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A Really Funny Blogger That Might Make Your Friday Even Better

I’ve read a lot of the big bloggers over the past 3 years. And have also stopped reading many. I continue, however, with Amalah.

The woman makes me laugh out loud. She’s a great writer, and her sensibilities tickle my fancy. It’s not a case of life alignment, she’s pretty young, and smack dab in the middle of raising three little boys. She just makes me laugh. See what you think. Amalah. From this most recent post, I keep repeating, “Might be offensive to minutes, hahahahahaha.”

Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. I love funny mommies…………..just wish I had been one! it would have been ten times easier witha hyperactive boy. Thanks for the chuckle and I will enjoy reading her blog. XO

  2. THIS has me laughing so hard at work that I’m snorting because I don’t want my co-workers to know I’m reading blogs and not working.


    Thanks for the laugh. I think.

  3. Yes, she is hysterical! Thanks, Priv. She’s now bookmarked. Another addition to my “world wide waste-of-time.”

  4. Well. Yes. That post was really funny. But then I started poking around her archives… come on, you could have WARNED me! Somehow I managed not to cry at my desk, but just barely. Parents dying of cancer is not exactly cheery Friday afternoon fare.

    Thank you, though. She writes beautifully.

  5. Um I’m at work post valentines and I have a wedding appointment in 15 minutes and I have just spent far too much time reading Amalah.

    My boss is sitting next to me on her computer and I’m crackling away like a crazy person right next to her looking at pictures of ET babies and some weird bangs.

    Thanks a lot, no really.


    xo Jane

  6. Amalah is the only mommy blogger I ever followed. She caught my attention with her heart wrenching stories of her first son’s leaning issues (which paralleled my own son’s-who is now a college graduate). She kept me coming back with her hysterical wit and adorable baby pictures.

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