. Patience is ours.

We can eat chocolate doughnuts, or dim sum, or hot dogs with sauerkraut and mustard.

We can talk lazily with our loved ones, about stuff that doesn’t matter one whit. You know those useless and terribly important conversations? We can indulge our selves, our children, our partners.

And, since Monday comes again, we can do all of this without falling off the track, beaten or otherwise. Such a good system.

My second cup of tea is done. I wish you all at least one small moment of protected indulgence, and time to enjoy the privilege of choice. Have a good weekend.

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  1. Thank you for the wish! I am having a second cup of tea (Darjeeling) while I read your wonderful post.

  2. This is a wonderful ode to the ‘relief’ of Saurday mornings…the freedom is so calming, as is in a funny way, the extra caffeine I’m about to have with my second cup of coffee.
    Wishing you a continued, perfectly relaxed weekend!
    xo J~

    (Lisa, I did turn off that new silly word verification during my previous post and instantly got some very ‘untowards’ comments, so I turned it back on…so frustrating! I know the new version of WV is such a pain…I might just try Comment Moderation, but I don’t have email access unless I’m at the computer, no fancy phone here, yet… I’ll keep fiddling though.)

  3. Saturday mornings are divine.
    Porridge oats and raspberries washed down with an indulgent cup of coffee with cream and I’m off to wander through the shops to lazily peruse their wares.

    Enjoy your day too Lisa!
    Could you send us some sunshine?

  4. Because I’m a painter – I have no real appreciation of weekends anymore. All 7 days feel somewhat the same to me. I can decide to have a Saturday morning, on a Wednesday, for example.
    When I did work at a 5 day a week job, and had children at home, I found Saturdays stressful – cramming in so many errands that hadn’t been done during the week. I guess Sunday morning, was my Saturday morning?
    This post has given me a lot to think about.

  5. This Saturday I made clam chowder. Eating a bowl while wearing sweats is today’s lovely indulgence.

  6. We were going to do some chores, then, on the spur of the moment, decided to drive to San Francisco to buy a couple of hats at Goorin Bros. on Haight St. Saturdays are like that.

  7. To quote Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey…”what’s a week-end?”

    Actually, I adore Saturday morning, no alarm clock, no pressure. You have captured the mood. Brava!

  8. My breakfast was a double cappuccino and proscuitto and fontina panini at our favorite cafe on the upper East Side. I was convinced I was sitting next to a young actress, but realized when she got up that she was just a very pretty young woman.

    I love the serendipity of Saturday mornings!

  9. I know whereof you speak. We woke to beautiful sunshine and cool temps. DH and I and grandson were feeling adventurous and full of hope and this wonderful feeling lasted…until 1 p.m.

  10. We are up early on Saturday mornings. Saturdays are full of yard chores, especially during winter time.
    Sunday morning is the lazy morning. I won´t step out of the house at all, if I can avoid it!

  11. Weekend mornings are some of my absolute favorite things… Sunday 10:02 finds me with the Sunday NYT, Diet Coke, 2 Trader Joe’s “dunker” chocolate chip cookies and devouring your weekly Saturday AM “moment of zen,” as I have come to think of your Saturday posts :)

    PS- how is this for a sartorial challenge- in NJ at a conference center for a week, starting Mar 5th, for the week, w work colleagues on a national basis, from the sales sector and dress code is “resort casual”- mock sales presentation to be included… men do not need to have on a sports coat is the only hint/suggestion. And go!



    1. Hmm. Well then. They want you to dress like you are at a resort, in New Jersey, in March? ARE THEY CRAZY?

  12. I am a night owl never in bed much before midnight or later….horrid grump of a person in the morning until after toast & tea, poor lark puts up with moi. Ida

  13. I’m basically a lark myself, although I went through a period when I tried to do both. At which point I called myself a “nap person” as I found a stolen 15 minute snooze to be very helpful.

    Perfect ode to the joys of Saturday morning.

  14. At the ripe old age of 26, I am TOTALLY a Saturday morning believer. Although, in all fairness, I’ve been this way forever. I regularly went to bed before 11pm on Friday/Thursday nights in college. I just really like mornings. And breakfast. And sleep :)

  15. Now that I’m more or less retired, my life is a permanent long weekend, which I love (and at nearly 64, give myself permission to live so). Sometimes I can feel the giddiness in the air on Friday, people are so much lighter.

    Montréal is a certain culture; especially in clement weather (which is maybe four months) the cafés will be full at midnight. People want to go out, stay out.

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